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ASDA Mobile Review 2022 - 30 Day SIM Only Deals with Vodafone Coverage

ASDA Mobile offers one of the best pay as you go deals and it’s powered by EE, meaning they offer the best and fastest 4G coverage in the UK.

Latest Offer: 50GB for £20 - 100GB for £25

ASDA Mobile is offering either 50GB of data for £20 or 100GB of data for just £25. These deals don’t require a credit check and are therefore available to everyone. Click through to take advantage of this offer.

What is ASDA Mobile?

ASDA Mobile is a low-cost mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) powered by Vodafone, offering low-cost SIM-only deals, freedom, flexibility, and value for money. As is clear in the name, the MVNO is owned and operated by the supermarket brand ASDA.

The carrier’s great value monthly bundles put you in complete control. From just minutes and texts to unlimited 5G data SIMs, there is something for all types of mobile users. You’re not locked down either as all ASDA Mobile deals are contract-free.

If you don’t use your mobile frequently, you can pick up a free pay-as-you-go SIM from ASDA Mobile and never spend more than you want to.

Either way, ASDA Mobile will allow you to easily manage your bundles and add-ons, top-up your phone, and monitor usage via their official website.


  • Competitively priced SIM deals
  • 5G and 4G speeds
  • WiFi Calling and 4G Calling
  • Unlimited data bundles
  • No contracts or credit checks


  • Speed caps on unlimited plans
  • No data rollover

Network Coverage & Speeds

ASDA 4G Coverage

ASDA Mobile switched to Vodafone as of April 2021. They no longer get their coverage from EE, this means they’re no longer offering the best 4G network coverage in the UK. The network also uses 3G and 2G; the latter is used mainly for voice calls and also as a fallback option.

In the UK, Vodafone and therefore ASDA Mobile offer 99% population and over 90% landmass coverage. The host network aims to cover more ground by the end of 2021.

ASDA 4G Speeds

Opensignal’s September 2021 speed test results state that Vodafone and ASDA customers get average 4G download speeds of around 21.6Mbps; the network’s upload speeds are around 7.4Mbps. These data speeds are more than enough to stream high-quality videos and listen to music.

ASDA 5G Coverage

ASDA Mobile’s SIM only deals come with 5G at no extra cost and at the time of writing, ASDA 5G is live in 123 UK towns and cities. You can also enjoy 5G roaming abroad, which we’ve covered in more detail below.

We’d like to remind you that you’ll need a 5G-ready handset to get 5G coverage.

ASDA 5G Speeds

Per Opensignal’s September 2021 test results, ASDA’s average 5G download speeds are around 73.3Mbps, and their 5G upload speeds average around 12.3Mbps. While ASDA Mobile itself wasn’t tested, the carrier’s 5G experience is identical to Vodafone 5G, unless there’s a speed cap that comes with your choice of SIM plan.

Objective testing bodies rank Vodafone as the slowest 5G carrier, but these data speeds are still fast enough to stream 4K videos without any hiccups.

WiFi Calling and 4G Calling

ASDA Mobile customers enjoy both WiFi Calling and 4G Calling at no extra cost. Nowadays, these two voice call perks are somewhat essential, and they significantly improve your coverage, whilst eliminating indoor blackspots. ASDA WiFi Calling and 4G Calling will only work with handsets that support them.

All ASDA Mobile customers are eligible for free 4G Calling. This feature is also known as “Voice over LTE”, and it allows you to make calls using data. The main benefit of 4G calling is its high-definition audio quality compared to standard network calls.

ASDA Mobile helps you take your connection to the next level by offering free WiFi Calling. This feature allows you to send and receive text messages or phone calls completely through a Wi-Fi connection, rather than relying on a mobile network signal. All you need is a compatible phone and you’re good to go!

When you turn on WiFi Calling alongside 4G Calling, your phone will automatically move between WiFi and 4G data to keep the call connected.

Personal Hotspot

You can tether freely on ASDA Mobile. You can tether another mobile phone, laptop or tablet to your handset. Not all wireless devices are compatible so make sure to check the compatible devices list first. Also keep in mind that some fair usage may apply to some ASDA Mobile plans, and some plans come with speed restrictions.


5G Roaming

ASDA Mobile offers 5G at no extra cost in over 100 UK locations, but their 5G service doesn’t end there. The carrier also offers free 5G roaming in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Ireland. More countries are expected to follow very soon.ASDA Mobile offers 5G at no extra cost in over 100 UK locations, but their 5G service doesn’t end there. The carrier also offers free 5G roaming in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Ireland. More countries are expected to follow very soon.

No Credit Checks

ASDA Mobile is a commitment-free mobile network, which means there are no credit checks or contracts involved. You just pay up front and you can start using your allowances right away unless of course, you’re carrying over your number to ASDA Mobile. In that case, you may have to wait a day or two before your new SIM becomes fully usable.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

ASDA Mobile offers competitively priced SIM deals that offer amazing value. The network’s main goal is to keep its customers connected by offering free 4G Calling, WiFi Calling, and 5G. Their PAYG rates are one of the best in the country.

Just keep in mind that you won’t be getting some of the additional perks you would with some of the larger networks. We give ASDA Mobile 4 stars out of 5 and we can recommend them if you’re looking for a reliable and cheap provider with no fancy features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What network does ASDA Mobile use?

ASDA Mobile uses Vodafone’s 5G, 4G, 3G, and 2G networks. The host offers quite decent 4G download speeds, as well as great 4G network coverage in the UK. Vodafone’s 5G coverage and speeds are weaker than others in the UK, but you also have access to 5G roaming.

Does ASDA Mobile have Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, ASDA Mobile users get free access to WiFi Calling, provided they have a device that supports this perk.

Does ASDA Mobile have 4G Calling?

Yes, ASDA Mobile customers can enjoy 4G Calling (VoLTE).

How often must I top-up on ASDA Mobile?

– Your credits won’t expire as long as you keep your SIM active.
– If 180 days have passed since your last chargeable activity ASDA will suspend your account. You’ll still receive phone calls and keep your credits, but won’t be able to make calls, send text messages or use data.
– If 270 days have passed since your last chargeable activity your account will be suspended completely. You’ll still keep your number, but you won’t be able to receive calls or texts, your credits will also expire.
– If 360 days have passed since your last chargeable activity your account will be terminated and you’ll lose your phone number.

Can I transfer my number to ASDA Mobile?

Yes, you can! Keeping your phone number, while changing your provider is quite easy nowadays. Just request your PAC or STAC code from your current provider and give the code to ASDA Mobile via calling them on 2732 (From the UK) or 0800 079 2732 from any other phone (free of charge).

Does ASDA Mobile credits expire?

Yes, if you don’t use your device at all (by using we mean chargeable activities such as making a call, sending a text, or using your data) your credit will expire after 270 days.

Will ASDA Mobile Bundle Allowance roll over?

No, unfortunately, your bundle allowances won’t roll over to the next month. Any minutes, texts, or data you have left on your ASDA SIM will expire after the 30-day period. You can keep a track of your allowances by texting ‘BAL’ to 2732 (free of charge).


Half Cooked’s overall rating for ASDA Mobile