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Best Business SIM Only Deals in the UK 2021

Whether you’re a small or medium sized business, or even a sole trader, and you’re in need of a business SIM only deal you’re in luck. In this guide we run through the best business SIM only Deals in the UK.


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od reasons for choosing a business mobile contract and in this guide we’ll be exploring them. We’ll also cover which networks offer business SIM only contracts and what you should expect from each provider’s business SIM deals.

All four major mobile network operators in the UK offer SIM only business plans, as well as some of the more established MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) like BT Mobile, Virgin Mobile and iD Mobile. These networks have partnered with experts to bring you major business benefits on top of their regular mobile services.

If you’re looking for 10 or more connections, then the smartest thing to do would be calling the network operator you have eyes on and asking for a tailored deal. Let’s start with the basic questions and then go in-depth with what deals are available for businesses in the UK in 2020.

What is a Business SIM?

A business SIM card is a SIM card that is linked to your business’s mobile account. They are basically pay monthly SIM contracts with specific benefits for businesses. Business SIMs are tax deductible, meaning you can account for them as business expenses and reclaim VAT.

Lately, most companies prefer providing business SIMs rather than opting for a business handset. Business SIMs are way more cost-effective than regular SIM only deals, plus you don’t have to spend all the extra money on a handset. This means employees can use their existing handsets and use the company SIM to make and receive work related calls. Business SIMs will help you work faster and more efficiently. When you get a business SIM deal for your company, you also eliminate the pain of dealing with multiple bills. One account controls them all.

Why should you choose a Business SIM Only contract?

Shared Calls, Texts and Data Allowances

Running a business is difficult and things can get complicated. Good communication is essential for a business to thrive and voice calls are a key part of it. Business SIM contracts allow you to see how your employees are using their phones and allows you to consolidate into one bill for all your employees. It’s so much easier to manage a business SIM contract rather than multiple separate plans.

Tax deductible

Sure, you could just go with a family/group SIM only deal but then you’d be missing out on another great benefit: Business SIM Only deals are tax deductible! They are legitimate business expenses.

Free Calls & Texts between users

Business plans also allow you and your employees to call and text each other for free. Nowadays most networks offer unlimited UK calls and texts, but it’s not a given. Either way, not having to worry about running out of call allowance is still a great feature and will help keep things running smoothly.

Special Business Add-Ons

Mobile network operators also offer business add-ons to help you out. They usually come up with cost-effective solutions to issues regularly faced by small/medium businesses and also recommend new and better deals after examining your team’s call behaviour. These add-ons offer different benefits depending on the network. For instance, Vodafone even offers a workforce management service. You can even get a virtual landline contact number.

Customisable Plans

Most mobile networks usually offer customised tariff options and you still get to keep any regular benefits. Business SIMs can be customised to suit your business’s specific needs.

Spend Caps

Most business SIM Only contracts allow you to set a spend cap to limit how much you can spend on extras. These extras are calls, texts and data that fall outside your monthly allowance. On top of that, you’re allowed to adjust the cap whenever you want. However, as stated earlier, not all networks offer this feature.

Mobile Networks with Business SIM Only Offers

Mobile network providers in the UK offer a variety of Business SIM Only plans with a wide range of allowances for calls, texts and data allowing you to choose a plan that suits your needs and budget. You can also get customised Business SIM deals, but in that case you’ll have to contact the network’s customer service directly.

Due to the nature of business SIM only deals (them being contract deals), you’ll have to pass a credit check. If you’re not in a hurry you can always wait for the Black Friday SIM Only deals that are on the horizon. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner and we’ll be updating our Black Friday SIM Only Offers page throughout the month! Make sure to bookmark it.


When it comes to variety, freedom, competitive prices and flexibility, Vodafone comes out on top. You can get any pay monthly contract as a business SIM from the network and on top of that, there are multiple mobile business plan options. These plans come with international roaming so even if you and your employees travel abroad, you can use your UK allowances, provided you’re travelling to a country where inclusive roaming is available for your plan.

Vodafone Business Advance plan comes with 5G coverage, and you can even get an unlimited Business SIM plan and eliminate having to worry about spiraling costs when you go over your regular data allowance. If you go with a limited data option, the data will be shared, but they’re still cost-effective and efficient.

Vodafone Business Optimiser is a unique plan that is customized to meet your needs. Vodafone will automatically move you up to the next most cost-effective plan as you use their network and go through your allowances. You can use your data freely in Vodafone’s Business Traveller Europe Zones 1 and 2, or their World Zone.

Vodafone Business Freedom will keep you and your team connected, but you get 4G coverage as standard. You can choose between individual data plans and shared data plans as well. You also get a 30-day money-back warranty with Vodafone.

The carrier also offers extra services, business apps and add-ons and more. Make sure to read our Vodafone Review before you make your final decision though!


Another great alternative for business SIM deals is the UK’s largest and fastest mobile network: EE. The network offers multiple flexible business SIM plans which are customisable.

EE also provides 5G coverage on selected business plans so your team can benefit from the fastest data speeds available. You can set spend caps, but if you want unlimited data the network also provides that option. If you opt for the earlier option, you can still purchase extra data add-ons.. All EE Business plans come with unlimited UK minutes and texts and you can use your allowances in the EU at no extra cost.

EE offers the fastest download & upload speeds and they have the best 4G network coverage in the UK. Their 5G network is great too and according to Open Signal they offer the fastest average 5G download speeds. This means EE offers one of the best 5G SIM Only deals on the market. You can read our EE Review to discover all the other great features of the network.


We love O2’s business SIM only deals, because their tariffs change when you need them to. The network gives you complete freedom so you can upgrade or downgrade your plan on a monthly basis. You also get EU minutes & texts, if you choose a tariff with 6GB of data or more.

The carrier offers unlimited UK minutes & texts, so you don’t have to worry about the cost or running out of allowances. You also get data rollover on selected plans, meaning you can rollover your unused data each month and get a second chance to use it. Your rolled over data will stay with you as long as your contract lasts. You can keep the rolled over data if you renew your contract. All O2 Business plans also benefit from O2 Priority special deals.

You can roam freely in the EU, but if you want to add more countries to your free roaming zone, you’ll need to purchase a Rest of World pass. You can also purchase some business apps that are valid for 30 days to work faster and more efficiently. Have a look at our O2 Review to find out more about the carrier.


Three offers a variety of Business SIM Only price plans and you also get special ‘business benefits’ as the network calls them. The network says they have teamed up with several partners to bring their business customers whatever they need. According to Three, they’ll provide expertise you need; be it building a website, nailing the accounts, and travelling Hands Free; to bagging office space, business cards and lunch deals. Just keep in mind that the business benefits are not included in Three’s 30-day business SIM contracts. You’ll need to sign up for at least 12-months in order to take advantage of these benefits.

Three also offers customisable business SIM contracts, but they only give this service to businesses with 10+ connections. You can still contact them and ask for a specifically tailored business SIM deal though.

All Three price plans come with 5G at no extra cost and Go Roam, so you’re covered in 71 destinations across the world. Their unlimited data plans are even cheaper if you reclaim any VAT paid. Make sure to check out our Three Review to discover more!

BT Mobile

Running on the EE Network, BT Mobile also offers the fastest 4G and 5G download speeds as well as the best network coverage in the UK. All BT Mobile business SIM only deals include free EU roaming and unlimited access to over 5 million BT free Wi-Fi hotspots.

BT Mobile’s 4G Business SIMs and 5G Business SIMs are separated, and if you want 5G you’ll have to pay an extra £5. Keep in mind that, to enjoy the network’s 5G data speeds you’ll need a 5G ready handset, a BT Mobile 5G enabled SIM and 5G coverage. Read our BT Mobile Review and discover all you need to know about the network!

iD Mobile

Owned by Carphone Warehouse and powered by Three, iD Mobile also offers business SIM only deals, however, their offers are quite limited compared to the major operators.

You get data rollover, inclusive roaming in 50 destinations across Europe and a few other countries, and the network also lets you cap your bills. You’ll also benefit from 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling. You can read our iD Mobile Review to learn more about their offers.

Virgin Mobile

Currently powered by EE, Virgin Mobile offers both call & data plans and data only plans for businesses based in the UK. The network will merge with O2 in 2021 though, so their coverage provider will change as well, and we expect them to provide 5G coverage once the merger is completed.

Virgin Mobile business customers get to benefit from the network’s data-free social media messaging, free roaming in the EU, and over 3.5 million UK WiFi hotspots. Their call & data SIM plans come with two options: 30-day rolling contracts and 12-month contracts. This means you can test what the network offers by getting a 30-day rolling contract first, and if you like it, you can sign up for a year-long one at a discount.

Virgin Mobile also offers customised deals for medium and large businesses. Check out our Virgin Mobile Review to learn more!


Why should I get a business SIM card?

There are many good reasons, but the two key reasons are they are tax deductible, and most networks offer customised SIM only deals for businesses that offer great value.

What is a business SIM?

A business SIM looks no different than a regular SIM card, and in fact it functions just the same. However, your business SIM is directly linked to your business’s mobile account and it’s easier to manage. If your company has a business mobile SIM contract, they will get you a business SIM.

What is the difference between a business SIM and a regular SIM?

Now we know what business SIMs are, it is important to understand how they differ from regular, consumer SIMs. By ‘consumer SIMs’ we mean the kind that you can get from your standard phone shop on the high street, such as O2, Vodafone or EE.

Can I still benefit from other features if I choose a business SIM Only deal?

Yes, all the mobile networks in the UK that offer a business SIM deal allow you to use their other key features as well. You can enjoy free 5G with Three, benefit from O2 Priority or Vodafone’s VeryMe Rewards.