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The Best UK Networks for WiFi Calling in 2022

Wi-Fi Calling is now offered by several UK networks, but not all Wi-Fi Calling services are equal. Check out our comparison to learn more.


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Major mobile network operators in the UK are constantly improving both their population coverage and landmass coverage, however there are still plenty of black spots where you just don’t get any reception at all. Along with 4G Calling (VoLTE), Wi-Fi Calling aims to get rid of these black spots and improve your call experience.

Wi-Fi Calling is a technology which allows a smartphone user to make and receive calls over a wireless internet connection rather than a regular cellular connection. However, both your network operator and your handset should be compatible in order for you to benefit from this feature.

What is WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling lets you make or receive a phone call over an available WiFi connection. WiFi Calling works in areas with little or no cellular coverage. This way your handset stays connected and you can get coverage in areas where you normally don’t. Both your network operator and your handset should be compatible in order for you to benefit from this feature.

Nowadays almost all network operators offer Wi-Fi calling. However, some carriers may only provide WiFi Calling bundled with their premium plans. Others allow customers to enjoy it at no additional cost on all their tariffs, provided their phones support WiFi Calling. Keep in mind that, unless it’s stated otherwise by the network, this feature will only work in the UK.

When you use WiFi Calling, your network will charge you in the same way as normal, meaning usage will come out of your monthly allowance. If you’re on a pay as you go plan that supports WiFi Calling, you’ll be charged at the same rate as you usually would be for using your carrier.

If your phone supports WiFi Calling, but you can’t get it to work your phone may need a simple software update to work with WiFi Calling. Most new handsets support WiFi Calling and it’s automatically turned on, however, if it’s not you can just turn it on in the settings.

WiFi Calling requires an active and reliable internet connection, if your internet connection fails WiFi Calling won’t work.

Read our extensive guide to learn how to make a voice call using WiFi Calling. We’ll also cover which UK networks provide WiFi Calling to their customers and what are their requirements.

Which phones support WiFi Calling?

For Apple devices, WiFi Calling is available on iPhone 5s and later models. For Android devices, it is difficult to pull together a comprehensive list. With the most recent updates, most Android devices that support 4G now support WiFi Calling, too. We still strongly recommend you make a thorough check before purchasing the device or a SIM plan.

Three WiFi Calling

Three WiFi Calling allows you to make calls and send texts whenever you’re on WiFi in the UK. The best part is WiFi Calling is available to all Three customers at no extra cost. This includes Three PAYG users, too.

WiFi Calling works seamlessly on Three, so your calls won’t drop in the middle of a conversation while switching between regular cellular coverage or 4G Calling. The feature works right out of the box as long as your mobile device is compatible with it.


  • Available on all plans, SIM only or PAYG.
  • Works on handsets not bought from Three.
  • Seamless transition between regular coverage, VoLTE, and WiFi.


  • Some Android devices may not work properly.

O2 WiFi Calling

You can make voice calls with O2 WiFi Calling when you don’t have any cellular signal, but the network’s service doesn’t include texting. You should also know that O2 WiFi Calling is only available to the network’s pay monthly customers. If you’re an O2 PAYG customer you can’t enjoy WiFi Calling, unless you upgrade your plan, which means you’ll have to undergo a credit check first.

O2 claims phones purchased from other stores may not work with its WiFi Calling service as intended, but user experiences tell a different story. If your device is supported it will likely work with O2 WiFi Calling. O2 offers true WiFi Calling, which means it can switch between 4G Calling and WiFi Calling seamlessly. On top of that, O2 has thousands of free WiFi hotspots and the network offers a special service called O2 WiFi which enhances your calls whenever you’re in one of the supported areas.


  • Works great with O2’s thousands of free WiFi hotspots.
  • Seamless transition between 4G and WiFi.


  • Only available to O2 pay monthly customers. O2 PAYG isn’t supported.
  • Only works with calls, no SMS.

EE WiFi Calling

EE offers true WiFi Calling to anyone with EE who has a compatible smartphone and thanks to this perk they can both call & text when there’s no phone signal available.

EE’s WiFi Calling works seamlessly and can successfully switch between 4G Calling and your regular service. You’ll also stay connected below ground with Virgin Mobile’s WiFi hotspots in over 100 London Underground stations. EE will charge you at the same rate as you usually would be for using EE’s network, so there are no extra costs.


  • You can use it for both voice calls and text messaging.
  • Supports most handsets.
  • Seamless transition between regular coverage and WiFi.


  • Some devices support the feature, but only if they’re directly bought from EE.

Vodafone WiFi Calling


  • Great rewards with VeryMe
  • Entertainment subscriptions bundled with premium plans
  • Great roaming perks
  • A wide variety of SIM deals to choose from
  • 5G coverage in the UK and the EU


  • Ranked as the worst 5G network by Opensignal and OOKLA in the UK
  • Generally, more expensive plans
  • Some almost-essential perks are only available on premium plans

Vodafone’s lets you make calls anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi connection, even if you don’t have any phone signal. It’s a seamless experience for Vodafone customers as there are no cut offs switching between your regular coverage and Wi-Fi Calling.

Out of the four major mobile network operators in the UK, Vodafone can come across restrictive when it comes to Wi-Fi Calling. You’ll need a Pay Monthly Unlimited, Red or Red Entertainment plan as well as a compatible handset to get Vodafone’s Wi-Fi Calling. The network strongly suggests purchasing the handset directly from a Vodafone store, or else the feature may not work even if your phone is in the supported devices list. Vodafone Basics plans are also excluded, even though they lock your in for a whole year. You don’t need an app for the network’s Wi-Fi Calling to work. Unfortunately, the carriers scheme only works with voice calls, text messages aren’t supported at the moment.

When using Vodafone’s Wi-Fi Calling; calls come out of your monthly allowance, so there are no extra costs.

Vodafone WiFi Calling works seamlessly without the need for a separate app and it supports both calls and texts. There are no extra charges, all calls and texts come from your allowance. WiFi Calling connects automatically on Vodafone.

WiFi Calling is available to Vodafone Pay Monthly and Pay as you go customers. Vodafone business customers on Red Bundles, Red Value Bundles, Red+, and Business Premier can also enjoy WiFi Calling.
The carrier strongly suggests purchasing the handset directly from a Vodafone store, or else the feature may not work even if your phone is in the supported devices list. Vodafone Basics plans are also excluded, even though they lock you in for a whole year.


  • No need to download any application.
  • Seamless transition and great voice call quality.
  • Supports both calls and texts.


  • Basic plans are excluded.
  • Android devices purchased from other stores may not work with Vodafone WiFi Calling.

SMARTY WiFi Calling

SMARTY is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) owned and operated by Three. They offer commitment-free SIM only deals at extremely competitive prices and their SIM plans come with WiFi Calling at no extra cost. Your phone will stay connected anywhere you connect to WiFi.

Since all SMARTY plans include unlimited UK calls and texts there won’t be any extra charges when you use SMARTY WiFi Calling (premium numbers and international calls are excluded). Most Android handsets automatically work with SMARTY’s version of WiFi Calling, but you may still need to set it up first. The same applies to iPhone models that support WiFi Calling.

You can click/tap on the link to see which devices support SMARTY WiFi Calling.


  • True, built-in WiFi Calling.
  • Seamless transition, good call quality.
  • Supports both calls and texts.


VOXI WiFi Calling

Connect to a WiFi network and you’ll be able to send and receive calls and texts when your mobile network signal drops. It works at home, in the office, and anywhere there’s WiFi. Plus it’s easy to set up, easy to use – and totally free.

VOXI’s WiFi Calling will work on any device Vodafone’s WiFi Calling does. You’ll be able to make calls and send texts when your mobile network signal isn’t available. It works anywhere you can get a WiFi connection with internet access.


  • True and reliable WiFi Calling and seamless transition between services.
  • Available on all VOXI plans.
  • Calls and texts are supported.


  • May not work properly with some Android phones.

iD Mobile WiFi Calling

iD Mobile WiFi Calling is a service that lets you make and take calls using an available WiFi network. iD Mobile’s WiFi Calling also allows you to send messages through the same WiFi network. WiFi Calling also eliminates indoor blackspots. This feature can also give you clearer calls, but it depends on how fast and reliable your WiFi connection is.

iD Mobile’s WiFi Calling perk is only available to their pay monthly customers. This means iD Mobile PAYG users can’t enjoy WiFi Calling.


  • Works great with both calls and texts.
  • Works seamlessly.
  • Gives you clearer calls.


  • Not available to PAYG customers.

BT Mobile WiFi Calling

BT Mobile is powered by EE, so the operator has the best 4G network coverage in the country. BT’s WiFi calling doesn’t require any extra apps to work. Simply put your SIM in a WiFi Calling ready handset and it will start working. You can send and receive both voice calls and text messages with BT Mobile WiFi Calling. Given how BT has millions of Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK, even if you don’t get a phone signal you’ll most likely be covered.

All BT Mobile plans support WiFi calling and the feature comes at no extra cost. However, we’d like to remind you that BT only offers pay monthly contract options, there are no prepaid SIM only deals available.


  • No cut offs when switching between WiFi Calling and regular reception.
  • Available on all price plans as standard.
  • Works great with BT WiFi.


  • No PAYG support as the network doesn’t offer the service.

Sky Mobile WiFi Calling

Sky Mobile is an O2 powered MVNO, and in this case, an odd one, because other O2 powered MVNOs skip both WiFi Calling and 4G Calling, however, WiFi Calling comes as a free feature on all Sky Mobile plans, plus it includes sending and receiving text messages, too. Ideally, you’d want to get your device from Sky Mobile for WiFi Calling to work without any hiccups. A considerable number of Sky Mobile customers voiced issues when they use an Android device purchased elsewhere.

Sky Mobile’s WiFi Calling is not the best, as your calls can drop when switching between 4G calling/standard mobile signal. This doesn’t happen as often anymore though, so you should be good if you choose Sky.


  • Works on all plans.
  • Sky Mobile plans include unique extras.


  • Calls may drop switching to 4G Calling.

Virgin Mobile WiFi Calling

With Virgin Mobile WiFi Calling you can take and make calls, send and receive text messages and check your voicemail, as long as you’re connected to WiFi. If your device is compatible and up to date, Virgin Mobile’s WiFi Calling will start working the moment you insert the SIM card into your smartphone.

If your smartphone is purchased from a retailer or another mobile network and you’re on a Virgin Mobile SIM tariff, the carrier’s WiFi Calling service may work fine for you, but there is no guarantee.


  • Seamless transition between regular mobile signal, 4G Calling, and WiFi Calling.
  • Works on all Virgin Mobile SIM only plans.


  • May not work with devices bought from other networks and manufacturers.

1p Mobile WiFi Calling

1p Mobile is objectively the best choice in the UK for light mobile data users. The network has the lowest PAYG rates (1p per minute, text, and MB) and they combine their great rates with 5G at no extra cost; WiFi Calling and 4G Calling.

1p Mobile is an EE powered contract-free mobile virtual network operator. All 1p Mobile bundles include WiFi Calling at no additional cost. While 1p Mobile has the best PAYG rates by a long shot, you should always make sure you’re clear on how much data you need before deciding on a network provider.

Also, we’d like to remind you that 1p Mobile’s PAYG bundles only give you data (with an exception or two here and there), so any calls you make or texts you send will come out of your regular allowance, even if you’re using WiFi Calling.


  • Best PAYG rates, competitively priced PAYG bundles.
  • Decent WiFi Calling service, seamless transition.


  • 30-day bundles don’t include unlimited minutes and texts.

ASDA Mobile WiFi Calling

ASDA Mobile is owned and operated by the supermarket brand ASDA. The network offers 30-day rolling PAYG bundles and you can combine them with ASDA’s traditional PAYG service. All ASDA Mobile customers are eligible for free WiFi Calling, all they need is a compatible handset. ASDA Mobile’s WiFi Calling includes both calls and texts.

ASDA Mobile is powered by the Vodafone Network, offering 99% UK population coverage and over 90% UK landmass coverage.


  • WiFi Calling includes both texts and calls.
  • Seamless transition between voice call services.


  • There isn’t much variety of SIM only deals to choose from.

UK Networks Without WiFi Calling

Unfortunately, WiFi calling isn’t supported on popular UK networks such as Tesco Mobile, giffgaff, Lyca Mobile, Plusnet Mobile, Superdrug Mobile, Lebara Mobile, Talkmobile, and a few other smaller networks.


Which mobile networks in the UK have Wi-Fi Calling?

Currently, Three, O2, EE, Vodafone, SMARTY, VOXI, BT Mobile, iD Mobile, Sky Mobile, 1p Mobile, ASDA Mobile, and Virgin Mobile support WiFi Calling.

How do I know if my WiFi Calling works or not?

WiFi calling works automatically on most devices and most UK-based mobile networks. However, at times it might not kick in automatically, or perhaps for one reason or another, the feature might have been turned off on your device. When WiFi Calling is active, you’ll see a special icon or a text at the top of your screen.

Is Wi-Fi Calling free?

WiFi Calling comes at no extra cost, but you must have a compatible device and a price plan for it to work. WiFi Calling will use your regular monthly call allowance.

Can I use Wi-Fi Calling when I’m roaming?

No, all the networks which have Wi-Fi Calling limits the usage of this perk to the UK only. However you can make calls via apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp etc.

Do I need to download an app for Wi-Fi Calling?

Depends on the network. For example, O2’s WiFi Calling kicks in automatically on supported Apple phones, however for it to work on some Android devices you may need an app. Most networks don’t require an extra app though so you should be fine either way.

Does my phone support Wi-Fi Calling?

It depends on which network you’re on. Different mobile network operators have different lists of supported devices. If you have an iPhone 5s or a later model, WiFi Calling will likely be available on your phone. As for Android, you’ll have to individually check each network to see if your device is supported.


Half Cooked’s Verdict
In the UK, pretty much all the popular mobile networks offer WiFi Calling at no additional cost. It used to be a premium feature not too long ago, but this has changed for the better. Nowadays, even smaller networks offer this perk for free. The service works in an identical way for all mobile network providers and the difference maker here is the quality and the reliability of your router & handset, rather than your carrier. Networks like O2, BT Mobile and Virgin Mobile stand out with their free WiFi hotspots. Three and SMARTY are known for their competitively priced SIM deals. EE and Vodafone offer higher quality 4G Calling (VoLTE) that go hand in hand with WiFi Calling. We have no clear winner this time.