Black Friday SIM Only Deals and Offers 2020

The best time to get a SIM only offer in the UK is around the Black Friday period. It may be months ahead, but Half Cooked predicts what the mobile networks in the UK may offer!


The official Black Friday sales last for three days, starting from the Friday right after American Thanksgiving, until Monday, also known as Cyber Monday. However, most mobile networks start their Black Friday sales earlier and even continue offering deals for weeks after. The Black Friday period is a great opportunity to get discounted SIM and HS contract deals. Black Friday’s specific date changes each year but this year it falls on the 27th November 2020.

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Half Cooked’s Black Friday 2020 Predictions

Three Black Friday 2020

Three offer great deals during the Black Friday Period & we expect the same this year. We’re expecting Three to offer discounted unlimited data plans and also some other price reductions for 12 month & 24 month SIM only & contract handset deals.

The carrier might also surprise us with half price time limited deals and data boosts on current price plans. Three Mobile’s Black Friday offers usually start a week before Black Friday, and last for about a month.

Three Black Friday 2019 Offers

Last Black Friday Three announced a number of great deals. The network’s flagship unlimited data plan was available for just £20! Three’s unlimited data deal comes with 5G at no extra cost and allows you to roam like at home in 71 countries thanks to their ‘Go Roam’ feature.

You could also get double-data on some of Three’s PAYG tariffs. You could get a 10GB PAYG pack for the price of 5GB at £15. Unfortunately, unlike a number of other networks with data rollover, Three doesn’t offer this with their PAYG tariffs.

Expected Launch Date: November 20, 2020

Expected End Date: A couple weeks later

EE Black Friday 2020

At Half Cooked, we don’t really expect a jaw dropping discount from EE, after all it’s not the network’s MO. The carrier tends to offer discounts throughout the year, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it will miss the Black Friday period. EE recently launched a new 200GB data Smart plan on an 18 month contract. The network might offer this at a discounted price.

We also expect another Black Friday discount on a large data plan with a long term contract.

EE Black Friday 2019 Offers

EE is the UK’s largest mobile network and they also offer the fastest download speeds, as well as the best network coverage. Because of the superior network coverage and speeds and EE’s premium position within the market, EE doesn’t tend to drop prices significantly. However, during Black Friday 2019, EE made some generous offers to customers. EE’s two top Black Friday deals were 60GB data for £20 and 100GB data for £25/month.

EE’s SIM only deals are on 12 month, 18 month and/or 24 month contracts.

Expected Launch Date: A few days before Black Friday

Expected End Date: A month or so later

O2 Black Friday 2020

This year we expect O2 to push out different Black Friday deals than usual. This is mainly because the network is no longer making sales via other retailers. Having pulled out from third party retailers such as Carphone Warehouse, where they normally push their offers, it will be interesting to see what they have to offer.

O2’s SIM only deals are usually on the pricier side, however you get to benefit from O2 Priority & thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots including O2 WiFi. It’s hard to tell what O2 is cooking for the Black Friday period, but most likely there’ll be a major discount on one or more of their larger data plans.

O2 Black Friday 2019 Offers

O2 has fully embraced Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offering a number of SIM only deals to new customers. O2 is the UK’s second largest mobile network and the carrier was in the mood for giving customers great offers last Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

The best O2 Black Friday offer was 100GB data for £20/month on an 18 month contract. O2 proposed multiple discounts on many other SIM only deals to new customers, however, all these deals were available specific to 12 month and 18 month contracts.

Expected Launch Date: November 20, 2020

Expected End Date: 19-20 December, 2020

Vodafone Black Friday 2020

Unfortunately, Vodafone tends to stay grounded during the Black Friday period. They offered a £3 discount on all three types of unlimited deals last year, and the year before. We expect to see a similar type of discount during the Black Friday period in 2020. Vodafone’s special discounts and offers for Black Friday usually last a couple days to a week at most.

Vodafone offers great 4G network coverage in the UK, decent data speeds, and 5G in both the UK and the EU.

Vodafone Black Friday 2019 Offers

Last year during Black Friday sales, Vodafone slashed the prices by £3 a month on all its unlimited data plans. There weren’t any other special deals from the network though and Vodafone offers this type of discount on a regular basis. It’s also worth noting that only the Vodafone Unlimited Max deal comes with unrestricted data speeds. Unlimited Lite and other Unlimited deals are subject to speed restrictions, respectively at 2Mbps and 10Mbps.

Vodafone is one of the best networks for international roaming in the UK, but haven’t offered anything in regards to this in years past.

Expected Launch Date: November 27, 2020

Expected End Date: 30 November, 2020

SMARTY Black Friday 2020

SMARTY is one of the most wallet-friendly networks out there and they’re currently offering one of the cheapest unlimited data deal in the UK for £20 a month. Given how the network already offers super competitive prices and you also get your money back for your unused data, it’s hard to tell if there’s any room left for more special discounts.

SMARTY Black Friday 2019 Offers

When it comes to competitive prices and special discounts SMARTY is the first UK network that comes to mind, and last year wasn’t any different. SMARTY already launched a pre-holiday season special deal and then during Black Friday, the network offered another discount on their 100GB data deal (currently down to 50GB). SMARTY’s regular plans will probably offer more value for money than other networks’ discounted ones, even during the Black Friday sales.

Expected Launch Date: Early November

Expected End Date: A month or so later

BT Mobile Black Friday 2020

In 2019 during the Black Friday period BT Mobile was giving away JBL Soundbars that are worth £149. BT Mobile was also the only network to give an actual, physical gift among all the networks. Our guess is the network might do something similar and offer something for your living room when you purchase one of their large data plans. There might also be some minor discounts for some of their SIM only plans and handsets.

We don’t think there’ll be a direct discount for BT Mobile’s family mobile plans which we already consider amongst the best in the market, but if the network offers either a discount or data boost, family plans will benefit from them too.

BT Mobile Black Friday 2019 Offers

BT owns EE and uses EE as its network provider for BT Mobile. Offering almost identical data speeds and the very same 4G and 5G coverage, BT Mobile is also a bit pricier than most other mobile network providers. Last year BT Mobile offered extra data on almost all their tariffs, and a JBL soundbar worth £149.99 with their 20GB or more data deals. BT Mobile doesn’t offer any monthly rolling plans, so you’ll have to sign up for at least a year with the network.

Expected Launch Date: 25-26 November, 2020

Expected End Date: A few weeks later

iD Mobile Black Friday 2020

Powered by Three, iD Mobile already offers quite competitive prices and this year at one point they were offering the cheapest unlimited data deal. iD Mobile customers enjoy voice call quality improving perks like 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling at no extra cost too. We expect iD Mobile to mainly offer more data on their low-end plans, since the carrier’s prices are already on the lower end. It’s hard for iD Mobile to propose discounted prices on SIM only deals for Black Friday, but extra data can be expected.

iD Mobile Black Friday 2019 Offers

Being powered by Three and also offering super competitive prices with high value tariffs, iD Mobile gets Black Friday right. Last year, the network offered a wide range of discounts to new and existing customers. All iD Mobile tariffs are 30-day rolling plans so you have complete freedom.

Expected Launch Date: Early November 2020

Expected End Date: Early December 2020

Tesco Mobile Black Friday 2020

Tesco Mobile likes to go big during the Black Friday period, and we think it will be no different this year. There will be discounts, data boosts and special deals for their Tesco Clubcard Plus members for sure. Considering how the network doesn’t offer unlimited data deals, we expect to see large data boosts for their SIM only tariffs. Tesco Mobile is powered by O2 and the carrier also offers 5G SIM only deals. Given how O2 recently extended their 5G coverage to 60 cities and towns, we might even see a special deal for Tesco Mobile’s 5G price plans!

Tesco Mobile tends to start their Black Friday offers a week or two earlier before the actual day, and every week offer different discounts. So if you see a deal that you like, make sure to get it before it’s gone.

Tesco Mobile Black Friday 2019 Offers

During last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Tesco Mobile proposed weekly deals for its 12 month contracts. The network was offering so many discounts left and right, that we can’t list them all. However, we expect Tesco Mobile to offer similar deals this year and we’ll constantly update our article so make sure to bookmark this page!

Expected Launch Date: A week before Black Friday

Expected End Date: A week or two weeks after Black Friday

Sky Mobile Black Friday 2020

We haven’t seen anything special from Sky Mobile in previous years Black Friday Offers, and we don’t think this year will be any different. The network only has five SIM only plans to choose from to begin with, and Sky usually discounts only one offer.

Sky Mobile is a MVNO running on O2’s network. Unlike most other MVNOs, Sky Mobile offers 4G Calling, Wi-Fi Calling and also 5G Coverage if you’re a Sky VIP member. Their customers also benefit from unlimited Sky TV streaming.

Sky Mobile Black Friday 2019 Offers

Powered by the O2 Network, Sky Mobile offers some excellent perks. These include Wi-Fi Calling & 4G Calling and 5G Coverage. The network only offered one single deal for their 8GB data deal, but it was 33% off during Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Sky Mobile’s Black Friday offers tend to last longer than a month so you probably won’t have to hurry this year either.

Expected Launch Date: Early November 2020

Expected End Date: May last for months

VOXI Black Friday 2020

Just like its parent network Vodafone, VOXI also goes low-key during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period. However, the network usually offers long lasting data-boost offers on some of their plans and there will likely be a similar offer for Black Friday. Based on past experiences we don’t expect to see a direct discount from VOXI if any. We’re almost sure they’ll offer a significant data boost though.

VOXI’s prices are already competitive, plus you get unlimited social media usage on selected apps and you can share it with others by tethering. VOXI also offers an unlimited data plan with 5G coverage.

VOXI Black Friday 2019 Offers

Powered by Vodafone, VOXI doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking during Black Friday sales, but at least they still offer data boost on some of their plans. In the last few years VOXI didn’t launch any Black Friday offer that gives a discount, only short to long-term data boosts.

Expected Launch Date: Early November 2020

Expected End Date: Early December 2020

Virgin Mobile Black Friday 2020

You’ll want to check out Virgin Mobile’s offers quite often during the whole month, because the network goes big and offers some amazing discounts on both 12 month & 24 month SIM only contracts. While Virgin Mobile’s offers last throughout November and into early December, the most special deals come at Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We also expect to see some unique offers for existing Virgin Mobile TV and broadband customers.

Virgin Mobile Black Friday 2019 Offers

Last year, Virgin Mobile launched their deals for Black Friday a bit earlier than usual, but the discounts continued for some time. Their 10GB and 50GB data deals were both £6 off for a limited time.

Expected Launch Date:A week before Black Friday

Expected End Date: Early December 2020

giffgaff Black Friday 2020

Another MVNO using O2 as its network provider is giffgaff and the network offers some of the most flexible SIM only tariffs on the market. We love giffgaff’s goodybags, but them being 30-day rolling offers makes it hard for the network to offer anything special during the Black Friday times.

Looking at the past years, we see that giffgaff always skips Black Friday. The network didn’t offer any special deals in the recent past either and we don’t expect this to change this year.

giffgaff Black Friday 2019 Offers

giffgaff is O2’s low-cost mobile virtual network with super flexible deals. The carrier didn’t launch any special Black Friday offer for their SIM only plans last year or the year before. They were offering significant discounts for their handset deals though.

Expected Launch Date:A week before Black Friday

Expected End Date: Early December 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Black Friday?

  • Black Friday is the start of the USA’s holiday season/Christmas shopping period, but over the years it spread across the whole world including the UK. The day actually marks the Friday following Thanksgiving, but most retailers offer heavy discounts on their products for much longer time periods.

When is Black Friday?

  • Black Friday’s specific date changes every year, because it always takes place right after Thanksgiving in the USA, which is the fourth Thursday of November. This year Black Friday falls on the 27th November 2020.

How long does Black Friday last?

  • The official Black Friday sales start from the Friday after Thanksgiving, till the next Monday, so it lasts for three days. That Monday is also a special sales day called Cyber Monday. Having said that, most mobile network carriers in the UK start their Black Friday sales earlier and some of the special offers last well into December. So make sure to bookmark this page and come back here, because we’ll be constantly updating it with the latest Black Friday deals.

What’s Cyber Monday?

  • Cyber Monday is the following Monday that comes right after Black Friday. Ever since online shopping became popular, the Monday after Thanksgiving also became the most popular day for online shopping of the year. Hence some mobile networks in the UK might offer Cyber Monday-specific deals on their websites and aim to drive even more sales. Don’t worry, we’ll update our pages regularly so you won’t be missing out on any special deals. Like we said, bookmark this page to you won’t miss a single deal!