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BT Complete Wi-Fi Review – Consistent Wi-Fi Signal In Every Room!

If you live in a home with poor Wi-Fi signal, it might be the right time for you to check out BT Complete Wi-Fi and see if it’s worth the upgrade?


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A poor Wi-Fi signal can drive anyone mad, especially if it’s a persistent problem. Thick walls, interference from other devices and interference from other Wi-Fi networks can lead to a weak Wi-Fi signal. This is especially true if the distance between your router and connected device is significant.

If you have poor Wi-Fi signal you’ll experience buffering when watching videos, your download speeds will be slower, and your internet connection may even drop here and there. Your mobile devices also spend more energy to stay connected when you have poor signal, which will lead to your battery draining faster.

If you’re looking for a fast, reliable solution to these problems BT Complete Wi-Fi might be exactly what you’re in need of. BT Complete Wi-Fi extends your Wi-Fi network with discs, which talk to your router to create a larger single network. With BT Complete Wi-Fi you can browse the web and stream anywhere in your home.


  • 5G at no extra cost
  • You can switch between available plans
  • Free access to the BT Sport app on some deals
  • Free access to 5 million BT WiFi hotspots
  • WiFi Calling and 4G Calling
  • £5 discount to BT Broadband customers
  • Double data for BT Halo customers


  • Significantly pricier than competitors
  • Mandatory credit checks, all deals are long-term contracts
  • Unlimited data only available to BT Halo customers
  • Limited range of models for handsets

What is BT Complete Wi-Fi?

If you have a patchy Wi-Fi connection at your home or office, BT Complete Wi-Fi can be your saviour, but it is a bit pricey. BT Complete Wi-Fi is an exclusive service for BT Broadband customers in the UK. The deal gets you a new Smart Hub 2 and a single Wi-Fi Disc to get you started. Basically, BT Smart Hub 2 provides your base internet connection, and the Wi-Fi discs boost the range & quality of your wireless network, improving the overall signal at home. If you still experience problems, BT will send up to two more extra discs free of charge.

Keep in mind that BT Complete Wi-Fi will only work with a BT Smart Hub 2. With the Smart Hub 2 and BT Discs you will be able to create one seamless and powerful Wi-Fi network at your home or office. BT also claims your data speeds will be faster too, which is somewhat true. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll get even faster speeds than what’s written on your contract. It simply means you’ll be able to use your broadband wirelessly without losing your ideal data speed. BT claims you may see increased data speeds of up to 25%.

How Does BT Complete Wi-Fi work?

BT Complete Wi-Fi is powered by the network’s very own router -BT Smart Hub 2- and BT Wi-Fi Discs. When you sign up for BT Complete Wi-Fi, they will send you the latest Smart Hub 2 router and one Wi-Fi Disc to get you started. One Wi-Fi Disc is usually enough for most homes, but if you need more BT will provide two more at no extra cost.

Setting up the service is extremely easy and takes about two minutes. Pretty much everything is automated. You can easily manage your Wi-Fi service with the ‘My BT app’. In fact, the app helps you manage your new Wi-Fi network to get you the strongest signals possible. Once you set up your router, the app will work out where to put your discs for a flawless, strong Wi-Fi connection in every room of your house.

BT’s Wi-Fi Discs connect to the Smart Hub wirelessly, but each disc requires its own power connection. As long as they get power, they can be placed anywhere in your home. The discs extend the range of your wireless connection and boosts performance, you get faster data speeds and a more stable internet connection. BT Wi-Fi Discs also have ethernet sockets, so you can connect your PC or consoles for lag-free gaming.

BT Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee

BT guarantees problem-free Wi-Fi in every room of your home with BT Complete Wi-Fi. They’re so confident that they are even willing to give you £100 cashback, if they fail to provide you with a reliable and flawless Wi-Fi connection.

They will keep an eye on the speeds you’re getting, and they will provide up to three free Wi-Fi Discs if you face any major issues. If you still can’t get Wi-Fi in every room of your house you can get £100 back.

BT is very confident that you can stream HD content anywhere in your home, and in general BT Complete Wi-Fi customers on the forums seem to be content with their service.

How Can I Get BT Complete Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, BT Complete Wi-Fi is an exclusive service, meaning you can only benefit from the service if you’re a BT Broadband customer. If you’re with another broadband provider you may want to check out the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi service instead.

You can add BT Complete Wi-Fi to BT’s fibre broadband plans for an extra £10 a month, having said that we’d like to remind you that these deals are 24-month contracts. This means over the course of your contract you’ll spend an extra £240 in total for Complete Wi-Fi. You can get a Smart Hub 2 & a single Wi-Fi Disc for £200 from BT’s store. Both SH2 router and a single Wi-Fi Disc costs £100 if you want to purchase them separately. At the time of writing, there are no discounts when you purchase multiple Wi-Fi Discs or bundle them with a BT SH2 router. If you wish to cancel your BT Complete Wi-Fi, you can keep the router, but BT will take the Wi-Fi Discs back, unless you pay an extra £30 to keep them.

BT’s Complete Wi-Fi guarantee is only available when you add the service to a plan. Standalone options don’t offer any guarantee. You’ll also have to pay for additional discs, as BT won’t provide them for free.

BT Complete Wi-Fi Deals

Currently, you can get guaranteed Wi-Fi in every room with a few select BT Fiber Broadband deals. If you already have a BT Fibre Plan, all you have to do is add the service to your plan and BT will deliver the hub and disc in no time, but there’s also a £10 upfront cost of the delivery charge for your new kit.

BT offers four different BT Complete Wi-Fi options and you can examine them below. All price plans are 24-month contracts and they’re also customisable so you can add more BT services to them.

DealAverage SpeedCost
Fibre Essential + Complete Wi-Fi36Mbps£33.99
Fibre 1 + Complete Wi-Fi50Mbps£34.99
Fibre 2 + Complete Wi-Fi67Mbps£38.99
Full Fibre 100 + Complete Wi-Fi145Mbps£44.99

All plans come with unlimited usage, and of course the average data speeds you can get is the key factor in choosing the right plan for you.

BT’s Fiber Essential plan offers good value and decent data speeds. 36Mbps is fast enough for even 4K streaming, but if you’re going to share your internet with family or roommates it may not be enough.

Fiber 1 Plan offers data speeds up to 50Mbps and it’s a good choice for streaming video content as well as gaming. It’s a good offer for a family of 3 or 4, but it may slow down when all members of the family are actively using the internet.

Fiber 2 is perfect for streaming, gaming, and simultaneously watching content in HD.

Full Fibre 100 is the ultimate choice if you want the best connection you can get. 145Mbps average download speed is quite good, and this connection can easily handle multiple devices consuming heavy data at the same time.

Combine any of these plans with BT Complete Wi-Fi and you’ll have a great wireless experience at home. BT’s tech support is quite good, and the network also offers a service called BT Tech, which comes at no extra cost. Any BT customer can book in 2 hour slots, 7 days a week. BT Home Tech Experts can even come to your home and set up your Complete Wi-Fi, free of charge. As we stated earlier, it’s a very easy process, but it’s good to know that if for any reason you need help, BT will provide it.

You can also get a BT Mobile plan, and enjoy millions of free Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK and Europe. The network also has great family SIM plans and offers 5G coverage at no extra cost. You can read our BT Mobile Review to discover more!

We can help you find out how much mobile data you need, if you’re not sure. BT Broadband customers get discounts on BT Mobile’s SIM only deals.

BT Smart Hub 2 & Wi-Fi Discs Explained

When you open the box, you’ll get a BT Smart Hub 2 and a BT Wi-Fi Disc. Both the router and the disc are colored black, they look simple but stylish enough to suit any home.

Smart Hub 2 has a pull-out reference card on it, providing you with the default secure wireless settings and a QR code for fast connection with My BT App. The Smart Hub 2 has four Gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting more devices to your Smart Hub 2, a USB port for external storage purposes and a RJ-11 port for your broadband internet connection. Smart Hub 2 monitors your connection at all times and reboots if it spots any issues.

You can use third party hubs and Wi-Fi extenders with your router, but given how the point of Wi-Fi Discs is the same it would be unnecessary unless you have a specific reason.

BT Smart Hub 2 supports dual-band, meaning the router uses both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 5 technology. The router supports speeds of up to 1733Mbps on 5GHz and up to 289Mbps on 2.4GHz spectrum. Keep in mind that 5GHz Wi-Fi doesn’t mean you get a 5G connection as these are two separate things.

Wi-Fi Discs work the same way, but their goal is to get signal from your router, then extend and boost that signal around the house. You can actually check which disc (or the router itself) you’re connected to when you walk around the house via the ‘My BT App’. Each disk has one ethernet port on them so you can connect a device to it for more stable connection, or use a cable to extend the wireless range without losing any speed. Both the BT SH2 router and the BT Wi-Fi discs can be managed through ‘My BT App’.

Wi-Fi Connections & Download Speeds Explained

You must plug your devices directly into your router with an ethernet cable, if you want the fastest data speeds available without any latency fluctuations. Having said that, BT Complete Wi-Fi does more than well enough to provide you a good Wi-Fi experience, and still covers you with multiple cable options. Even the discs have ethernet ports on them.

We just want to further explain why your Wi-Fi signal might be poor at home and how you can fix it or at least make it a little bit better. When it comes to Wi-Fi connection problems, the most common reasons are usually related to distance between your device and the router, physical barriers like thick walls or multiple walls that can block the signal or decrease the quality of the signal and interference from other devices that use Wi-Fi & bluetooth.

In fact if your property has been renovated and has a few coatings of lead paint it may impact the Wi-Fi strength. This amount of wall paint can slightly interfere with your Wi-Fi network, but won’t outright block it. However, this can also affect the Wİ-Fi strength in a negative way, especially when combined with other issues listed above.

If you get a weak Wi-Fi signal, obviously your connection will be less than ideal. Videos will buffer, downloads will be slow, images and webpages will take longer time to load and you might even lose your internet connection on a regular basis.

We’d recommend moving the router to a different position, ideally with nothing directly blocking it. You can also add Wi-Fi hubs and range extenders to improve the signal quality and boost the range. These recommendations may not be anything new, but believe us, just moving the router to a new spot with fewer obstructions can do wonders for your wireless connection.

BT Complete Wi-Fi uses mesh Wi-Fi networking rather than simply extending the range of your wireless connection. Mesh networks give you considerably faster speeds and more stable connection.


What is BT Complete Wi-Fi and how does it work?

BT Complete Wi-Fi is a service, an add-on exclusive to BT Broadband customers. The service comes with a Smart Hub 2 router and one free BT Wi-Fi Disc. It works a mesh network, operating on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, providing seamless, one single powerful wireless network, reaching every room at your home.

What's the BT Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee?

BT guarantees to deliver a strong, reliable, flawless Wi-Fi connection in every room of your home. They believe in their service and devices and if for any reason you can’t get a good signal everywhere, you can get £100 back.

Can I use Wi-Fi Discs with other routers?

No, BT Complete Wi-Fi discs are only compatible with Smart Hub 2 routers.

Can I use BT Complete Wi-Fi with other broadband providers?

No, unlike BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, BT Complete Wi-Fi is only available to BT Broadband customers.

Is BT Complete Wi-Fi a mesh Wi-Fi network?

Yes, BT Complete Wi-Fi is a mesh Wi-Fi network, meaning it’s faster, more reliable and easier to set up.