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What is the BT Reward Card? How To Claim the BT Reward Card?

In this article, Half Cooked explains how to get a BT Reward Card and where you can use this pre-loaded Mastercard.


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In the UK, you can claim a BT Reward Card if you’ve ordered an eligible BT Broadband offer or a BT Mobile SIM plan online. BT should email you if you’re eligible, but you can also manually check if you’re eligible by logging in to the My BT app.

What is the BT Reward Card?

The BT Reward Card is a prepaid MasterCard with BT branding. The card is pre-loaded with money for you to spend on whatever you like in places that accept Mastercard.To qualify for a BT Reward Card, you must order one of BT’s products or services online at BT.com.

BT will send you an activation email with all the details, including how you can activate your BT Reward Card and start spending. The card is a non-reloadable prepaid card. It has no cash access. The deal is open to UK residents over the age of 18.

The BT Reward Card stays valid for 12 months. After this period BT will remove any money that’s left on it.

Who Is Eligible for a BT Reward Card?

As stated above, BT customers can claim a BT Reward Card if they have ordered an eligible broadband deal or a mobile product via BT’s official website. Keep in mind that not all deals come with a reward card and you can see if your purchase makes you eligible on your order confirmation email.

The BT Reward Card is available on BT Mobile SIM only deals and the first SIM in each Family Mobile plan. Re-contracts and upgrades are excluded, meaning you won’t get a BT Reward Card again, if you continue your contract with BT.

How to Claim the BT Reward Card?

After a successful purchase, you can claim your BT Reward Card by logging into My BT using your BT ID. You can’t claim your card until you receive your order confirmation mail but this should be almost instant.

If you ordered a broadband deal and claimed the reward card -such as BT Complete Wi-Fi– your card should be sent within 14 days of your BT Broadband service being activated. For mobile deals this process starts after 30 days, once you’ve activated your SIM or received your handset.

Keep in mind that you need to claim your BT Reward Card within 90 days of placing your order or else you won’t be able to claim your reward. If your BT Reward Card hasn’t arrived within 30 days after you make your claim, make sure to contact BT to ask for a replacement card.

How to Activate the BT Reward Card?

To activate your BT Reward Card you must first visit www.purecard.com and enter your activation code, and nine digit card ID. Once the activation is successful, BT will send you the PIN code for your card. You can start using your BT Reward Card after that.

To keep track of your balance, you’ll need to download the Pure Card app, or login into your dashboard via www.purecard.com.

Where Can I Use My BT Reward Card?

The BT Reward Card can be used at almost all merchants which display the Mastercard acceptance mark. The card is non-reloadable, so it will be useless after funds on the card are all used.

BT Mobile terms and conditions page makes the following statement on where you can’t use this card: “You can’t use this card at any customer activated terminals, for subscriptions, automated periodic payments, to withdraw cash via cashback ATM, foreign exchange bureaus, gambling, or any illegal goods services.”

What is my BT ID & How Can I Get One?

Your BT ID is your username & password when you log into My BT app. You can use the My BT app to check your online account, manage your SIMs and claim your BT rewards.

Plans & Pricing

In the UK, BT Mobile only offers 12-month & 24-month contracts, the network doesn’t have 30 day rolling contract options. This means you must undergo a credit check, if you want to get a BT Mobile SIM only plan. The network also offers phone plans, but as you can guess you’ll have to go through a mobile phone credit check. If you’re looking for a no credit check SIM Only deal, you can have a look at VOXI or giffgaff. Both networks offer great features, amazing flexibility and their plans work on a prepaid basis. See our extensive VOXI Review and giffgaff Review and find out if they offer what you’re looking for.

Being a BT Broadband customer will automatically get you a discount of £5/month. If you also have BT Halo you’ll get double data on all deals. You’ll also be eligible for the network’s unlimited data plans.

Unfortunately, BT Mobile doesn’t offer any PAYG SIM deals in the UK.

Network Coverage & Data Speeds

BT Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator, meaning they piggyback on a larger network to provide a service. BT Mobile is using the unrivalled EE Network to provide 4G coverage, but BT actually owns EE.

The network offers over 99% 4G population coverage and over 95% UK geographical coverage. The latter is more important, as all four major network operators in the UK have over 99% population coverage anyway and EE is head and shoulders above other networks when it comes to landmass coverage.

While BT Mobile’s network coverage is identical to EE, their average 4G download speeds are different. This is because regular BT Mobile customers are speed capped at 30Mbps max, unless they purchase the BT Mobile Extra Speed 4G bolt on. The add-on increases the speed cap to 60Mbps and it’s priced at £4/month.

With BT you’ll enjoy superfast 4G data speeds though, and get the fastest upload speeds. Open Signal’s October 2020 test results show that EE has the fastest average 4G download speeds in the UK at 36.4Mbps. You can read our EE Review to learn more about their coverage and price plans.

5G Coverage

Thanks to EE, BT Mobile also has the most 5G coverage in the country. The network’s 5G service is live in 112 cities and towns in the UK and the number is growing at a steady pace. On top of that, in terms of 5G download speeds there are no restrictions, you enjoy identical data speeds as any EE customer would receive.

According to OOKLA’s October 2020 5G speed test results, EE has the slowest 5G data speeds among the four major network operators though. However, they also have the largest amount of 5G mobile users by a large margin, which could decrease the average download speeds a bit due to network congestion. Regardless, you’ll be getting average speeds of around 134.7Mbps, which is really fast! This is more than enough to stream multiple 4K videos on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and so on.

Although 5G is now available in multiple cities/towns, keep in mind that the network may not be able to provide 5G throughout the whole area. Make sure to check out EE’s 5G coverage before you sign up for a BT Mobile deal.

BT Mobile’s 5G comes at no extra cost, but the carrier requires you to buy your device directly from them or else you might experience issues connecting to a 5G network. You’ll need to be in a 5G area for 5G to work.

Voice Call Quality

As a BT Mobile customer you’ll enjoy the best coverage in the UK and crystal clear voice calls made over 4G, 3G and 2G. All independent testing bodies we trust rank EE as the best network for making voice calls and BT Mobile users get identical experiences with the host network.

You should still check out BT Mobile’s network coverage map though. After all, the best mobile network is the one you get the best coverage for.

4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling

If your device supports 4G calling, it means you can make and receive a phone call over your provider’s 4G network. Your internet won’t slow down while on a call, and your calls will be crystal clear between compatible phones. 4G Calling also eliminates most indoor blackspots, granting you even better coverage. The feature is available to all BT Mobile customers at no extra cost.

Wi-Fi Calling is another great feature for improving your voice calls. It allows you to make & receive voice & video calls over a Wi-Fi connection rather than using your cellular connection. If you’re in an area where voice service is weak or completely unavailable, you can stay connected by using Wi-Fi calling and continue making calls.

BT Mobile offers both these features at no extra cost to all their customers. Your calls will seamlessly move between Wi-Fi and 4G if both are active at the same time. You’ll need a compatible handset with the latest software in order to benefit from these two voice call quality boosting features.

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Now, this is where BT is head and shoulders above the rest of the market. BT offers over 5 million free Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK at train stations, hotels, city centres and more. The service is called BT Wi-Fi and it’s available to all BT Broadband and BT mobile customers for free. If you’re not a BT member, you can still purchase a BT Wi-Fi subscription.

You can find the closest BT Wi-Fi hotspot near you by using BT’s Wi-Fi Hotspot finder and start connecting to their hotspots automatically. Make sure to read our BT Mobile Review to learn more about the carrier and all the other benefits you can get when you join their network.


Tethering refers to turning your mobile into a personal hotspot for other compatible devices to connect to it and use your mobile data. BT Mobile doesn’t enforce any restrictions, unlike EE. You can tether to any number of devices and there’s no fair usage limit. However, commercial usage isn’t allowed. We’d suggest checking the network’s business SIM deals if that’s the case.

While the network allows tethering freely, you can only get an unlimited data plan if you have BT Halo. Tethering is a very data hungry action, and you’ll eat through your allowance at a much faster rate when you’re using your device as a personal hotspot. We’d recommend checking out SMARTY and SMARTY’s unlimited data plan, if you want to tether regularly.

Their unlimited data plan comes with a fair usage limit of 1000GB, but that’s plenty and it’s priced competitively. Check out our SMARTY Review to discover more about their offers.

International Roaming

All BT Mobile phone and SIM only plans include free international roaming in 47 destinations worldwide. This means you can use your BT Mobile price plan abroad without worrying about extra charges.

BT Mobile’s Roam Like Home feature comes at no extra cost and it lets you use your UK minutes, texts and data in selected destinations. As always, when you’re travelling outside the EU zone, we strongly recommend checking your network’s roaming charges for your destination.

The network offers a data roaming add-on called ‘Travel Data Pass’, which is valid in the USA, Canada, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey, UAE, Thailand, Andorra, Australia, India and South Africa. The Travel Data pass gets you a 500MB of data allowance for £6/day.

If you’re travelling outside the EU often, we recommend checking out SIM deals from Three and VodafoneThree’s Go Roam is available to all their customers at no extra cost, allowing roaming in over 70 destinations. Vodafone’s Unlimited Max plan comes with 81 inclusive roaming destinations and you also get 5G coverage abroad in Germany,Spain, Italy and Ireland. Make sure to have a look at our Three Review and Vodafone Review to learn more about them.