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EE Flex Plans Review – Commitment-Free 4G SIMs with No Credit Checks!

In this article, we’ll review EE’s Flex Plans, which are contract-free SIM only plans which give you the freedom to switch, pause or stop plans any time you want.


Latest Offer: 160GB of data for just £20 a month!

EE’s best selling plan is a 5G ready 160GB data plan with unlimited texts & minutes for just £20. It’s a 24-month basic plan. It may not contain any extras, but you’ll be getting the most 4G and 5G coverage, as well as the fastest 4G data speeds in the UK!

This deal comes with 6 months of free Apple Music, and 3 months of BT Sport.

The UK’s largest mobile network wants to compete with other operators on all fronts, and EE Flex plans are one of the solutions they came up with. These are EE’s commitment-free SIM only plans and require no credit check.

EE is marketing the Flex plans as a hybrid of pay as you go and a pay monthly contract, but to be frank here, EE Flex plans work exactly like pay as you go do. On top of that, EE’s pay as you go packs actually offer much better value.

EE Flex plans give you the freedom to switch your mobile plan or even cancel it if you don’t want to continue for any reason. You don’t have to notify EE at all. When you sign up for an EE Flex plan you pay in advance and get a set amount of minutes & data and unlimited texts.

In this guide, we’ll cover EE’s Flex SIM deals and what other alternatives are on the market, if you don’t want to sign up for a flex plan.


  • Best 4G coverage & competitive 5G coverage in the UK
  • Fastest 4G and 5G data speeds
  • Wide range of SIM only deals
  • Wide range of phone deals
  • Decent rewards and long trials for valuable add-ons


  • Significantly costlier than competitors
  • Not the best for international roaming or calling
  • No 5G coverage on contract-free plans

EE Flex Plans

EE’s Flex plans work on a prepaid basis, so there are no credit checks to pass. You just set up a monthly payment plan and it renews itself automatically at the end of each 30 day period. You’re given the option to cancel your plan or switch to a new Flex plan at any given time, without having to notify EE. Since you’re not tied to EE, you can even change your operator.

You can also pause your plan and use EE’s traditional pay as you go service, but given how high EE’s rates are we really don’t recommend it. If you set up a recurring payment method, and renew your flex plan in a timely manner you get to keep your leftover data and use it the following month. EE will also boost your data every three months, provided you keep renewing your plan every month.

EE Flex Plans & Pricing

EE has been offering triple data for the first six months on all their Flex plans. As we stated earlier, even with the triple data boost, you still get greater value with EE’s PAYG Bundles, which function exactly the same, but this article is about the carrier’s flex plans so we’ll solely focus on them.

The following table shows the available Flex plans at the moment. If you think you’ll be using your phone quite often, choosing a Flex plan with larger data allowances may work out to be cheaper in the long run as EE’s out of bundle rates are quite high and we can say the same about the prices of add-ons.

6GB (2GB after 6 months)1000£10
15GB (5GB after 6 months)2000£15
30GB (10GB after 6 months)3000£25
60GB (20GB after 6 months)3000£30
All EE Flex plans come with unlimited texts.

All EE Flex plans come with unlimited UK texts. Your EE SIM should arrive in about 2 working days after your order. The network will also send instructions to get you started. You can also call EE’s customer support service for freefor support.


It may not be a unique offer, but having a data rollover scheme in your plan is always great. EE will give you a second chance to use your data from the month before, if you can’t get through all of it. However, there are multiple hidden details EE doesn’t seem to mention up front for these plans. Make sure to read the list below, so you know exactly what to expect from this feature.

    • Triple data offer and boosted data won’t rollover to the next month. Only the base data allowance will be rolled over.
    • You have to renew your Flex plan within 7 days or else your rolled over data will expire and you won’t be able to benefit from this feature.

Since all EE Flex plans are eligible for the network’s data rollover scheme, you can switch between available Flex plans and keep your leftover data. When your leftover data is added to your new monthly allowance, you’ll be using your data in this order: Rolled over data > Main allowance > Free data boosts.

You can keep track of your allowances, as well as your data rollover by logging in to the My EE dashboard, or using the My EE app. You can also check it by texting 150, typing either AL or ROLLOVER.

In the UK, we believe Sky Mobile has the best data rollover scheme. You can save your unused data for up to three years in your Sky Piggybank and use them any time you want. You can even use them to get discounts when purchasing a device. Check out our Sky Mobile Review to discover more about their SIM deals.

Free Data Boosts

EE will give you a free bump of data to use in the UK or when you’re roaming abroad in the EU. To be eligible for EE’s free data boosts you must buy three Flex plans in a row and then claim it manually within 60 days after qualifying for the free boost. The boost will expire if you don’t claim it.

The free data boosts get you extra 500MB of data allowance once every three months. Let’s say your data allowance is 10GB, with the added data it will grow to 10.5GB, and after another three months, you’ll get a second boost and get 11GB of data and so on. Basically, the longer you stay on EE Flex, the more free data boosts you’ll get and your overall data allowance will grow.

Triple Data

We think there isn’t much to explain here. EE gives you triple data for the first six months on any Flex plan. The triple data won’t rollover to the next month’s allowance though. Only your core allowance does.

No Credit Checks

All Flex plans are commitment-free, meaning there are no contracts or credit checks. You pay for your plan and you can start using right away (provided you already have an EE SIM). You can switch to another Flex plan, switch to EE’s pay as you go service, or stop using EE and switch to another mobile network whenever you want.

What’s Not Included?

Sadly, EE’s Flex plans don’t come with 5G coverage, but this will change in the future when 5G is more readily available across the country.

EE states that if you have a Flex plan, you can access maximum download speeds of up to 60 Mbps. However, we have seen Flex customers achieve much higher download speeds in the recent past, so this information may be outdated. Regardless, 60Mbps is quite fast and more than enough to even tether to other devices while playing online games or watching 4K videos on YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video and so on.

No 4G Calling or Wi-Fi Calling

EE Flex customers can’t benefit from the voice call quality improving features like 4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling. These two features are only available to network’s pay monthly customers with long term contracts.

4G Calling eliminates most indoor blackspots, allows you to make calls over EE’s 4G network and offers higher definition voice calls. Your calls will become crystal clear, if the other party also has 4G Calling and are actively using it.

Wi-Fi Calling keeps you connected, even when you’re not getting any regular cellular signal. This feature utilises an available Wi-Fi with internet access to keep your device connected.

No Pay Monthly Extras & Benefits

As a Flex customer, you’re not eligible for EE’s Smart Benefits, which are only available to the network’s pay monthly customers. These include data free BT Sport streaming and BT Sport Ultimate, as well as free subscriptions to Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music amongst others. You’ll also miss out on EE’s Video, Music and Gamers Data Passes.

Alternative SIM Only Plans

In this section we’ll recommend a few contract-free SIM only deals from mobile virtual network operators. We also recommend checking out EE’s Pay As You Go Packs one last time, as the network already offers plans almost identical to Flex deals, which offer higher value.

All EE PAYG packs come with unlimited minutes and texts, except 4GB Pack which comes with 100 minutes & unlimited text.


Powered and owned by Three, SMARTY offers highly competitive prices and all their SIM offers are contract-free. SMARTY’s unlimited data plan is usually the cheapest on the UK’s mobile market.

The network’s data discount plans get you your money back for unused data at the end of every month. You can also create a family mobile plan and save 10% on every SIM added. SMARTY has Wi-Fi Calling at no extra cost, but 4G Calling isn’t available yet. SMARTY doesn’t have 5G, but they plan to launch their 5G service soon.

50GB £15.00
All SMARTY tariffs come with unlimited minutes & texts.

You can read our extensive SMARTY Review to discover all about the network, their coverage and SIM only plans.


VOXI belongs to Vodafone, and it also piggybacks on its parent network, offering superfast 5G download speeds on selected plans. VOXI’s 5G SIM plans also include their Endless Video feature, which allows you to stream videos on YouTube, Netflix and a few other platforms without eating through your data. Their Endless Social Media offers a similar feature, allowing you to use some of the most popular social media apps data-free.

Minutes & TextDataPrice
Unlimited20GB (5G Ready)£15.00
Unlimited45GB (5G Ready)£20.00
Unlimited Unlimited (5G Ready)£35.00

VOXI’s plans may seem a little more expensive than some of the other MVNOs, but their price plans offer great value and VOXI has no credit checks, so you can join or leave any time you want. Make sure to check out our detailed VOXI Review to learn everything you need to know before signing up for a SIM plan.


The network is one of the oldest MVNOs in the UK, offering superflexible SIM only deals dubbed as goodybags. They also sell refurbished handsets, which we recommend checking out. All giffgaff plans come with unlimited UK minutes and texts and they’re also no contract deals.

£6 goodybagUnlimitedUnlimited500MB£6.00
£8 goodybagUnlimitedUnlimited2GB£8.00
£10 goodybagUnlimitedUnlimited6GB£10.00
£12 goodybagUnlimitedUnlimited10GB£12.00
£15 goodybagUnlimitedUnlimited15GB£15.00
£20 goodybagUnlimitedUnlimited80GB£20.00
£20 goodybagUnlimitedUnlimitedAlways on£25.00
Speed restrictions apply to Always On data. After 80 GB of data usage, your data speeds will be reduced to 384kbps from 8am to Midnight.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

Given how EE already has a better offer in their pay as you go packs, we can hardly justify spending more to get less from the very same network operator. Both Flex plans and EE PAYG packs function in the same manner.

If you’re interested in EE’s great 4G network coverage and unmatched 4G data speeds, but don’t want to be locked in for a long time, we can also suggest checking out other alternatives such as 1p Mobile and ASDA Mobile.


Do Flex plans have 5G?

No, EE Flex plans don’t offer 5G coverage just yet. You can get commitment-free 5G SIM plans from Three, O2 and VOXI at the moment.

Does EE really have the best 4G coverage and speeds?

Yes, EE’s 4G population coverage is above 99% and their UK geographical coverage is above 95%, which is more than all the other major mobile networks offer. Their average 4G download speeds are around 36Mpbs. Second best are Vodafone and Three with about 24Mbps.

Do I need to pass a credit check to get a Flex plan?

No, all Flex plans are contract-free, meaning there are no credit checks.

Can I get Smart Benefits with Flex plans?

No, EE’s Smart Benefits are only available on selected pay monthly plans.

Does EE offer data rollover with Flex plans?

Yes, all Flex plans are eligible for the network’s data rollover feature.You have to renew your plan within 7 days to get a second chance to use your leftover data.

Does EE still offer free data boost with Flex plans?

Yes, they’re still available. If you set up a recurring payment method and renew your Flex plan in a timely manner, you’ll get a 500MB data boost every three months.