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Compare cheap SIM only contracts for the leading networks. BT, Virgin Media, Vodafone, EE, O2, Three & many more. Use our comparison to check prices, minutes, texts & data.

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Why Choose a Three SIM Only Deal?

EE SIM Only Deals

EE is the largest mobile network in the UK. They have the best 3G and 4G networks, and its 5G network is one of the best, competing with Three 5G. EE’s pay monthly contract deals include 5G at no extra cost, 4G Calling, WiFi Calling, and many other helpful features. You also get unlimited UK minutes and texts.

The network offers special discounts for their existing customers. There are also special mobile deals for students and families. You can also purchase add-ons or pick a plan that comes with Smart Benefits and add them to your contract for free.

If you’re a light mobile data user or don’t want to undergo a credit check, you can get a pay as you go SIM from EE. Alternatively, you can also pick a Flex Plan, which functions like pay monthly contracts but gives you the flexibility of a PAYG pack.

Alongside the best network coverage and data speeds, the carrier also has a wide range of mobile devices for you to choose from. However, being the best in almost all areas makes EE a costlier option.

EE SIM Only Contracts

If you’re happy with the handset you have, you can choose a pay monthly SIM only contract from EE and get the best service the network has to offer. EE will ask you to undergo a credit check first, so we strongly recommend you to have a look at our detailed guide on how mobile credit checks work. At the time of writing, EE offers 12-month and 24-month contracts.

These pay monthly plans include unlimited UK minutes and texts, super-fast 5G data speeds & coverage, free roaming in Europe w/ an add on and some more features depending on your choice of plan.

You can tether to other devices with these plans, but up to a maximum of 12 devices. Any more and EE may think you’re using your mobile plan for commercial purposes. The carrier may switch your plan to a business plan, or even cancel it.

EE’s unlimited data plans are truly unlimited, but the network may apply speed restrictions during busy times if you use more than 600GB of mobile data per month.

EE Smart Plans

The pricier alternatives to EE’s regular SIM only deals are called EE Smart Plans. These plans come with ‘Smart Benefits’, hence the name Smart Plan. This is a fancy name for add-ons that EE gives you for free. You can purchase a Smart Benefit separately, provided you’re willing to pay the full price for it.

EE has partnered with Apple, BT, Netflix, and a few other popular brands to provide these perks. Keep in mind that these Smart Benefits regularly change. On top of that, Apple and Android users may get different sets of Smart Benefits to choose from.

EE Pay As You Go

You can use EE’s network without making a long-term commitment. EE provides both a traditional pay as you go service and PAYG data packs which last for 30 calendar days.

If you’re not going to use any mobile data, you can just use the network’s old-school PAYG service. EE’s PAYG rates are 35p per minute and 15p per text. If you want access to their internet service, you must purchase a data pack though.
If you continue buying packs, you can earn a free Data Boost to your minutes, texts or data once every three months. These boosts add up and stay with you as long as you renew your pack promptly. You can use your pack allowances across 48 destinations in Europe. Your unused data rolls over to the following month.

EE’s PAYG service doesn’t include 5G, WiFi Calling, or 4G Calling.

EE Flex Plans

This is another option for customers who’re looking to join EE without making a long-term commitment or passing a credit check. Anyone can grab an EE Flex Plan, as these are prepaid SIM only deals. No strings attached.

Flex Plans function like pay monthly contracts, but there’s no contract so you can cancel your deal any time you want. You just need to set up one monthly payment method so you never have to worry about topping up, unlike PAYG data packs.

You’ll benefit from EE’s data rollover feature too, as any unused data you have will roll over to the following month’s allowance, and will be used first.

EE Pay Monthly Phone Contracts

EE has a wide range of mobile devices for you to choose from. You’ll find devices from all the top tier manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Sony but also more budget-friendly options such as Alcatel and Doro.

These devices come with EE’s service benefits, which is offering a lifetime guarantee for your device at no extra cost. You’ll get EE service benefits when you buy or upgrade to a new pay monthly handset or SIM only Full Works, Smart or Essential Plan from 1 May 2019.

Keep in mind that EE’s credit checks may be tough to pass, especially if you’re interested in getting a more recent handset or a flagship smartphone. We also would like to remind you; canceling your mobile phone contract may be a major pain and you might end up having to pay a penalty fee for canceling early, and you may even have to return the device.

EE Pay As You Go Phone Deals

If you’re in the market for an older, but reliable handset, EE has got you covered. Having said that, EE doesn’t have the widest collection, and you can find better deals with most UK mobile phone retailers if you do a little research. We have an article that covers refurbished phone deals, as we see these as a great option to get a good quality handset at a reduced price.

EE Frequently Asked Questions

Does EE support 5G?

Yes, EE is the first network carrier in the UK to support 5G coverage and currently has the most locations covered. The UK’s largest mobile provider is continuously working on improving both its 4G and 5G network.

Does EE support 2G?

Yes, EE still supports 2G. EE still uses 2G for calls and texts as a backup option.

Does EE have 4G Calling?

Yes, EE provides 4G Calling on compatible devices bought from EE stores. However, PAYG and EE Flex plans are not included.

Does EE have Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, it does. Just like 4G Calling, EE offers Wi-Fi Calling too. You need to be on a pay monthly plan and have a compatible device for it to work.

Is EE the fastest mobile network in the UK?

Yes, EE is the fastest mobile network in the UK. EE’s average 4G download speeds are over 40Mbps. With 4G double speed, you may even see peak download speeds around 60Mbps, and with 4G plus all the way up to 90Mbps. However, the average download speed lingers around 30Mbps to 60Mbps depending on your area. However, when it comes to 5G, Three is offering the fastest speeds at the moment.

Does EE work in the USA?

Yes, EE’s network works in the USA, but the country is not included in base inclusive roaming. You’ll need the ‘Further Roaming Pass’ add-on if you wish to use your allowance without any extra cost.

Does EE have an app?

Yes, EE does have an app and it’s called My EE. It’s a handy app and will improve your EE experience for sure.

What are Smart Benefits?

Smart Benefits are essentially just add-ons but with a fancy name. EE offers these add-ons for free on its Smart Plans and with an extra charge on its regular SIM only plans.

Can I add another phone to my EE plan?

Yes, you can. EE allows you to add additional SIMs to your account. You’ll get a 10% discount on additional lines.

Can I gift my data to someone else on EE?

Yes, but only if you and the other plan/s are under the same account. The main account can move extra data freely between all the plans.

Where can I use my inclusive roaming allowance on EE?

You can use your inclusive roaming allowance in Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Canary Islands, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guyana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Islands, Romania, San Marino, Saint Martin (French), Saint Barthelemy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Vatican City (Italy). If you have ‘Further Roaming Pass’ all of the above plus Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the USA.