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How fast is O2’s 4G internet?

According to Open Signals April 2020 reports O2s average 4G download speed is around 16.6Mbps and average upload speed is measured at 5.8Mbps.

How long does it take for a number to transfer on O2?

It shouldn’t take any longer than 24 hours. Usually you’ll be able to make phone calls with a couple hours, however texting might take longer. If you still can’t use your new SIM after 24 hours please contact O2’s customer support.

Why can’t I access O2 Priority?

If you recently joined the O2 Network, it might be that Priority’s database hasnt caught up yet, so your number might not be recognised. If it doesn’t work in a couple of days contact O2 s customer support.

Does O2 have 4G Calling?

Yes, O2 has 4G Calling. The network provides a VoLTE service, but you’ll have to be on a SIM Only plan and your handset must support this feature.

Does O2 have Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, O2 has Wi-Fi Calling. To benefit from this feature you have to be on a SIM Only contract and your device must be compatible.

Does O2 support 5G?

Yes, O2 offers 5G coverage. At the time of writing O2’s 5G is live in 155 cities & towns.

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