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Do I still need a TV license to watch digital TV?

Yes, you do. It is an offence to watch or record programmes as they’re shown live on TV or online without a TV licence, and it is an offence to watch or download catch up TV or on demand services on TV or online without a TV licence.

Can I watch digital TV on my laptop?

Absolutely. If it has an app, it’ll be available on Windows or Apple operating systems. For which apps do what with what provider, check out the question and answer directly above this one.

Can I watch Netflix on Virgin Media, Sky, BT or TalkTalk?

You can watch Netflix on all subscription TV set-top boxes. Netflix is available in the ‘On Demand’ menu on YouView and YouView+ (BT TV or TalkTalk TV) and on channel 204 on Virgin’s V6 box. You will need a Netflix subscription to watch it in all cases.

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