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Honest Mobile SIM Only Deals

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Why Choose an Honest Mobile SIM Only Deal?

Honest Mobile is a mobile virtual network that piggybacks on Three, offering 5G at no extra cost, plus 4G and 3G coverage. It is the only carbon-negative mobile network operating in the UK.

They offer flexible, no credit check SIM only deals that come with unlimited UK calls and texts. They also claim their customer support will reach you within 30 seconds, and a real human will be responding to your queries. Honest Mobile customers can enjoy free WiFi Calling, but 4G Calling isn’t included yet. You can also roam freely on Honest Mobile and use your plan in EU countries as if you’re at home.

Honest Mobile 30-Day Rolling Plans

Honest Mobile doesn’t offer any phone contracts. Their 30-day SIM Only plans don’t require you to pass a credit check. You can switch between these plans as you wish since you’re not locked into a long-term contract.

Honest Mobile 12-Month Contracts

Honest Mobile’s 12-month contracts require you to pay monthly, but you’ll be asked to pass a credit check first. You can save up to 10% with Honest Mobile’s 12-month SIM tariffs. The network also offers an unlimited data contract, but keep in mind that Honest Mobile’s unlimited data plan is limited to 3G speeds after you use 650GB in a month.

Honest Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

What network does Honest Mobile use?

Honest Mobile’s main network provider is Three. The carrier offers 5G, 4G, and 3G coverage across the UK, also free EU roaming in 43 destinations.

Does Honest Mobile have an app?

Yes, Honest Mobile has a mobile app and we think it’s quite good. The app comes with Smart notifications and allows you to set a bill cap. You can also add more SIMs under your account, share data across multiple SIMs and track how many trees have been planted under your name.

How does Honest Mobile’s loyalty discount work?

The carrier’s Loyalty Discount programme increases each month reducing your bill. The amount of discount increases 5% each month and it’s capped at 30%. The discount doesn’t apply to Smart Signal bolt-on or other bolt-ons.

Will I lose my Loyalty Discount if I change my plan?

No, your Loyalty Discount continues as usual. You can freely switch between plans. However, don’t forget that the loyalty discount won’t apply to Honest Mobile’s bolt-ons nor on usage outside your plan.

Does Honest Mobile offer handsets?

The network currently doesn’t offer phone deals, but they plan to. According to Honest Mobile’s official website, they’ll start offering mobile devices in late 2020.

Does Honest Mobile have 5G?

Yes, Honest Mobile customers can enjoy 5G at no extra cost, as long as they’re in an area with Honest 5G and have a 5G-ready handset.

Does Honest Mobile have 2G?

No, Honest Mobile is powered by Three, therefore doesn’t offer 2G. If your device only supports 2G, Honest Mobile SIMs won’t work with it.

Does Honest Mobile have WiFi Calling?

Yes, they do. Currently, Honest Mobile’s WiFi Calling must be activated through the Honest Mobile app which you can download when you sign up.

Does Honest Mobile have 4G Calling (VoLTE)?

No, at the moment Honest Mobile doesn’t offer 4G Calling.

How much does Honest Mobile’s Smart Signal cost?

Honest Mobile’s Smart Signal costs £10 per month. You can turn it on and off whenever you want. Smart Signal may take up to 4 hours to activate when you initially toggle it on. Smart Signal will always default to choosing Three’s network, but if there’s no signal available it will search for an O2 or EE connection.

Can I manually switch between networks with Smart Signal?

On Apple phones, you can manually choose Three (Honest Mobile), O2, or EE, however, Android devices won’t allow you to switch between networks.

Do I still pay the same if I switch networks?

Yes, your price plan won’t change. Your monthly fee will remain the same.