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How to Get Free Apple Music for 6 Months on EE – Free Subscription That’s Worth £60!v

EE is the UK’s largest mobile network operator and you can enjoy six months of free Apple Music if you grab a pay monthly contract from them. On top of that, even existing EE customers can benefit from this offer.

Another great thing about this deal is you won’t be using your data allowance while streaming music on Apple Music during the six month free period. You get to decide when you want to start your free subscription, which is another added bonus in our book. Apple also gives away three months of Apple Music for free from time to time. If you time them right you can get up to a 9 month free Apple Music subscription. However, when you get the free subscription directly from Apple, you’ll use your regular data when streaming music on the app.

We love this deal, because you’d pay £9.99 for Apple Music under normal circumstances, but at the same time EE is a costlier option compared to all the other UK operators. Adding £10 a month to your already heavy bill might not be the best idea, once your free subscription is over.

We think 6 months free Apple Music is a great deal, if you’re already considering EE; if not there might be some better SIM only contracts offering free streaming or subscriptions on other providers.

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