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iD Mobile 5G Review – Does iD Mobile Have 5G in 2021?

Powered by the best 5G UK network Three, iD Mobile offers wallet-friendly SIM only plans and phone deals, but do they offer 5G yet?

iD Mobile is a very popular UK mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) piggybacking on the Three Network. While Three is the best 5G UK network at the moment, iD Mobile only provides 5G coverage to their customers on selected devices. iD Mobile uses Three 5G, but iD Mobile 5G is only available on a very few selected 5G ready smartphones at the moment.

Latest Offer: Limited time offer - 5GB for £6!

iD Mobile is offering 5GB of Data for just £6 a month! This represents great value and also comes with unlimited minutes & texts, as well as access to the fastest 5G network in the UK!

In the UK, iD Mobile aims to provide wallet-friendly pay-monthly deals for 30-day rolling SIM-only contracts, as well as 12-month contracts. iD’s phone contracts are always 24 months long offering great value thanks to their owner Dixons Carphone.

iD Mobile uses Three’s 3G and 4G services. This means both Three and iD Mobile customers get identical network coverage and data speeds when they’re using 4G or 3G. Since Three doesn’t have an underlying 2G infrastructure, iD Mobile too lacks this coverage type. It’s not a major loss, but you should know that if your device only supports 2G it won’t work with an iD Mobile SIM. Besides Three and their MVNOs, all UK operators use 2G as a fallback option in some rural areas. It’s not a must have at this point, but you can consider 2G as a safety net.

Three 5G Coverage and Data Speeds

At the time of writing, Three is objectively the best 5G network in the UK. The cellular carrier has decently fast5G download speeds, the most 5G coverage and they also have the most 5G spectrum. This means Three has the capacity to offer the best & fastest 5G network and they usually do.

Three are offering 5G in 194 cities and towns across the UK. You’ll need a 5G ready smartphone in order to get Three 5G working for you. You’ll also have to be in an area with Three 5G. Three’s 5G service comes at no extra cost, whether you’re on pay monthly, SIM only or PAYG plan, all Three SIMs are 5G Ready for free.

Three has the fastest 5G download speeds in the UK, averaging around 201Mbps, per OOKLA (speedtest.net). Since Three doesn’t enforce any speed restrictions or limitations, you can expect iD Mobile to offer identical 5G data speeds, as well as network coverage.


Whether you’re on a 30-day rolling or 12-month iD Mobile SIM-only contract you’ll get unlimited UK minutes and texts.

As an iD Mobile customer, you can use your UK allowances in 46 destinations across the EU and EEA countries. The cellular network’s international roaming scheme also works in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Macedonia and Kazakhstan; making it somewhat unique.

iD Mobile’s pay monthly customers can enjoy 4G Calling and WiFi Calling at no extra cost. Sadly, these features aren’t available to iD Mobile PAYG users. If you want to benefit from iD Mobile 4G Calling and iD Mobile WiFi Calling, you have to pass iD Mobile’s credit check. On top of that, your handset must support these call quality improving features.

The network gives you a second chance to use your leftover data from the previous month. iD Mobile’s data rollover scheme allows you to transfer any unused data to your following month’s bundle. You’ll use your leftover data first. On iD Mobile your leftover data only rolls over for 1 month, after that it will expire.

You can tether freely with any iD Mobile SIM only plan. There are no restrictions, speed limitations or data caps. Having said that, please remember that turning your mobile phone into a personal hotspot can use up a lot of data very quickly. This can work out to be very costly, even if the tethered devices seem to be idle and not consuming data, they may still download files or consume data in the background.

At Half Cooked, we always recommend opting for at least a large data plan if you’re going to tether to other devices regularly. The safest way to tether without having to worry about running out of data is opting for an unlimited data plan from iD Mobile. Since there are no fair usage limits you can even tether to PCs and laptops.

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