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Does iD Mobile Allow Tethering? Can I Tether with iD Mobile in 2021?

Piggybacking on the Three Network, iD Mobile allows you to use your mobile phone as a personal hotspot, but what are the limitations and fair usage limits of the network?


iD Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses the Three Network as its network provider. iD Mobile offers decent 4G and 3G coverage in the UK, but the network doesn’t have a 5G service yet. iD Mobile allows you to tether freely to compatible devices such as other smartphones, laptops etc. but we strongly recommend you to be careful when you’re sharing your mobile data with others.

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What is Tethering?

Tethering refers to turning your smartphone into a mobile hotspot, so you can share your mobile data with other compatible devices like laptops or tablets. When you turn your phone into a personal hotspot you’ll be using your monthly data allowance. The same applies to connected devices, therefore tethering on iD Mobile can use up a lot of data very quickly and may turn out to be very costly. We strongly recommend staying on top of how much data you’ve spent when you tether to other devices and take the right precautions to make sure you don’t exceed your data limit.

At Half Cooked, we strongly recommend opting for an unlimited data plan if you’re going to tether to other devices on a regular basis; especially if the said device is a laptop or a PC. This is because streaming videos or playing video games on a computer (be it a PC or a laptop) uses a lot more data than it does on a phone. The same can be said for websites as well. Almost all websites you visit are optimised for mobile devices and they’re designed to use less data. However, if you’re using a PC, laptop or a video game console you’ll be using significantly more data.

How Can I Check My Data Usage on iD Mobile?

You can simply check how much data you’ve spent and how much data you have left by logging on to the iD Mobile app or by visiting their official website. Your handset probably keeps track of how much data you use, but we recommend relying on your operator as they’ll charge you for additional or out of plan usage.

iD Mobile also allows you to set a bill cap so if you burn through all of your mobile data you won’t have any out of plan charges. iD Mobile will charge you 10p per MB of data, once you’ve used up all your data allowances in your price plan.

How Do I Turn My Smartphone into a Personal Hotspot?

You can turn on tethering (also known as turning your handset into a personal hotspot) in your phone settings. This feature is usually listed under Tethering or Mobile Hotspot. If you can’t find it, you may want to Google your device name or read your smartphone’s user manual and see if it supports tethering. Not all mobile devices are capable of tethering, however, almost all of the recent handsets from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, Honor, Nokia, Oppo and Huawei can.

All of iD Mobile’s SIM only plans come with unlimited UK minutes & texts. iD Mobile offers 4G Calling and WiFi Calling at no extra cost to their pay monthly customers. These two perks significantly improve your network coverage as well your overall voice call quality.

At the time of writing, iD Mobile doesn’t offer any 5G services. We’ll update this section when the network starts offering superfast 5G download speeds. iD Mobile uses Three as its network provider and we expect them to use Three 5G when they launch iD Mobile 5G. Three has the fastest 5G, the most 5G spectrum, and the widest 5G Coverage in the UK.

You can use your UK allowances in 46 EU and EEA countries; and also in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Macedonia and Kazakhstan. iD Mobile doesn’t offer any premium international roaming add-ons, but at least you still get four more unique destinations to roam freely in.

When you join iD Mobile on a pay monthly contract, the network gives you a second chance to use your leftover data. Let’s say you’re using a 5GB data plan and you still have 1GB of data remaining on it from the month before. This leftover data will be added to your next tariff; meaning you’ll start the next month with 6GB of data, plus you’ll use your rolled over data first. It’s worth remembering that your leftover data only rolls over for one month, you won’t get another chance to use it. It will simply expire.

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