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Does iD Mobile have WiFi Calling in 2021?

Piggybacking on the Three Network, iD Mobile offers many great features, but does the network offer WiFi Calling at no extra cost? Let’s find out.

iD Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dixons Carphone and the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) is using the Three Network as its provider. iD Mobile only provides 4G and 3G coverage at the time of writing, and the network will soon be offering 5G. iD Mobile’s pay monthly customers can benefit from WiFi Calling at no extra cost. They can also benefit from iD Mobile 4G Calling, provided their smartphones support these two voice quality and coverage improving perks.

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iD Mobile is offering 5GB of Data for just £6 a month! This represents great value and also comes with unlimited minutes & texts, as well as access to the fastest 5G network in the UK!

iD Mobile WiFi Calling is a free of charge service that allows you to make and receive calls over a Wi-Fi Network that is connected to the internet. The carrier’s WiFi Calling feature also works with text messages. If your mobile phone supports WiFi Calling, you can eliminate all the indoor blackspots where you get a stable Wi-Fi connection. You’ll be able to have clearer calls in more places. WiFi Calling and 4G Calling complete one another, and having both these services will significantly improve your coverage and overall voice call quality.

iD Mobile Wi-Fi calling will automatically activate when your handset is unable to connect to iD’s 4G or 3G network. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least 2Mbps download speed for WiFi Calling to work properly. If your phone is compatible but WiFi Calling doesn’t work, you may need to update your phone’s software and accept the latest carrier settings if you’re an iPhone user. Some smartphones may require you to manually switch on WiFi Calling via your phone settings.

Unlike 4G Calling, WiFi Calling doesn’t have alternative names. All UK mobile networks call this feature WiFi Calling (also Wi-Fi Calling). We’d like to remind you that, when you make calls over Wi-Fi, you’ll be using your allowance. It’s unfortunately not a method to escape additional charges.

As stated earlier, iD Mobile doesn’t have 2G coverage, meaning you can’t use a 2G-only handset on an iD Mobile SIM only plan. If your phone only supports 2G, you have to avoid Three and other MVNOs which are powered by Three such as SMARTY, Superdrug Mobile and iD Mobile.

iD Mobile offers 30-day & 12-month SIM only contracts. Regardless of your choice, iD Mobile will ask for a credit check. The mobile network operator also offers a wide range of handset deals thanks to being owned by Dixons Carphone. iD Mobile’s PAYG service is far from ideal and doesn’t include WiFi Calling or 4G Calling, however, the service requires no credit checks so you might want to check it out if you may struggle to pass a credit check.

All iD Mobile SIM only deals come with unlimited UK minutes and texts, as well as international roaming in 50 destinations, data rollover and a spend cap.

iD Mobile’s international roaming scheme lets you roam like at home in 50 destinations across the world. Having said that, 46 of these locations are EU and EEA destinations; the other four being Azerbaijan, Belarus, Macedonia and Kazakhstan.

If you sign up for a pay monthly plan, iD Mobile gives you a second chance to use your leftover data from the month before. Simply put, if you have 1GB of data remaining on your plan, it will be added to your next price plan and you’ll use your rolled over data first. Your leftover data only rolls for one month. You don’t get to keep it after that, unlike Sky Mobile’s data rollover offer, which allows you to keep your unused data for up to 3 years.

It may not be unique, but iD Mobile offers customers the ability to set a spend cap. With iD Mobile’s bill capping feature you can set a limit on additional charges on your plan to eliminate potential bill shocks. The spend cap can be set between £0 to £25; you won’t be able to use your SIM for chargeable actions once you reach your cap.

iD Mobile’s unlimited data plan is quite budget friendly and we specifically recommend this option, if you’re looking to tether with your iD Mobile plan regularly. There are no speed restrictions or hidden fair usage limits on iD Mobile’s unlimited data plan.

Unfortunately, iD Mobile doesn’t offer 5G coverage at the moment. We’ll update this section when the network starts offering superfast 5G download speeds, but for the time being all we can say is iD Mobile will be using Threes 5G and currently Three has the fastest 5G and the most 5G spectrum, as well as the widest 5G Coverage in the UK.

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