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Why Choose a Lyca Mobile SIM Only Deal?

Lyca Mobile SIM Only Deals

Lyca Mobile is mostly known for its low-cost international phone call deals and most of their UK SIM only deals include some inclusive international minutes.

Lyca Mobile’s UK phone plans include all the texts, calls, and data you want without any fancy extras. You can get a Lyca Mobile SIM only plan without being tied down to a lengthy contract. On top of that if you want to avoid paying extra for services you won’t ever use, the network stands out as one of the better options on the UK mobile market.

Lyca Mobile’s SIM only deals now include 5G at no extra cost and it’s powered by the O2 Network. Lyca Mobile’s SIM plans require no credit checks, making it a good choice for student mobile plans and even family mobile plans. You can get additional SIMs and manage them from Lyca Mobile’s mobile app. They also allow you to roam freely abroad, but only in 48 destinations across Europe.

Lyca Mobile’s UK SIM tariffs don’t include features such as data rollover, WiFi Calling & 4G Calling (VoLTE). However, the latter two may arrive in 2022; pretty much all of the UK networks offer WiFi Calling and 4G Calling at no additional cost.

Switching to Lyca Mobile is an easy process, provided you can cancel your existing mobile plan. You can also keep your phone number if you decide to join Lyca UK. Just get your PAC number from your current provider and pass it on to Lyca Mobile UK. They’ll do the rest.

Lyca Mobile SIM Only Contracts

Lyca Mobile offers SIM only deals through a variety of affordable, flexible plans. Both pay monthly and pay as you go options are available to all customers.

Pay monthly bundles offer greater value and they’re the cheaper option overall if you’re not a light mobile data user. Lyca Mobile’s SIM Only plans are commitment-free, the network doesn’t lock you into any kind of contract. You can even use Lyca UK’s traditional PAYG once your bundle is finished. Lyca Mobile UK offers a few unlimited data plans as well, however, there is a 20GB roaming data cap.

Lyca Mobile proposes six different types of pay monthly bundles: National, International, Long Term Plans, Family Plan and Data.

National Plans

These plans start from £5/month offering 1000 UK minutes & texts along with 2GB of data & 100 international minutes. You can go all the way up to an unlimited data plan which includes unlimited UK calls and texts, as well as unlimited international minutes, priced at £30 a month.

International Plans

Lyca Mobile’s International Plans don’t come with a lot of data. The largest data allowance you can get is 20GB of data with their All in one Plus 20 plan. This deal has unlimited UK minutes & texts, as well as unlimited international minutes to selected countries.

Long Term Plans

These are Lyca Mobile’s price plans which are valid for either 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. Lyca Mobile UK’s long-term plans aren’t contract deals, meaning there are no credit checks involved. They work on a prepaid basis and they’re heavily discounted.

Family Plans

Lyca Mobile UK also offers a family mobile plan (at times there is more than one offer, but usually they only provide one single SIM only deal that’s available for offline customers only) which provides a set amount of data bundles with unlimited UK calls & texts; plus international minutes.

Data Plans

For customers who only want mobile data, Lyca Mobile offers data only SIM deals. However, they’re quite pricey and don’t offer great value.

Lyca Mobile Pay As You Go

The network also offers an old-school pay as you go service. You can simply get a free SIM card and top-up, then you can start making calls, sending texts, and/or browsing the internet. You won’t have to purchase a monthly bundle or sign up for a long-term contract. This is Lyca Mobile’s most flexible offer.

Lyca Mobile UK’s PAYG customers can call or text other Lyca customers for free. You can see Lyca Mobile’s rates below:

Call Rates: UK Landlines 12p/minute, UK mobile phones 19p/minute, Special Numbers: 29p/minute
Messaging Rates: 19p/text
Data Rates: 12p/MB

The network’s international pay as you go rates vary from one country to another, therefore we recommend using Lyca Mobile’s official website to check the rates for the country you wish to call.

Lyca Mobile Phone Deals

You can get a handset from Lyca Mobile. The network has smartphones from top-tier manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung. There are also more budget-friendly options such as Oppo, Hammer, Alcatel, Rokit, and Doro.

Most Lyca Mobile phone deals come with a few payment options. You can pay the cost of the device outright, slice it into three equal monthly installments, or spread the cost of the new phone over 6, 12, 24 or 36 months.

Lyca Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

What network does Lyca Mobile use?

Lyca Mobile is powered by O2’s network. The mobile virtual network operator is specialised in low-cost international calls.

Is Lyca Mobile the best for international calls?

We think Lebara’s rates are a bit more wallet-friendly, but Lyca Mobile certainly has great offers, too. In some countries, giffgaff rates are the best. At the end of the day, it all depends on which country you want to call.

Does Lyca Mobile have 4G Calling (VoLTE)?

No, Lyca Mobile doesn’t support 4G Calling.

Does Lyca Mobile offer WiFi Calling?

No, Lyca Mobile doesn’t support Wi-Fi Calling.

Does Lyca Mobile have 5G?

Yes, Lyca Mobile customers can enjoy 5G internet speeds and 5G coverage powered by O2. All Lyca Mobile deals include 5G at no extra cost.

Are there any exclusive free Wi-Fi hotspots for Lyca Mobile customers?

No, unfortunately, Lyca Mobile customers don’t get to benefit from exclusive free Wi-Fi deals.

Can I get a pay as you go SIM from Lyca Mobile?

Yes, you can and Lyca Mobile’s pay as you go rates aren’t bad either. The network offers great rates for international calling

Does Lyca Mobile have an unlimited plan?

Yes, and you even get a discount if you purchase the plan online via a credit/debit card.

Can I keep my phone number when switching to Lyca Mobile?

Yes, you can. Just get your PAC code from your current operator and submit it on Lyca Mobile’s website once you get your free SIM.