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Plusnet SIM Only Deals

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Why Choose a Plusnet Mobile SIM Only Deal?


Plusnet Mobile is a great choice for mobile customers looking to get a short-term SIM only plan that offers great value. Plusnet Mobile uses the EE network, offering over 99% population coverage and 95% landmass coverage across the UK. EE has the best 4G coverage and data speeds.

If you’re already a Plusnet Broadband customer you’ll get an extra 2GB of data on all available plans. Plus you can switch between available deals any time you want.

You can also tether freely and use your minutes, texts, and data at no extra cost when roaming in over 40 EU destinations.

Plusnet Mobile SIM Only Contracts

Plusnet currently offers 8 different 30-day rolling contracts, with the cheapest deal starting from just £7/month. Their cheaper SIM only plans come with unlimited UK texts, but your call allowance will differ depending on your choice. They’re one of the very few UK mobile networks that don’t offer unlimited calls on all their SIM plans.

If you find yourself running out of data before the month ends, you can always purchase an extra data add-on. The cheapest one starts from £2 offering 250MB of extra data. The most you can get at one go is 4GB of data for £15 per month. Plusnet Mobile currently doesn’t offer an unlimited data plan and there isn’t any data rollover feature either.

Whilst Plusnet Mobile’s SIM only deals last for 30 days, the network still asks for a credit check. All their deals are SIM only contracts, the network doesn’t offer any pay as you go services. The carrier’s short-term contracts give you flexibility as you won’t have to cancel your mobile contract if you decide to quit their service.

You can’t get a handset from them either. However, you can check out UK mobile phone retailers and purchase a phone outright, and just combine it with an affordable Plusnet Mobile SIM deal. If you’re on a tight budget, another alternative would be to look for refurbished phone deals. Some refurbished phones are near perfect condition and priced significantly cheaper.

Plusnet Frequently Asked Questions

What network does Plusnet Mobile use?

Plusnet Mobile is powered by EE. Thanks to its host’s great infrastructure Plusnet Mobile is offering 99% population and 95% landmass coverage in the UK, as well as the fastest 4G download speeds.

Does Plusnet Mobile offer unlimited data?

No, Plusnet Mobile only proposes low-data SIM only plans. There are no unlimited data plans.

Does Plusnet Mobile offer 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling?

Sadly no. Plusnet Mobile completely skips these two voice call quality improving features for the sake of being able to offer competitive prices with great 4G network coverage.

Does Plusnet Mobile have an app?

Yes, Plusnet Mobile has an app. Unlike most other MVNOs, Plusnet Mobile comes with an app available to download for free. It allows you to check your bills, view your used data and manage your spend limit.

Who owns Plusnet?

Plusnet is owned by the BT Group. EE is also owned by BT, however, both BT and Plusnet utilise EE’s infrastructure.

Does Plusnet Mobile offer 5G?

At the moment Plusnet Mobile doesn’t offer any 5G services. We might have to wait a while before the network starts offering 5G SIM only deals.