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Plusnet Mobile 2021: Cheap & cheerful contracts starting at only £6 a month!

Plusnet Mobile 2020: Cheap & cheerful contracts starting at only £6 a month
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About Plusnet

iD Mobile are a virtual network which are powered by Three. They have strong SIM and phone contract deals that are priced competitively versus anything else you will find in the market. As well as competitive pricing, iD Mobile customers also benefit from perks such as Wi-Fi calling & 4G calling which are generally rare among the virtual operators.


Which mobile network does iD Mobile use?
iD Mobile uses Three’s network power. Their customers get the same network coverage and speeds for 3G and 4G, but as of yet no 5G on the horizon.

Does iD Mobile support 5G?
Unfortunately, no. At the moment iD Mobile is sticking to 3G and 4G coverage and speeds.