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O2 Plans & Pricing

SIM Only Deals

Some networks in the UK standout with their budget friendly price plans, but O2 isn’t one of them. The carrier proposes only one type of SIM Only deal, but they do offer some flexibility when it comes to the term of a contract: 1 month, 12 months and 18 months. All SIM Only deals include unlimited minutes and texts with the exception of 500MB and 1GB data plans if you select a 30 day contract. All O2 customers benefit from daily offers with Priority and O2’s thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots.

Currently the cheapest O2 plan is priced at £10/month, locking you in for 18 months. While your data allowance is 5GB on this deal, you get 6 months of Disney+ which adds more value to your plan. O2 doesn’t offer any unlimited data plans unless you sign up for a longer term commitment. 50GB is the largest data bundle available on a 30 day SIM plan.

Some deals include extra roaming destinations at no extra cost, increasing the number to a total of 100 destinations, including popular destinations such as the USA.

Overall, O2 are slightly pricier, however they back it up with daily priority offers such as free coffees and discounted meal deals & 6 months of Disney+. Another premium network is EE, which offers great coverage and internet speeds for 4G & 5G offering unique ‘Swappable Benefits’.

If you are interested in wallet friendlier alternatives, we also recommend you check Three’s SIM Only deals. You may want to read our O2 vs EE or O2 vs Three reviews before making your final decision on which network to join.

Payg Deals

At the moment there are two types of Pay As You Go options, if you wish to be on O2’s network. These are called Big Bundles and UK & International Bundles.

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