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O2’s Features

O2 Priority

With Priority, O2 customers get exclusive offers with high street brands, tickets to thousands of gigs & events across the UK and online entertainment discounts. To benefit from this service, you’ll need to download the free app from your app store. Priority is available on any compatible handset.

O2 Refresh

O2 offers flexibility to its customers and lets them change phones when they want. Basically, O2 Refresh splits a bill into two parts: a phone plan and an airtime plan. The phone plan is the cost of the phone you get from O2, and the airtime plan includes all your calls, texts and data allowances. When you feel like a phone upgrade is due, O2 will not lock you into a long term phone contract, but instead will let you pay off your phone plan. Your airtime plan will continue and you’ll be able to purchase a new device on a new contract.

Don’t forget though, you can only buy O2 Refresh directly from O2 and nowhere else.

O2 Bolt Ons

If you are running low on your data, minutes or texts, you can get a Bolt On from O2’s store to increase your allowance. Bolt Ons are simple add-ons offered by O2, starting from £3 a month. There are also other kinds of Bolt Ons, i.e. for calling abroad or for international roaming perks.

Unlimited Data Plans

Unlimited Plans that O2 describes as “limitless data” start from £33/month for SIM-only customers. Unlimited data is also available on a range of Pay Monthly handsets through O2 Refresh.

The network only offers pay monthly unlimited data plans, and there are two different alternatives to choose from. The cheaper option is priced at £33/month and locks you in for 18 months. The second contract offer is for 12 months, priced at £35/month. Both deals include the ‘O2 Travel Inclusive Zone’ bolt on and 6 months Disney+.

A couple of points to note are that you are allowed to use a maximum of 650GB/month and O2 lets you tether to a maximum of 12 devices. If you want to check out what other networks are offering unlimited deals check out our detailed article.

Custom Plans

Building your own custom plan is a great feature. O2 puts the customer in control and lets them design a suitable plan for their needs. Customers get to choose how much they wish to pay upfront, how much data they want to have and they can spread the balance starting from as little as 3 months all the way up to 36 months. You’re even allowed to change your plan on a monthly basis depending on your needs.

Data Rollover

Data rollover is available for O2’s pay as you go deals, which are also called Big Bundles and UK & International Bundles. Your unused data can roll over month to month without any base limit, as long as you renew your bundles. However, if you decide to change your bundle, your data rollover will reset. You also have to renew your bundle on the same day it expires or your unused data will expire.

Family Accounts

With O2’s family plan you can get up to a 40% discount when you buy additional plans. For the discount to work, you’ll need to add a new eligible pay monthly tariff to your Family Plan. You can add up to 20 plans. If you bring in a family member to O2 via your referral link, both you and the family member can get a £25 Amazon voucher.

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