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What is Sky Broadband Boost and Do You Really Need It?

In this article we will take an in-depth look and see if Sky Broadband Boost’s benefits are worth an extra £5 per month.


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In the UK, Sky offers three different types of broadband deals: Sky Broadband Essential, Sky Broadband Superfast and Sky Broadband Ultrafast. You can add the Sky Broadband Boost to any of them, including the customisable Superfast plans.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Sky’s optional “Boost” add-on and see if it’s really worth it.

So What is Sky Broadband Boost?

The Sky Broadband Boost is an add-on that promises to give you strong and reliable Wi-Fi in every room of your house (or give you a refund). If you have boost, the network will run daily checks on your line. Boost also includes flexible engineer visits without the £15 fee and gives you an app (Sky Broadband Buddy) to manage family internet access.

The network will also put an extra 2GB of data in your Sky Mobile Piggybank if your line fails, provided you’re a Sky Mobile customer. Sky will also offer to upgrade your router with the latest Sky Broadband Hub (SR203/204) at no extra cost. While the name suggests getting faster data speeds, the boost makes no promises at that end.

The Sky Broadband Boost is available with all of Sky’s broadband services, but is the add-on worth the additional £5 per month? Well, most likely no and here is why.

Sky Wi-Fi Guarantee

Sky Broadband guarantees you’ll get Wi-Fi in every corner of your room and if not they will give you a refund. However, Sky says they will ensure each room receives at least 3Mbps, but to be honest, it’s a very low bar. 3Mbps is barely good enough for casual surfing on the web.

On top of that, the money back offer is specific to your Sky Broadband Boost subscription. To get a refund for your broadband subscription, your download speeds must be slower than what is promised for three consecutive days.

Regardless of which plan you choose, if you add the boost you’ll end up paying £90 in total over the course of 18 months. At that price, you can find reliable Wi-Fi extenders from known brands.

Flexible and Free Engineer Visits

If you don’t have ‘Boost’ and encounter a problem you can’t fix, you’ll have to pay £15 for a visit from a Sky Broadband engineer. You would need six engineer visits to justify the cost of the boost over the course of your Sky Broadband contract. While £15 per visit is not ideal, if you’re constantly running into problems with your broadband provider, and need as many as six appointments or more, then you’re not getting a quality broadband service anyway.

We still think it’s great being able to choose when the appointment will take place though.

Sky Broadband Buddy App

This is Sky’s parental controls app and we find it quite useful, however, parental control tools are usually included in your deals so it’s a bit hard to justify the expense. You can create filters to block specific types of content with the app, and use the reward system to offer access to games or websites your children like to spend time on.

Free Sky Mobile Data

If your broadband drops out between 7am and 11pm for longer than 30 minutes, Sky will put 2GB in your Sky Mobile Piggybank. If you’re with another mobile network, then you won’t benefit from this perk.

You can check out our Sky Mobile Review to learn more about the network’s SIM only deals. They offer the best data rollover scheme in the UK. Plus you can become a VIP member and enjoy 5G coverage at no extra cost. Their SIM Only plans also include 4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling. You can also roam freely in the EU with your UK allowances.

Getting the Newest Sky Broadband Router

If your broadband is suffering from slow data speeds and the network believes the issue is related to your old router, they’ll upgrade it with the newest one free of charge. You can also apply for a new router yourself. If you’re to get a new router, then the ‘Boost’’s cost can be justified combined with the other perks.

Daily Line Checks

We think this is a great service. Sky will check your line every night between 12am and 5am, then text you if they must send an engineer to fix the problem. You’ll be notified when the fault is fixed. Having praised it, we also believe this should be a regular service for all Sky customers.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

If you want to make sure your broadband is even more reliable, then Sky Broadband Boost may add great value to your plan. However, unless you’re working from home or you need to be on no matter what, it’s hard to justify the overall cost of the add-on.


Will Sky Broadband Boost make my connection faster?

The boost doesn’t offer faster data speeds nor makes any promises in that regard. Having said that, if you’re getting slower speeds than expected, a daily line check can notice that and get it fixed right away. In the end you’d get faster data speeds.

Can I get my money back if I can’t get Wi-Fi in every room?

Yes, you can. Sky is very confident that you can get at least 3Mbps Wi-Fi in every room of your home.

Can I get Sky Broadband Boost with an Essential plan?

Yes, you can, but we don’t recommend it. Instead you can get a Superfast broadband plan from Sky for less. Adding the boost add-on to your Superfast plan makes way more sense.

How can I get my free mobile data?

If your connection drops out for longer than 30 minutes, Sky Mobile will add 2GB of data in your Piggybank. This means you’ll have to withdraw the data if you want to use it, but you don’t have to. You can just keep it in your Piggybank and use it some other time, or exchange it for other rewards.

When are the daily line checks?

Sky’s daily line checks take place between 12am and 5am. Your phone line may not work for a short period of time during the daily line checks. Sky will let you know if you need an engineer to fix the problem, if they encounter one. Then you can set an appointment free of charge.