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Sky Piggybank Explained – What is Sky Mobile Piggybank?

Sky Mobile combines a great reward system with the best data rollover scheme in the UK. In this article we’ll explain what Sky Piggybank is and how it works.


Sky Mobile has a multitude of unique features, and Sky Piggybank is one of them. In fact, it may be the most outstanding scheme the carrier offers. In a nutshell, Sky Piggybank is where you store your unused data at the end of every month. The rolled over data stays in your piggybank for up to 3 years and you can cash it in for a range of rewards.

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Sky Mobile is a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), utilising O2’s network infrastructure and offering identical O2 network speeds. The carrier is only offering pay monthly SIM only contracts and pay monthly phone deals at the moment. This means you’ll have to pass a credit check to join the network, no matter which type of plan you choose.

The O2 powered network provides good 4G coverage across the country and they’re also offering 5G at no extra cost to Sky VIP customers. Alternatively, you can purchase a 5G add-on from their online store and enjoy superfast 5G download speeds, but the add-on costs £5 a month and becoming a Sky VIP member is free.

Sky Piggybank Explained

Sky Mobile lets you keep your unused data for up to three years. At the end of every month the network automatically rolls over any unused data you have into your Sky Piggybank. You can use rolled over data to top up your allowance if you’re running low or cash it in for a decent range of rewards.

You can also use the data you saved in your Sky Piggybank for discounts, including money off new phones, tablets and accessories. It doesn’t matter if you want to top up your data, pick a reward or a discount, you can use your leftover data whenever you like.

Keep in mind that you must have at least 1GB saved in your Sky Piggybank in order to withdraw data. Sky Mobile only lets you top up in whole GB values. For instance, you won’t be able to top up 500MB.

Sky Piggybank also works great when combined with a family mobile deal, because all added lines use the same Sky Piggybank. Any unused data from other SIMs will be added to the same Sky Piggybank and the main account holder can move data to individual plans. Just make sure to select the right plan when you’re adding data as changes can’t be reversed.

How Does Sky Piggybank Work?

As explained above, your unused data will be moved to your Sky Piggybank before midnight on your bill date automatically. This includes data add-ons and bonus/extras you get with your plan. Sky Mobile doesn’t set a limit to how much data you can save, but unused data lasts for three years then it expires.

For example; data added in January 2021 will last until December 2023.

How to Use Sky Piggybank Rewards

Alternatively, you can cash in the data you have in the Sky Piggybank for savings on a range of rewards, including phones, mobile accessories and tablets. Sky Mobile constantly renews their special deals and rewards so make sure to check them on a regular basis. Obviously, the more data you save in your Sky Piggybank the better discount you will get.

In order to view and redeem your Sky Piggybank Rewards, you must follow the steps below:

  • Go to sky.com/piggybankrewards, then tap or click on My Account > Mobile > Sky Piggybank. Sign in with your Sky iD.
  • Find ‘Piggybank Rewards’. Under this section you can check your balance and browse the list of rewards available to you.
  • Tethering – You can tether freely on Sky Mobile, but data plans are small.
  • Choose the reward you want and select & how much data you want to cash in. You can even cash it all if you want to.

If you’re unhappy with your new device or mobile accessory, you can return it in 14 days. If you’ve used your Sky Piggybank Rewards to save on your new device, any data you used will be refunded back into your Piggybank. You won’t lose any of it.

In the past Sky customers were able to use their saved data to get Sky Store vouchers, but sadly these offers are no longer available.

Network Coverage and Data Speeds

Being powered by the O2 Network, Sky Mobile offers identical 2G, 3G and 4G coverage as well as 4G data speeds. Coverage and speeds don’t have any noticeable differences between them as O2 doesn’t enforce any speed restrictions.

All the UK mobile networks offer 99% 4G coverage in terms of population, but what matters is geographical coverage and O2 is doing quite well in this area. O2 currently offers 90% 4G landmass coverage, being behind EE, on par with Vodafone and significantly ahead of Three.

Sky Mobile’s average 4G data speeds are the lowest among the four major network operators in the UK. The operator’s 4G download speeds average around 17.3Mbps, while their upload speeds are around 6.7Mbps.

5G Coverage

Sky Mobile uses O2’s 5G network to provide 5G speeds to their customers. O2’s 5G coverage is live in 193 cities and towns across the UK. Both networks offer identical 5G coverage and 5G data speeds. Sky Mobile 5G download speeds average around 130Mbps, per OOKLA’s February 2021 tests.

Your download speeds will vary due to many factors, so you may get significantly faster data speeds, or at times worse than the average. Having said that, 5G is significantly faster than 4G so even at its worst, you should get higher download and upload speeds.

You can enjoy Sky Mobile 5G at no additional cost by becoming a Sky VIP member. Plus, if you’re already a Sky TV and broadband customer, you can enjoy some deals and exclusive discounts for existing Sky Mobile members. Alternatively, you can pay £5/month and get 5G download speeds. Once you become a Sky VIP member you can’t leave the programme unless you cancel your mobile contract, therefore you might want to consider which way you want to go carefully in order to get 5G coverage.

Sky Mobile 5G will only work with 5G ready handsets and you’ll also have to be in an area with the network’s 5G service.

You can discover all about Sky Mobile’s SIM only and phone deals, then some more by reading our extensive Sky Mobile Review. When you join the network, you’ll enjoy unlimited streaming on Sky apps thanks to Sky Watch and the network will also offer you a chance to upgrade your handset early, if you opt for the network’s special scheme dubbed as Sky Mobile Swap.