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Sky Mobile Review 2022: 5G download speeds and data rollover for up to 3 years

Sky Mobile is the virtual network run by Sky, better known for its TV & broadband services. It piggybacks on the O2 network to provide coverage and some extra unique perks.

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Sky Mobile is offering 30GB of data for only £15/month right now. Plus, you can enjoy unlimited streaming on Sky apps without using your regular data allowance. Hurry up and get this deal before it’s gone!

What is Sky Mobile?

Sky UK is a telecommunications company that provides television and broadband Internet services, fixed line and mobile telephone services. Sky Mobile is the name of their mobile network, however, since Sky doesn’t have an underlying infrastructure for mobile services, Sky Mobile piggybacks on the O2 Network.

Sky Mobile is different from other MVNOs. You won’t find any commitment-free SIM only deals or even a traditional pay as you go service. All Sky Mobile SIM only plans require you to undergo a credit check and commit to the network for at least 12-months. Thankfully, you’re not locked into one single deal throughout your contract as you can switch between any available Sky Mobile plans whenever you like (once per month).

The carrier’s deals come with uncapped 4G and 5G data speeds. They also provide unique perks such as data rollover for up to 3 years, unlimited streaming on Sky apps, extra benefits and discounts if you’re already an existing Sky Mobile customer, and more!


  • Allows you to keep your unused data for up to three years
  • You can switch between available plans
  • Unlimited Sky TV apps streaming, if you’re a Sky TV customer
  • 5G at no extra cost
  • WiFi Calling and 4G Calling


  • No unlimited data plans, or big data plans
  • Only 12-month contracts

Latest Offer: 30GB £15 p/m!

Sky Mobile is offering 30GB of data for only £15/month right now. Plus, you can enjoy unlimited streaming on Sky apps without using your regular data allowance. Hurry up and get this deal before it’s gone!

Network Coverage & Speeds

Sky Mobile 4G Coverage

Sky Mobile is using O2’s network, this means their customers get identical network coverage and data speeds as O2 users. The carrier provides over 99% population coverage and their landmass coverage is a little over 90%. O2’s indoor coverage is better than most other networks on paper, but user experiences greatly differ, therefore it’s always safer to test the network first if you can.

Luckily, if you’re experiencing poor indoor coverage Sky Mobile offers both 4G Calling and WiFi Calling at no additional cost. All Sky Mobile SIM only plans include these two perks, but your phone also must support them.

As always, we strongly recommend you check out the network’s coverage in your area before committing to a SIM only deal. You are allowed to cancel your mobile contract within the first 14 days of purchasing but after that, you most likely will have to pay a penalty fee to cancel it.

Sky Mobile 4G Speeds

In the UK, Sky Mobile’s provider O2 provides decent 4G coverage, but as far as average data speeds go they’re ranked as the worst by independent testing bodies such as Opensignal and OOKLA:

According to Opensignal’s latest speed test results, O2’s average 4G download speeds are around 17Mbps, and their upload speeds are around 5.4Mbps. Sky Mobile itself wasn’t tested, but since they provide identical coverage and speeds, they’d rank the same. These speeds are good enough to stream full HD content and do light data activities such as surfing on the web.

In the UK, EE is the fastest 4G network provider with 44Mbps 4G download speed and 9.7Mbps upload speed. The carrier also has the best 4G coverage. You can read our EE Review to learn more.

As for 4G mobile gaming, we recommend looking for another network, preferably an MVNO with EE coverage. Opensignal says O2 and their MVNOs aren’t the best carriers for mobile gaming and we trust their results.

Sky Mobile 5G Coverage

Sky Mobile 5G is free to all Sky Mobile customers, and it’s available in 193 UK locations. To enjoy superfast 5G download speeds, you must have a 5G ready phone and also be in an area with Sky Mobile 5G. Also, make sure to turn on the 5G add-on via the My Sky App, or else you won’t get 5G, even if you meet the other requirements.

Sky Mobile 5G Speeds

Looking only at Opensignal’s September 2021 speed tests on a 5G connection, O2 has the second fastest average 5G download speeds in the UK at 110Mbps. O2 5G upload speeds are averaging around 9.5Mbps, which means when it comes to 5G uploads, O2 is ranked worst, but near 10Mbps upload is more than enough for an average mobile user.

WiFi Calling and 4G Calling

With Wi-Fi Calling, a mobile phone user can make and receive calls; send and receive texts even when there’s no signal. All you have to do is connect to an available Wi-Fi connection and you’re good to go.

4G Calling (also known as VoLTE) lets you make and receive calls over your carrier’s 4G network. 4G Calling eliminates indoor blackspots, connects your calls quicker, plus your voice and video calls will be clearer. Both you and the phone you’re calling need to have it and be in an area with reliable 4G.

Both of these voice call quality and coverage improving perks are included in all Sky Mobile SIM only deals.

Personal Hotspot

Sky Mobile allows you to turn your handset into a personal hotspot as part of your contract. However, since the network doesn’t offer any unlimited data plans, even big data plans, it’s a risky option. Tethering burns through a lot of data and at a much faster rate. Just make sure to check how much data you’ve used and never forget to turn it off once you’re done tethering to other compatible devices.


Sky Mobile Roll

At Half Cooked we rate the ‘Roll’ feature very highly. Hands down it’s one of the best data rollover schemes in the UK. Regardless of your tariff, the leftover data will transfer over to your Sky Piggybank at the end of each month. You can store unused data for up to three years and withdraw it anytime you want or cash it in for Sky reward points. With the reward points, you can get a discount when buying a new handset or a voucher for renting movies and TV shows on Sky.

Another great thing about this scheme is you can also share this data with other plans if you have multiple tariffs under one account. This makes Sky Mobile a great choice for family mobile plans.

Sky Mobile Watch

If you have a Sky TV subscription as well as an active Sky Mobile plan, you can watch Sky TV and use other Sky apps without using any of your regular data allowance. You’ll also get Sky Go Extra at no additional cost. Sky Watch includes 18 dedicated Sky channels; Premier League, F1, WSL, NFL, Golf, Cricket, Rugby coverage on Sky Sports, and Over 200 original shows including award-winning dramas.

If you don’t have a Sky TV subscription you can still benefit from this feature, but only on the Sky apps that don’t require a subscription. You’ll need to have at least 50MB of data available in order to use Sky Mobile’s ‘Watch’ feature. The scheme also works when you’re tethering to other devices, just make sure you’re watching through a Sky app and not a web browser.

Sky Mobile Mix

While Sky Mobile locks you in for 12 months, the network offers some flexibility between tariffs. You can switch between any plan you want thanks to the network’s ‘Mix’ scheme. Plus unlike most other mobile networks, Sky won’t reset your leftover data when switching between plans. That data will be safely stored in your Sky Piggybank.

If you’re switching to a bigger data plan, your new data allowance kicks in immediately, however, if you wish to downgrade changes won’t apply till your next bill date.

Sky Mobile Swap

Sky Mobile makes upgrading mobile phones as simple as possible. You can cash in your unused data from your Sky Piggybank and get money off a new handset.

‘Swap’ is another eye-catching proposition from the carrier. When buying a handset from Sky Mobile you can choose either Swap12 or Swap24 payment plans.

Swap12 will allow you to get an upgrade every year. However, you’ll be signing up for a 24-month contract on Sky Mobile. You’ll choose a new device to upgrade to and once you get your hands on it, you’ll send your old one back to Sky. The network will put the value of your old device towards what’s left to pay on your credit agreement.

Swap24 essentially works the same way but you’ll be given an option to upgrade every two years and the operator will lock you in for 36 months. Swap24 deals come cheaper on a monthly basis, but overall you’ll be paying more due to committing to the network for a year longer than with Swap12.

Sky Broadband

If you’re also an existing Sky Broadband customer you get even more perks and free services. You can read our detailed Sky Broadband Review to learn all you need to know about this service. You can even get more perks by purchasing the Sky Broadband Boost, but it’s not essential.

International Roaming

As a Sky Mobile customer, you can use your phone in more than 40 EU and EEA destinations at no extra cost. Any mobile data you use will come out of your allowance. You can also use data from your Sky Piggybank whenever you need it.

Outside the EU/EEA, you’ll need the network’s Roaming Passport Plus perk, which works in the USA, Canada, Turkey, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa, Qatar, New Zealand, and Australia. This perk is priced at £6 a day.

Roaming charges apply when you use data, calls, and texts in destinations outside these zones. To learn more you can read our roaming outside the UK guide.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

Sky Mobile offers some amazing features that add great value to their SIM deals, plus their plans are fairly flexible. Sky Mobile is specifically a great choice for existing Sky Broadband and TV customers. You get some extra benefits both for your mobile and broadband service.

Sky Mobile gets a rating of 4 stars from Half Cooked. We rate the network highly, but for heavy data users, Sky Mobile is not the best choice.


Does Sky Mobile support Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, Sky Mobile supports Wi-Fi Calling and all price plans are included.

Does Sky Mobile have 4G Calling?

Yes, just like Wi-Fi Calling, Sky Mobile customers get to benefit from 4G Calling too. Whilst being an MVNO, Sky Mobile still manages to offer both of these voice call quality improving features.

Does Sky Mobile allow tethering?

Yes, you can freely tether to other compatible devices on Sky Mobile. However, when using your handset as a personal hotspot you should always be careful as this process will eat up your data at a much faster rate.

Which network does Sky Mobile use?

Sky Mobile is powered by the O2 Network, hence customers of these operators get identical network coverage and data speeds.

Does Sky Mobile have 5G?

Yes, Sky Mobile offers 5G on all tariffs. However, you must enable the 5G add-on via the My Sky App. 5G comes at no extra cost on Sky Mobile. Just be in an area with Sky Mobile 5G and have a 5G ready handset, and you can enjoy 5G data speeds.

Does Sky Mobile have an app?

Yes, Sky Mobile does have an app and it’s very simple to use. The application is called My Sky, and it comes in handy when you want to switch between plans or purchase add-ons. It’s also very useful to monitor your monthly data spending and you can also use it to check your Sky Piggybank.

How long can I keep my unused data on Sky?

Sky Mobile’s unique data rollover feature allows you to keep your leftover data for up to three years. The feature is dubbed as ‘Roll’. You can share your unused data with other Sky members or cash it in for reward points.

Does Sky Mobile have PAYG?

No, unfortunately, there isn’t any pay as you go service on Sky Mobile. You might want to check out SMARTY, giffgaff, VOXI, or the four major network operators in the UK for PAYG deals.


Half Cooked’s overall rating for Sky Mobile