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Why Choose a Sky Mobile SIM Only Deal?

Sky Mobile SIM Only Deals

Sky Mobile is running on the O2 Network, offering pay monthly SIM only contracts subject to a 12-month minimum term. Their plans are interchangeable, meaning there is wiggle room if you’re unhappy with the initial plan you chose, or your circumstances change. However, there are no other contract terms or PAYG available, meaning you’ll have to pass a credit check in order to get a SIM only plan from the carrier.

The O2 powered network offers the fastest 4G data speeds with no hidden caps or limitations. On top of that, Sky Mobile 5G is free for everyone, provided you have a 5G ready handset and you’re in an area with O2 5G/Sky Mobile 5G. You can turn on Sky Mobile 5G via the My Sky app at no additional cost. Sky Mobile SIM Only plans include 4G Calling and WiFi Calling for free, and all their plans include unlimited calls and texts.

You can enjoy unlimited streaming on all Sky apps, without using your data. Also, any extra data you didn’t use will be rolled into your Sky Piggybank at the end of each month. You can keep the rolled over data for 3 years either to top up your data when you’re running low or cash it in for a range of discounts on phones, tablets, and accessories.

Sky Mobile Pay Monthly Plans

Unlike most other MVNOs Sky Mobile doesn’t offer any commitment-free SIM only plans. There isn’t a traditional pay as you go alternative either, this is the only option if you want to be on Sky Mobile’s network.

The network isn’t the best option for a data-hungry mobile user, but their range is more than wide enough to make an average UK user happy. Since spare data rolls over each month, you may not need a large data or unlimited data plan anyway.

Sky Mobile is a great option if you’re already an existing Sky Broadband and TV customer. You can also add more connections to your account and turn it into a family mobile plan, manage all the additional lines from one place, move spare data around, and more.

Sky Mobile Pay Monthly Phones

Sky Mobile proposes a nice selection of phones from popular manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Huawei. The network’s selection includes the latest flagship handsets which support 5G and other cool features. You can also find cheaper entry-level devices and mid-range to high-end mobile phones.

Sky Mobile locks you in for a long time if you want to purchase a phone with your SIM deal. The carrier gives you two options in regards to contract length and how often you can upgrade your handset. You can read our Sky Mobile Swap Review for more detailed information, however the shortened explanation is below.

Swap12 allows you to upgrade your device every 12 months, however, your contract length will be 24 months.

Swap24 works in a similar manner, you can upgrade your phone every 24 months but your phone contract will be for 36 months. The latter offers a lower monthly price, however overall you’ll be locked in for a year longer.

You can have a look at Sky Mobile’s official store to see which handsets are available.

Sky Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sky Mobile support Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, Sky Mobile supports Wi-Fi Calling and all price plans are included.

Does Sky Mobile have 4G Calling?

Yes, just like Wi-Fi Calling, Sky Mobile customers get to benefit from 4G Calling too. Even as an MVNO, Sky Mobile manages to offer both of these voice call quality improving features.

Does Sky Mobile allow tethering?

Yes, you can freely tether to other compatible devices on Sky Mobile. However, when using your handset as a personal hotspot you should always be careful as this process will burn through your data at a much faster rate.

Which network does Sky Mobile use?

Sky Mobile is powered by the O2 Network, hence customers of these operators get identical network coverage and data speeds.

Does Sky Mobile have 5G?

Yes, Sky Mobile offers 5G on all tariffs. However, you must enable the 5G add-on via the My Sky App. 5G comes at no extra cost on Sky Mobile. Just be in an area with Sky Mobile 5G and have a 5G ready handset, and you can enjoy 5G data speeds.

Does Sky Mobile have an app?

Yes, Sky Mobile does have an app and it’s very simple to use. The application is called My Sky, and it comes in handy when you want to switch between plans or purchase add-ons. It’s also very useful to monitor your monthly data spending and you can also use it to check your Sky Piggybank.

How long can I keep my unused data on Sky?

Sky Mobile’s unique data rollover feature allows you to keep your leftover data for up to three years. The feature is dubbed as ‘Roll’. You can share your unused data with other Sky members or cash it in for reward points.

Does Sky Mobile have PAYG?

No, unfortunately, there isn’t any pay as you go service on Sky Mobile. You might want to check out SMARTY, giffgaff, VOXI, or the four major network operators in the UK for PAYG deals.