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Does SMARTY Have a Mobile App?

Many MVNOs in the UK offer competitive prices, but not all of them come with extra features such as a mobile app. SMARTY’s mobile app is yet to arrive but read on to find out what we know so far.


Latest Offer: 60GB for £10/Month!

SMARTY is offering a 60GB data plan with unlimited UK texts & minutes + Wi-Fi Calling for just £10/month. This is double their normal data at this price point and it’s only around for a limited time, click through below to take advantage before the deal ends!

SMARTY is one of the most popular Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) in the UK. SMARTY uses Three as its network provider. At the time of writing, the carrier is only offering 30-day no strings attached SIM only deals. However, to provide extremely competitive prices, SMARTY opts out of providing fancy features, and unfortunately mobile apps are one of them. Good news is the SMARTY Mobile App is coming, we just don’t know when, because the network hasn’t announced a date.

This doesn’t mean you can’t manage your SMARTY account on your mobile device though. SMARTY’s official website is simple yet efficient, on top of that it works just as well on a smartphone as it does on a PC. Their website’s got a responsive design and it’s very user friendly. All you’ve got to do is login with your SMARTY account and you can manage your bills, create a SMARTY group, create a referral link to invite friends to join SMARTY, see how much data allowance you have left and more.

You may wonder “Why would I need a mobile app then?”, well the answer is a mobile app makes things even easier and simpler.

As stated earlier, all SMARTY plans are 30-day rolling SIM only deals that come with unlimited UK minutes & texts, as well as Wi-Fi Calling. Since SMARTY’s plans work on a prepaid basis you don’t have to undergo a credit check to join the carrier.

The network has a good range of SIM only deals. SMARTY offers a unique data discount feature aimed at light mobile data users. SMARTY’s big data plans are aimed at data hungry customers, yet they’re still competitively priced. SMARTY’s unlimited data plan is usually one of the cheapest unlimited data plans on the market, if not the cheapest.

SMARTY is a unique MVNO; the network’s data rollover scheme works differently than others. SMARTY offers to buy back unused data by means of a bill discount, provided you’re on a data discount plan. Big data plans are excluded.

The MVNO already offers some of the best prices on the market, but you can get a further 10% discount on all their SIM only deals. All you have to do is either create or join a SMARTY Group and voila! Each SIM gets a 10% discount. SMARTY’s family/group mobile plans work with the money back feature, allowing you to save even more.

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