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SMARTY Review 2022: Get money back for data you don’t use!

SMARTY is a low-cost mobile network powered by Three, offering refunds for unused data. This review answers all the questions you may have regarding SMARTY’s SIM deals and coverage.

Latest Offer: 60GB for £10/Month!

SMARTY is offering a 60GB data plan with unlimited UK texts & minutes + Wi-Fi Calling for just £10/month. This is double their normal data at this price point and it’s only around for a limited time, click through below to take advantage before the deal ends!

What is SMARTY?

SMARTY is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) owned and powered directly by Three. SMARTY offers some of the most competitively priced 30-day SIM-only deals for low to high-end data users. All SMARTY plans come with WiFi Calling, 4G Calling, and unlimited UK calls and texts. The network’s plans are commitment-free, meaning you don’t have to go through a credit check to become a SMARTY customer. 14-day money back guarantee also ensures that you can receive a full refund if the service isn’t up to expectations.

We rate SMARTY as one of the best low-cost MVNO options in the UK mobile market and a great all-around network for customers looking to get their hands on well-priced, well-rounded SIM-only deals. What makes SMARTY Mobile unique is their money back feature; the carrier will give money back for the data you don’t use on selected Money Back plans.


  • Money off your bill for any unused data on ‘data discount plans’.
  • No credit checks, 1 month plans, you may cancel anytime.
  • All plans include Unlimited Texts & Minutes.
  • Cheapest 1 month Unlimited Plan in the UK.
  • Now has Wi-Fi Calling.


  • No 5G.
  • No 4G Calling.
  • No handset plan options.

Network Coverage & Speeds

SMARTY 4G Coverage

SMARTY is owned and operated by Three, which means SMARTY customers get the same network coverage for 3G & 4G, and the same data speeds as Three users do.

According to the most recent tests from independent benchmark firms such as Opensignal, OOKLA, and umlaut, Three ranks fourth in the UK behind EE, Vodafone, and O2 for overall performance. Three may have over 99% population coverage, but what matters more is the landmass coverage, and SMARTY’s parent network is the weakest among the four major carriers. Also, keep in mind, SMARTY is not compatible with 2G handsets (because Three doesn’t support 2G), which means a SMARTY SIM card won’t work in a 2G-only handset.

We strongly recommend you to use SMARTY’s Coverage Checker to ensure your frequented areas are covered.

SMARTY 4G Speeds

The network’s 4G and 3G coverage experience may not be as good as others, but their average download speeds are second only to EE, leaving Vodafone and O2 behind.

Opensignal’s September 2021 speed test results show that Three’s average 4G download speed is at 25Mbps, and its upload speed is around 6.3Mbps. While SMARTY itself wasn’t tested, sharing the same network with Three, results would be identical. EE is still the fastest 4G network provider with 44Mbps 4G download speed and 9.7Mbps upload speed.

SMARTY 5G Coverage

SMARTY doesn’t have 5G, but we know for sure that 5G is coming to SMARTY sometime soon. Having said that, there’s no specific date set in stone, yet. SMARTY will use the Three Network to offer 5G Coverage to their customers, just as they do for 3G and 4G.

Currently, Three offers 5G Coverage in 194 towns and cities in the UK. You can access Three 5G using a 5G mobile phone, provided you’re in an area with their 5G service. All Three plans come with 5G at no extra cost.

SMARTY 5G Speeds

According to Opensignal’s September 2021 test results, Three’s 5G download speeds are around 104Mbps, and their 5G upload speeds average around 11.6Mbps. SMARTY customers will experience identical 5G data speeds once SMARTY 5G is launched.

WiFi Calling and 4G Calling

SMARTY provides both WiFi Calling and 4G Calling to their customers at no additional cost. These two key features drastically improve your network coverage and voice call quality, and they’re becoming essential. You’ll need a compatible device to benefit from SMARTY WiFi Calling and 4G Calling, though.

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to make and receive voice calls, and texts over a WiFi network instead of using a cellular network. If your cellular service is weak or unavailable, you can use WiFi Calling and a WiFi connection is available. Remember that the quality of the call will depend on how good your WiFi connection is at that time.

4G Calling allows you to make calls over 4G; meaning your calls will be of higher quality and noticeably clearer, especially if the other party is also using 4G Calling. 4G Calling (VoLTE) eliminates a significant amount of indoor blackspots, and you can continue browsing the web while you’re on a call thanks to this feature.

You can move seamlessly between SMARTY WiFi Calling and 4G Calling to continue your call.

Personal Hotspot

SMARTY’s slogan is “Simple, honest mobile”. The network stays true to its motto, allowing customers to use their SMARTY data in any way they like, which includes turning a handset into a personal hotspot and sharing mobile data. Unlike several other mobile networks, tethering from your SMARTY SIM will not be throttled at all.

With SMARTY’s unlimited data plan, you can tether as much as you want with a 1TB fair usage policy which is a lot of data to burn through. However, if you are on one of SMARTY’s money back plans, tethering may get pricey, with any additional out of bundle usage coming at £1 per


SMARTY Features

Data rollover means you can continue using your leftover data from one month to the next. Let’s say you have a 2GB data plan and only used 1GB of it, the following month you will still have 3GB to use!

SMARTY takes data rollover to a new level and offers customers money off their next bill for any unused data. This is a unique offer for SMARTY SIM customers. One of the problems with rolled-over data is that it usually expires, but with SMARTY your usage out of your current plan is calculated and then deducted from your very next bill. However, only Data Discount plans get money back for unused data.

If you’re looking for plans with more data, SMARTY also has a number of ‘Big Data Plans’, but they don’t include the money-back feature. We rate these plans as some of the best value for money SIM-only deals available in the UK

To learn more about unlimited plans, check out our article on the best unlimited mobile plans in the UK. You can click here to jump to SMARTY’s FAQ page and understand exactly how the data discount works.

If you’d like to keep your unused data for longer, the only better option out there is Sky Mobile. Piggybacking on the O2 Network, Sky Mobile lets you hold onto your unused data for three full years.

Customer Rewards – Free month for referring friends

SMARTY has a referral program called ‘Refer-a-friend’. The program gives the customer a free month of their regular SIM plan for referring friends, as well as providing a free SIM only plan to the friend referred. There is no limit to ‘refer-a-friend’ so if you refer 12 friends, you get a whole year free on SMARTY.

Referrals work by sending a special referral link from your account’s dashboard to a friend or a family member, who uses this to sign up. Once this person has been using their SMARTY SIM for a minimum of 14 days you unlock the free month, which then will be credited to both accounts at the next payment date.

If you are interested in a different kind of reward, VOXI, powered by Vodafone offers up to £20 worth of Amazon vouchers to both referral and referee. VOXIs deals come with their ‘Endless Social Media’ perk, which you might want to check out.

SMARTY Group Plans – Save 10%

SMARTY’s group plans are simple and offer great value. You can save 10% on every new SIM you add to your account. The discounts include all SMARTY plans, so you can choose freely. You’re allowed to have up to 8 SIMS, including the group owner. You can manage everyone’s usage and payments from SMARTY’s mobile app, or the SMARTY dashboard. You can change others’ plans, purchase add-ons for them or cancel plans.

No Credit Checks

SMARTY aims to make it easy for anyone to get a SIM deal for their phone by being a commitment-free network. SMARTY’s SIM-only deals work on a prepaid basis; you pay upfront with a credit or debit card and your SIM-only plan lasts for 30 days. The same applies to any of their extra data or cash add-ons.

Even if you are under 18, have a poor credit record, or have recently moved into the UK you can get yourself a SMARTY SIM.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

SMARTY is a great choice if you’re looking for a competitively priced SIM plan with a decent amount of mobile data. If you’re interested in fancy features, entertainment options, and the best 4G coverage or 5G, the Three-powered MVNO is not the right choice for you.

SMARTY aims to provide a low-cost SIM-only option to consumers, whether you use your phone occasionally or need an unlimited plan. We give SMARTY 4 and a half stars out of 5 and strongly recommend it, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Does SMARTY support 5G?

No, not at the moment, but SMARTY announced that 5G is coming soon.

Does SMARTY have Wi-Fi calling?

Yes, SMARTY customers can benefit from Wi-Fi Calling as of November 2020.

Does SMARTY have 4G calling?

Yes, SMARTY offers 4G Calling, which is also known as VoLTE. It’s available on all plans.

Does SMARTY allow tethering?

Yes, SMARTY allows tethering, and their fair usage is capped at 1TB, which is quite generous.

Does SMARTY have an app?

Yes, SMARTY’s mobile app is live and available to all. We think it works very well.

How can I check how much data I have left on SMARTY?

All you have to do is go to smarty.co.uk and log in to your dashboard or use the SMARTY Mobile app. These options will show you how much data you’ve got left at any point in the month.

Can I get a handset with SMARTY?

SMARTY doesn’t offer any handset plans at the moment.

Do I need a credit check to get a SMARTY SIM?

There are no credit checks. You can easily get a SMARTY SIM and start using it.


Half Cooked Review
Half Cooked
SMARTY is the network that refunds the cost of any unused data. Offering a SIM only no commitment product running on the Three network, SMARTY aims to provide a low-cost SIM only option to consumers. Whether you use your phone infrequently or need an unlimited plan to keep up with your data usage, SMARTY has you covered.