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Why Choose a SMARTY SIM Only Deal?

SMARTY is a great value 4G network, which has some of the most competitively priced, contract-free SIM-only deals in the UK. The mobile network promises to keep things simple and they mostly deliver.

The mobile network’s price plans include unlimited UK calls and texts, WiFi Calling, 4G Calling; on top of that, you can start a group/family plan and get a 10% discount on additional SIMs. Join SMARTY, refer a friend or family member, and you’ll both get a free month. You can even get a whole year free by inviting 12 people.

SMARTY has a decent range of SIM-only deals suitable for all types of mobile users:

SMARTY Data Discount Plans
SMARTY Medium Data Plans
SMARTY Big Data Plans
SMARTY Unlimited Data Plans

SMARTY Data Discount Plans

SMARTY offers an innovative & unique data discount on selected deals, which are dubbed as data discount plans. Simply put, the network knocks money off your bill for data you haven’t used. SMARTY’s discount plans are perfect for people who don’t use all their data or are generally lighter data users.

The MVNO keeps £5 from your monthly charge to cover the basic costs of running the network, as well as giving you unlimited UK calls and texts. After this base charge, you’ll earn a discount for any unused data you have each month.

SMARTY Medium Data Plans

The network aims to cover all grounds by offering SIM-only plans targeted at medium data users. There are three different SIM-only deals to choose from in this area. We’d like to remind you that only the data discount plans offer money-back; medium, big and unlimited data plans don’t come with this feature.

SMARTY Big Data Plans

SMARTY’s 30GB data plan hits the sweet spot for most heavy data users. The average UK mobile customer spends between 6GB to 10GB of mobile data per month. 30GB is more than enough to stream high-quality videos on a daily basis for a few hours. Of course, your exact usage is dependent on the size of the videos you’ll be streaming, so we can only give you an estimate.

This 50GB SIM-only plan is ideal for customers who spend a lot of time on their devices. It’s somewhat safe to use this plan and make a personal hotspot and share your mobile data with others, but tethering can eat up a lot of data without you noticing, therefore we strongly recommend you to be extra careful if you’re planning to tether to other devices.

SMARTY Unlimited Data Plan

SMARTY’s unlimited data plan isn’t truly unlimited. The network enforces a fair usage limit of 1TB (1000GB). It may not be limitless, but you should still be okay, even if you’re tethering to multiple devices on a regular basis.

This plan is ideal for mobile customers who are on their phones all the time, using their mobile data for 4K streaming, or binge-watching series. You won’t have to worry about how much data you use with this plan.

SMARTY Frequently Asked Questions

Does SMARTY support 5G?

No, not at the moment, but SMARTY has announced that 5G is coming soon.

Does SMARTY have Wi-Fi calling?

Yes, SMARTY customers can benefit from Wi-Fi Calling as of November 2020.

Does SMARTY have 4G calling?

Yes, SMARTY offers 4G Calling, which is also known as VoLTE. It’s available on all plans.

Does SMARTY allow tethering?

Yes, SMARTY allows tethering, and their fair usage is capped at 1TB, which is quite generous.

Does SMARTY have an app?

Yes, SMARTY’s mobile app is live and available to all. We think it works very well.

How can I check how much data I have left on SMARTY?

All you have to do is go to smarty.co.uk and log in to your dashboard or use the SMARTY Mobile app. These options will show you how much data you’ve got left at any point in the month.

Can I get a handset with SMARTY?

SMARTY doesn’t offer any handset plans at the moment.

Do I need a credit check to get a SMARTY SIM?

There are no credit checks. You can easily get a SMARTY SIM and start using it.