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Does Tesco Mobile Have Data Rollover?

You can buy a one-off bundle to keep your plan going until your new allowance kicks in, but does unused data rollover on Tesco Mobile?


Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) operated by British retailer Tesco, using the network O2 as its provider. The network offers pay monthly SIM only plans, pay monthly phone contracts and pay as you go deals.

Latest Offer: 100GB £17.50 p/m!

Tesco Mobile is offering a great deal with 100GB of data for just £17.50 a month w/ Clubcard perks. The O2 powered network offers unlimited minutes & texts, access to 5G and EU roaming at this great price!

Being a very popular MVNO in the UK, most mobile customers are wondering if Tesco Mobile has a data rollover scheme. Unfortunately, Tesco Mobile won’t let you keep your unused data. Whether you’re on a pay monthly contract or have a PAYG bundle that lasts for 30 days, any data you’ve got left won’t rollover.

How Much Data Do I Need?

Since Tesco Mobile doesn’t give you a second chance to use your leftover data, it’s important to figure out how much mobile data you need beforehand. Tesco Mobile’s pay monthly SIM only customers can change tariffs, but they must first speak to Tesco Customer Care by calling 4455 from their Tesco Mobile or 0345 301 4455 from a landline.

If you’ve got your phone from Tesco Mobile and you’re an Anytime Upgrade Flex customer, you can switch between available tariffs once per month. Tesco Mobile PAYG customers have all the freedom they need so they don’t have to worry that much. If you pick the wrong Tesco Mobile Rocket Pack, you can switch to a new one and find out if that’s the one that suits you.

If you run out of data before your new allowance kicks in, you can purchase a one-off data bundle and keep using your SIM. Tesco Mobile’s current bundle prices are listed below:

    • 500MB is £2.50
    • 1GB is £5.00
    • 2GB is £7.50
    • 5GB is £11
    • 10GB is £15
    • 20GB is £20
    • 50GB is £35

Tesco Mobile will charge you for the one-off data bundle on your next bill. Keep in mind that this bundle will last until your next bill date. It won’t roll over either, so make sure that you need it before you purchase it.

How Can I Change My Rocket Pack?

If you’re not happy with your current Rocket Pack you can switch to a new one. Tesco Mobile makes sure it is straightforward to switch to a different pay as you go Rocket Pack & says the easiest method is through their free Tesco Mobile app that’s available on Android or iPhone.

Alternatively, you can log into your Tesco account online. All you have to do is go to My Tariff, then choose the plan you want and then click Action and Confirm. It’s that simple and that easy. This also works on Tesco Mobile’s Triple Credit SIM deals too.

Tesco Mobile SIM Only Contracts

In the UK, Tesco Mobile offers two different types of SIM only contracts to choose from. You can choose between 4G SIM only deals and 5G SIM only deals. As you can guess, to benefit from Tesco Mobile’s superfast 5G speeds, you’ll need a 5G ready handset and a SIM. Since Tesco Mobile piggybacks on O2 to provide 5G coverage you’ll also need to be in an area with O2’s 5G network.

Minutes & TextDataPrice
500 Minutes & 5000 Texts2GB£7.50 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 Texts8GB£10.00 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 Texts12GB£10.00 - 18 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 Texts15GB£12.50 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 Texts20GB£12.50 - 18 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 Texts25GB£15.00 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 Texts30GB£15.00 - 18 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 TextsUnlimited£30.00 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 TextsUnlimited£28.00 - 18 Month
Minutes & TextDataPrice
5000 Minutes & Texts6GB£15 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & Texts25GB£20 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & TextsUnlimited£30 - 12 Month

At the moment, Tesco Mobile offers 12-month and 18-month SIM only contracts. You’ll have to pass a credit check to join Tesco Mobile, and cancelling your mobile contract early means you might have to pay a penalty fee. Therefore you need to make sure Tesco is the right choice for you.

Upgrading to a better SIM only contract with more allowance is rather easy, but to downgrade you’ll have to contact customer service.

You can learn more about their SIM-only plans and coverage by reading our extensive Tesco Mobile Review.

Tesco Mobile 4G Coverage

Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network except in Ireland, where the carrier is powered by Three. You get identical 4G download and upload speeds on both networks. The network coverage is exactly the same as well.

Having said that, O2 pay monthly customers can benefit from many extra perks such as 4G Calling, Wi-Fi Calling, O2 WiFi Extra and O2 Priority. Unfortunately, Tesco Mobile doesn’t offer 4G Calling or Wi-Fi Calling, at least not at the moment.

O2’s 4G coverage is pretty good, but still behind the likes of EE and Vodafone. You get 99% population coverage and over 90% geographical coverage as a Tesco Mobile customer. Tesco Mobile’s average download speeds are around 18Mbps and upload speeds are around 6.4Mbps, meaning Tesco/O2 are offering the slowest 4G data speeds in the UK, but still pretty decent.

Tesco Mobile 5G Coverage

The same applies for Tesco Mobile’s 5G service, meaning it is powered by O2. The network’s 5G service is live in 150 cities and towns, plus it’s increasing at a steady pace. They’re also the second fastest 5G network in the UK at the moment, with 5G download speeds averaging around 170Mbps.

Only Three offers faster 5G data speeds than O2, and they also have the most cities and towns covered. However, EE’s 5G coverage per location is significantly wider than any other UK network.