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Tesco Mobile Friends and Family Mobile Plans 2021

In this article, we explain how Tesco Mobile’s family mobile plans work and what benefits & perks await you if you choose the network.


In the UK, Tesco Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) using O2’s underlying network to provide 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G coverage. The MVNO is operated by British retailer Tesco. The carrier offers pay monthly SIM only plans, pay monthly phone contracts and pay as you go deals.

Latest Offer: 100GB £17.50 p/m!

Tesco Mobile is offering a great deal with 100GB of data for just £17.50 a month w/ Clubcard perks. The O2 powered network offers unlimited minutes & texts, access to 5G and EU roaming at this great price!

Tesco Mobile also provides special perks and bonuses that function as family SIM deals, if you have more than one line on your account. Tesco Mobile dubs these extras as ‘Family Perks’; they are some monthly extras you can get which add value to your extra plans. Each family member can pick a different perk for their SIM that suits them the most and they’re all interchangeable, but you can only pick one per month. The main account holder can also manage everyone’s accounts in one place, including choosing the perk.

Latest Offer: 8GB for just £10/month

Tesco Mobile offers 8GB of data for just £10/month, on an 18-month plan. The deal includes 5000 UK minutes & texts.

With Tesco Mobile’s you can save up to £40 in-store every month at Tesco. All you have to do is to choose and eligible pay monthly plan on Anytime Upgrade or SIM Only and Tesco will give you Clubcard Plus for free for 6 months! You’ll also get double data with Tesco Clubcard Plus.

Tesco Mobile Family Perks Explained

Tesco Mobile’s family mobile plans are available to both existing customers and newcomers. It doesn’t matter if you’re an existing Tesco Mobile customer or if you’re just joining now.

Existing Tesco Mobile customers can easily add extra SIMs to their account after logging into their Tesco account or using the Tesco Mobile app.

New Tesco Mobile customers must add more than one pay monthly phone or SIM only plan to their basket. After that, you’ll be asked to choose your Family Perk for the month. You can always change it to another perk, but can only do so once a month.

Once you’ve signed up for Tesco Mobile’s Family Perks, you can choose one of the following free perks to get every month.

Monthly paymentUp to £9.99£10.00 – £25.00Over £25.00
Choose your free monthly Perk from…
Extra data250MB500MB1GB
Extra minutes to any UK network150250500
Extra minutes to Tesco Mobile phones500500500
Extra Clubcard points50100200
Money off your bill50p£1£2
Money off Tesco Mobile Protect*75p£1.25£2.25

As you may have noticed, the amount of extra data, minutes, or points you get in each perk depends on your monthly tariff price. The more expensive they are the more bonuses you can get. We’d like to remind you one last time that each Tesco Mobile Family Perk is free, but you can only choose one.

*Tesco Mobile Protect insurance can only be chosen at the start of your mobile phone contract. It won’t be available after that.

What phones and Tesco Mobile Plans can I get Perks on?

All Tesco Mobile’s pay monthly customers, including SIM only customers can get Family Perks, if they add more than one deal to their account. This also includes pay monthly 4G tablets and tablets SIMs. Tablet and tablet SIMs can only benefit from the extra data perk though.

How can I choose my Family Perk?

You can choose your Family Perks at the checkout when you buy two or more contracts together from Tesco Mobile. If you’re already an existing Tesco Mobile customer you can choose your Tesco Family Perks via the Tesco Mobile app or Tesco Mobile’s official web page. You’ll have to log in to your account first though.

How many extra SIMs can I have on my Tesco Account?

You’re only allowed to have up to five SIMs on your account. They’ll be on the same billing account and will need to be paid in one go each month. You’ll also have to use the same payment method for each SIM.

How Long Does a Family Perk Last?

Each Tesco Mobile family perk lasts for 30 calendar days. Perks are automatically renewed each month on your bill date. Family Perks will stay on your account for as long as your SIM is active and eligible for the scheme, but you can ask Tesco to remove it. If you’re not eligible anymore, Tesco will automatically remove it from your next bill date.

Will I lose my Family Perk if I cancel the extra SIMs?

Yes, you will lose the family perk you’ve got on your main account if you don’t have at least two active SIMs. In order to continue benefiting from Tesco Mobile’s friends and family offers, you’ll need more than just one SIM under an account.

Does Tesco Mobile offer a data rollover scheme?

No, unfortunately Tesco Mobile doesn’t have data rollover. The feature doesn’t exist as a Family Perk or even as a regular service. On the other hand, Sky Mobile another MVNO powered by O2- offers the best data rollover scheme in the UK. The network allows you to save your unused data each month for up to 3 years. You can read our extensive Sky Mobile Review to find out all the extras they offer.

Can I link two separate accounts to get Perks?

No, even if both accounts belong to you. You may be paying your bills via the same credit/debit card and using the same payment method, but you still can’t benefit from it. You’ll have to cancel one of your contracts first and start the new one under your account. Normally, canceling a mobile contract early is a major pain and you’d end up having to pay a penalty fee, but in this case you can contact Tesco Mobile and explain your situation. Unless there’s a unique issue, they’ll cancel one of your contracts and let you add a new SIM to your account. You can also keep your mobile number when switching.

Tesco Mobile 4G Coverage

Tesco Mobile is using the O2 Network. Since the network doesn’t have an underlying infrastructure they must piggyback on one of the main mobile network providers, and O2 is definitely a good choice. O2 and Tesco Mobile customers get identical 4G download and upload speeds and the network coverage is no different either. Your latency may differ, as MVNOs provide coverage via extra steps, however, the ping difference shouldn’t be noticeable to an everyday mobile user.

The major difference between the two networks is Tesco Mobile customers don’t get to benefit from voice call quality improving features such as 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling; they also miss out on O2 WiFi Extra and O2 Priority, two great schemes exclusive to O2 customers. You can read our O2 Review to find out more about the carrier and their SIM deals.

O2’s provides over 99% 4G population coverage and over 90% 4G geographical coverage in the UK. This is pretty good, but the network is still a little behind the likes of EE and Vodafone. As stated earlier, there’s no speed or coverage cap so Tesco Mobile customers should be getting identical 4G coverage.

Per Open Signal’s October 2020 speed test results, Tesco Mobile’s average download speeds are around 18Mbps and upload speeds are around 6.4Mbps. This means the MVNO offers the slowest 4G data speeds in the UK.

Tesco Mobile 5G Coverage

In order to get 5G coverage from Tesco Mobile, you have to sign up for a 5G SIM dealTesco Mobile’s 5G is powered by O2, which means their 5G service is live in 150 cities and towns. O2 are the second fastest 5G network in the UK with 5G download speeds averaging around 170Mbps.

In terms of 5G coverage and download speeds, Three are top of the list, per OOKLA. The mobile network operator offers faster 5G data speeds (around 201Mbps on average) than O2, plus their 5G service is available in 154 UK cities and towns. Plus Three’s 5G is available to all their customers at no extra cost, including the traditional PAYG users.