Tesco Mobile: Plans & Pricing

Tesco Mobile offers both 4G and 5G download speeds with competitive prices. Read on to learn more about what Tesco Mobile’s monthly plans offer.

Latest Offer: 12GB of Data for £12 a month!

Tesco Mobile SIM offerTesco Mobile is currently offering customers 12GB of data with 3000 minutes and 500o texts a month for only £12 with their 12 month contract. This SIM only deal offers great value, being among the cheapest available in the UK market. Furthermore, with Tesco Mobile spending caps which can be set anywhere from £2.50 to £40 a month you can make sure that you never exceed your spending limit.

At the time of writing Tesco Mobile offers two different types of pay monthly price plans. You can either sign up for a SIM only contract with the network, or get a pay monthly handset plan.

If you wish to discover the network’s pay as you go offers, make sure to read our Tesco Mobile PAYG review!

SIM Only Plans

If you’re already happy with your current handset, Tesco Mobile offers both 4G and 5G deals. Each Tesco Mobile SIM card is offered on a 12 month contract with the exception of a 50GB data plan, which also comes with a 24 month option. You can check the table below to see what each SIM contract proposes.

4G Deals

Minutes & TextDataPrice
500 Minutes & 5000 Texts2GB£7.50 - 12 Month
3000 Minutes & 5000 Texts8GB£10.00 - 12 Month
3000 Minutes & 5000 Texts15GB£12.50 - 12 Month
3000 Minutes & 5000 Texts25GB£15.00 - 12 Month
3000 Minutes & 5000 Texts50GB£17.50 - 24 Month
3000 Minutes & 5000 Texts50GB£20.00 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & 5000 Texts100GB£30.00 - 12 Month

5G Deals

Minutes & TextDataPrice
5000 Minutes & Texts5GB£15 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & Texts20GB£20 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & Texts50GB£25 - 12 Month
5000 Minutes & Texts100GB£30 - 12 Month

Unfortunately, Tesco Mobile doesn’t offer any unlimited data plans, but if you’re a Tesco Clubcard Plus member, you get double data on all tariffs. Tesco Clubcard Plus members also benefit from special discounts and they can pay their bills with Clubcard points for half the price. Tesco Mobile’s family mobile plans are also a great option to consider as they offer a choice of monthly discounts. And if you want more flexible plans, you can always have a look at giffgaff’s goodybags. Powered by O2, giffgaff is a low-cost MVNO alternative. You can learn more about the network by reading our giffgaff Review.

The carrier also allows you to set a safety buffer, which gives you extra minutes, texts and data, so that you won’t go massively over your monthly tariff.

Tesco Mobile’s 5G coverage is live in 60 cities and towns and the network aims to offer superfast 5G download speeds in 14 more locations before the year ends. Being powered by O2, Tesco Mobile’s 4G Coverage is quite reliable too as the network offers over 99% population coverage and decent landmass coverage.

Pay Monthly Phones

Tesco Mobile offers both flagship phones and some older handsets from major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia. Having said that, the network doesn’t offer much variety.

The network’s ‘Anytime Upgrade Flex’ scheme splits your bill into two, one for your phone and one for your airtime, similar to O2’s Refresh feature. Basically, you can select your monthly phone payments and how long your phone contract will be (12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months) and your airtime bill will be a 1 month rolling contract. You’re allowed to switch between any Tesco Mobile tariffs, but only once per month. Tesco Mobile’s Anytime Upgrade Flex will also let you upgrade whenever you want.

Besides pay monthly phones, the carrier also proposes pay as you go phones.