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Tesco Mobile: Rocket Pack Review

Discover what you can get with Tesco Mobile’s PAYG Rocket Packs or learn more about the network’s triple credit SIMs.


Latest Offer: 100GB £17.50 p/m!

Tesco Mobile is offering a great deal with 100GB of data for just £17.50 a month w/ Clubcard perks. The O2 powered network offers unlimited minutes & texts, access to 5G and EU roaming at this great price!

Pay As You Go

There are currently two different Tesco Mobile PAYG plans you can choose from. The one-month bundles are called Rocket Packs and the second option is the ‘Triple Credit SIMs’.

Rocket Packs

Tesco Mobile’s Rocket Packs range from 5GB of data with 5000 minutes and texts to 16GB with 5,000 minutes and texts. There used to be many different Rocket Pack deals, but at the moment there’s only three options.

Minutes & TextDataPrice
500 Minutes & 5000 Texts2GB£7.50
500 Minutes & 5000 Texts8GB£10.00
500 Minutes & 5000 Texts15GB£12.50
500 Minutes & 5000 Texts25GB£15.00
500 Minutes & 5000 Texts40GB£20.00

A great thing about Rocket Packs is if you eat up your allowances before the end of the month, you can get a new Tesco Mobile Rocket Pack straight away. You won’t have to wait. Keep in mind though, the new Rocket Pack replaces the old one, so whatever data, minutes or texts you had left in your old Rocket Pack will be cancelled.

If you set up a recurring payment for your Rocket Packs, Tesco Mobile will give you between 1GB to 4GB of extra data every month. You’ll also be rewarded with Tesco Clubcard points every time you top-up your SIM. Tesco Mobile gives you 1 Clubcard point for every £1 spent.

Triple Credit SIM

If you have a Tesco Mobile Triple Credit SIM, whenever you top-up £10, £15 or £20 in one go, the network triples your credit for that month. Your triple credit will be available for a month from when you top-up. The bonus credit can only be used for UK calls, texts and data. You’ll be using your triple credit bonus first and then fall back to your regular credit.

You also get to choose a free bonus bundle if you top-up £10 or £15 in one go. If you top-up for £10, you can choose between 50 extra texts, 75 extra minutes or 250MB extra data. Top-up for £15 and you’ll get to choose between 5000 texts, 200 minutes or 1GB extra data.

The same rates apply for both Tesco Mobile Rockets Packs and Triple Credit SIMs.

Calling Rates25p/minute
Messaging Rates10p/text
Data Rates10p/MB

Tesco Mobile’s PAYG tariffs don’t include 5G coverage. If you wish to enjoy 5G download speeds with Tesco Mobile, you’ll have to sign up for a 5G pay monthly deal.

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