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Why Choose a Tesco Mobile SIM Only Deal?

If you already own a handset and you’re happy with it, you can pick up a SIM only tariff from Tesco Mobile to match. There are unique benefits to taking out a SIM Only contract from Tesco Mobile, and they get even better if you’re a regular in their supermarkets.

Tesco Mobile offers a wide range of 12-month and 24-month SIM Only plans. The network’s SIM Only tariffs include a monthly set amount of data, and unlimited UK calls & texts. Tesco Mobile uses the O2 Network providing 4G and 5G at no extra cost but unfortunately features such as data rollover, WiFi Calling & 4G Calling (VoLTE) are not available at all.

If you have a Tesco Club Card you’ll get double data on all Tesco Mobile plans, plus you can save some money when shopping at Tesco. Tesco Mobile won’t hike up your bill mid-contract; the contract prices are frozen for your contract term. Tesco Mobile is a great option if you’re after a family mobile plan, and their SIM only deals for students are decently priced as well.

If you’re worried about keeping your phone number, all you need to do is get your PAC number from your current network and give it to Tesco Mobile. They’ll move your number within one working day.

If you recently moved to the UK or have a bad credit record you can pick one of their no credit check SIM only deals, and pay in advance for your plan.

Tesco Mobile SIM Only Contracts

To get the best prices and the most value out of your tariff, you can choose a Tesco Mobile SIM only plan. The network offers 12-month and 24-month SIM Only tariffs. These plans feature 5G at no extra cost, unlimited calls and texts, and free roaming abroad, 48 destinations in Europe.

Tesco Mobile Pay As You Go

Alternatively, you can choose a PAYG Rocket Bundle that offers minutes, texts, and data at low prices. You don’t even have to buy a pack, you may simply use top-up credit as you please until it runs out.

Tesco Mobile Phone Deals

If you want a new handset, you can get your hands on the latest smartphones with Tesco Mobile’s pay monthly phone deals. The network also offers some pay as you go phone deals, too.

Most phone deals on Tesco Mobile are 24-month contracts, but a few selected ones can be tailored specifically for you. In that case, you can choose your monthly phone payments and how long your mobile contract will be.

Your airtime bill will be a separate monthly rolling contract. You can jump between any available Tesco Mobile SIM plans, but you can only do it once per month.

Does Tesco Mobile have 5G?

Yes, Tesco Mobile offers 5G SIM only and phone plans. The network uses O2’s 5G network.

Does Tesco Mobile offer 4G Calling/VoLTE?

No, Tesco Mobile customers don’t get 4G Calling (a.k.a. VoLTE).

Does Tesco Mobile offer Wi-Fi Calling?

Sadly, no. Tesco Mobile doesn’t offer Wİ-Fi Calling to their customer, at least not at the moment.

Is O2 faster than Tesco?

No, O2 and Tesco Mobile have identical download and upload speeds. The same applies to their network coverage for both 5G and 4G.

Do I have to pass a credit check to join Tesco Mobile?

Only if you’re applying for a mobile phone contract or a pay monthly contract. Tesco Mobile’s pay as you go plans are commitment-free.

Does Tesco have a family mobile plan?

Yes, you can add extra lines to your account and manage all of them in one place. You get free perks every month and you can save a significant amount of money if you’re using their family/friends deals.

Does Tesco Mobile have data rollover?

No, Tesco Mobile customers don’t get a second chance to use their leftover data.

Do I need a Tesco Club Card to get a Tesco Mobile SIM only plan?

No, anyone can purchase a Tesco Mobile SIM tariff, but having a Tesco Club Card gets you more data and extra perks that add great value to your plan. You can also save up to £40 when shopping at Tesco.