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Three Existing Customer Offers 2021 – Exclusive SIM and Phone Offers

Three has got some great SIM only and phone deals for their existing customers. Let’s have a look at Three’s exclusive deals.


Latest Offer: Unlimited Data for £11 p/m for first 6 months!

Unlimited Data for only £11 a month for the first 6 months, the cheapest unlimited data deal in the market! This 24 month contract gives you access to 5G speeds & access to Three’s reward app Three+, which includes discounts on Uber Eats and at selected restaurants.

Existing Three customers who are on a pay monthly contract can enjoy discounts of up to £2 per month when they grab an additional line for a family member or a friend.

Three customers also get access to exclusive phone, tablet and mobile broadband deals. When you grab a phone or tablet deal, the discounts can go up to £3/month, and some device deals may offer upfront discounts on top of that.

All of Three SIM only plans come with unlimited UK calls and texts, free international roaming in 71 destinations (thanks to Three Go Roam), 4G Calling, Wi-Fi Calling and 5G at no additional cost.

The network isn’t the best choice when it comes to 3G and 4G, and they don’t support 2G. They are also ranked last in terms of overall voice call quality among the four major operators. Having said that, Three has the fastest 5G speeds and they offer 5G in 193 cities and towns, more than any other UK network at the moment.

You can read our extensive Three Review to learn all you need to know about their coverage and price plans, but this article focuses on special discounts and offers exclusive to existing Three customers.

Exclusive SIM Only Offers

Three doesn’t offer any family mobile plans, however, all pay monthly, existing Three customers are eligible for special discounts on additional SIMs. Having said that, these exclusive discounts are only available on selected plans and the most you can save is £2 per plan. It may not be much, but the carrier is already providing competitive prices. Even without the discounted prices, their deals offer great value and they’re almost always cheaper than comparable ones you find on EEVodafone or O2.

Unfortunately, discounts and bonuses can not be stacked. This means you can’t combine Half Cooked’s exclusive Three deals (12GB for £8 and Unlimited Data for £16) with existing customer discounts.

The following table shows exclusive SIM only offers for existing Three customers.

Contract LengthDataPrice
24 Months4GB£7/month
24 Months8GB£9/month
24 Months12GB£10/month
24 MonthsUnlimited£10/month (£20 from month 7)
12 Months4GB£8/month
12 Months8GB£10/month
12 Months12GB£11/month
Three SIM only plans come with unlimited UK minutes and texts.

Exclusive Mobile Phone Offers

As an existing Three pay monthly customer (including 30-day contract customers) you are eligible for exclusive discounts on additional phone plans. Three’s phone range includes flagship handsets from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Xiaomi and more.

There are two types of discounts available when you’re getting a new handset from Three as an existing customer. The first one applies to your price plan; you may get up to £3 a month discount for an additional line. The second type applies to your upfront device cost. Some phone contracts come with reduced upfront costs and in some cases it’s entirely waived. New customers don’t get to benefit from these exclusive deals and this can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Having said that, it may still be cheaper to buy a smartphone from a retailer and bundle it with Half Cooked’s exclusive Three deals. You may be able to save even more, if you grab a refurbished phone and bundle it with Three’s 12GB of 5G data for £8 a month offer.

Exclusive Mobile Broadband Deals

The mobile network offers both Home Broadband deals and Mobile Broadband deals. At the time of writing, Three’s broadband discounts only apply to your monthly bill, upfront costs stay the same regardless of your choice.

Some of Three’s mobile broadband offers can save you up to £5 a month, but most deals offer £2/month savings. Three’s 4G Broadband deals aren’t great, unless you’re really close to one of their masts. Having said that, if your area has 5G from the carrier, we strongly recommend checking out Three’s 5G Broadband plans.

Exclusive Tablet Offers

Lastly, as a Three pay monthly customer you can save around £1 on the monthly cost of a tablet. This isn’t much, we know, but you haven’t heard the best part yet. You won’t have to pay any upfront costs when buying a tablet from Three. This means you’ll be saving up to £99, whereas a new Three customer would have to pay the full price for the device.