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Three Unlimited Data Plans Review 2021: 5G SIMs with Unlimited Data From £10/Month

Three UK is renowned for their SIM only plans with true unlimited data at competitive prices, which also come with 5G coverage and Three Go Roam.


Latest Offer: Unlimited Data for £11 p/m for first 6 months!

Unlimited Data for only £11 a month for the first 6 months, the cheapest unlimited data deal in the market! This 24 month contract gives you access to 5G speeds & access to Three’s reward app Three+, which includes discounts on Uber Eats and at selected restaurants.

Three has been offering unlimited data in the UK since 2010 and there are no fair usage limits or hidden details. The network offers true unlimited data plans with great prices. Three used to call these tariffs “All-You-Can-Eat Data plans” but nowadays they just dub them as unlimited data plans.

The network may have rebranded these tariffs, but they still work in the same way. We think Three is the best mobile network provider in the UK when it comes to unlimited data plans, but their virtual network SMARTY is also a great choice, if you’re interested in a wallet-friendly and contract-free alternative.

Three’s unlimited data SIMs start from £10 a month, if you sign up for a two year pay monthly contract. The commitment-free alternative is Three’s unlimited pay as you go SIM, but it’s priced at £35 per month.

This article will cover all the available Three Unlimited SIMs, what features and benefits are included in these tariffs and how good the network’s 5G and 4G coverage is at the time of writing.

Three Unlimited Data Plans

Three is one of four main mobile network operators in the UK and they offer a range of unlimited data plans that come with many great perks.

You can either pass Three’s credit check to get a pay monthly SIM deal or get a free SIM card & use your PAYG credits to purchase a Supercharged Unlimited Data pack that’s valid for 30 days. The network also provides Home Broadband and Mobile Broadband plans that come with unlimited data.

All Three SIMs come with unlimited UK minutes and texts and they’re 5G ready. Three Go Roam, a feature that allows you to use your UK allowances in 71 locations across the world is also included in all plans. On top of that you get voice call quality improving features like 4G Super Voice (a.k.a 4G Calling and VoLTE) and Wi-Fi Calling at no extra cost.

There are no speed tiers, data caps or throttling on Three’s unlimited data plans. You can tether to other devices as you wish and share your unlimited mobile data, but keep in mind that these plans are for personal use. If you use your unlimited data plan for commercial purposes Three has the right to cancel your mobile contract or even add a penalty fee to your next bill.

Pay Monthly SIM

The cheapest way to get unlimited data on Three is by signing up for a 24-month contract. When you sign up for this deal you’ll pay £10 a month for the first six months, but after month seven you’ll pay the full price of the tariff, which is £20 a month.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a 12-month contract and pay £16 a month for the whole year. Obviously, in the long run a shorter contract will be cheaper, but you’ll end up looking for a new SIM only deal if you’re not going to extend your current plan.

The network also has a 1-month unlimited data plan offering exactly the same data speeds and features, but this deal is priced at £26 a month. At this price range (£25 to £30) you can find better value unlimited data plans from MVNOs like SMARTY and Superdrug Mobile. Both are powered by Three so your download speeds and coverage will be identical. Except neither MVNOs offer 5G coverage at the moment. Make sure to check out our SMARTY Review and Superdrug Mobile Review to discover all about their offers and features.

TariffData, Minutes & TextsPRICE
Three AdvancedUnlimited - 1 month£26.00
Three AdvancedUnlimited - 12 months£16.00 (Half Cooked Deal)
Three AdvancedUnlimited - 24 months£10.00 6 Months - £20 from month 7
Three PAYGUnlimited£30.00

Pay As You Go SIM

The carrier also offers an unlimited data pack which is priced at £35 and it offers exactly the same benefits pay monthly ones do. Supercharged unlimited data pack is 5G Ready at no extra cost, offers free roaming in 71 locations across the world and it’s truly unlimited. Unlike other Mobile Network Operators, Three allows their pay as you go customers to benefit from 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling as well.

To get the unlimited data pack you must first install your Three SIM in your phone, and download the Three UK app. Then log in and select the unlimited data pack. Make sure you have enough credit available to pay for the pack. Your data pack should be activated immediately.

Pay Monthly Phones

If you’re on the market for a new handset, you can sign up for a pay monthly phone contract and bundle it with a pay monthly unlimited data plan. Three offers a wide range of smartphones from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Nokia, OnePlus, Google and TCL. When you bundle a handset with an unlimited data plan, you become eligible for an early upgrade after 12 months.

To enjoy Three’s superfast 5G data speeds you must purchase a 5G ready handset. The amount you’ll have to pay upfront and monthly depends on your choice of device. On Three, all pay monthly phone deals are 24-month contracts at the moment.

Home & Mobile Broadband

Three Home Broadband is the network’s mobile internet service which gives you wireless internet access through a portable 4G or 5G hub. You can set up home wireless broadband in your home/office using a 4G/5G hub in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is plug your hub in and your hub will be ready in less than a minute (usually) to get online.

Three Mobile Broadband works the same way. You get a wider range of devices to pick from, but the service only provides 4G coverage at the moment. Both options get you unlimited mobile data.

Network Coverage & Data Speeds

Three and its mobile virtual network operators are the only networks without a 2G service in the country. This means the network heavily relies on their 3G network and offers 4G Super Voice at no extra cost to provide better coverage, also to compete with the likes of EE, O2 and Vodafone.

While the carrier offers over 99% 4G population coverage, they’re significantly behind their competitors when it comes to UK landmass coverage. However, their download and upload speeds are considerably better than O2’s and are almost on par with Vodafone. According to Open Signal’s October 2020 network tests Three’s average 4G download speeds are around 22Mbps and upload speeds are around 8Mbps. Vodafone’s data speeds average around the same range, and the difference between the two networks is nominal.

EE has the most 4G coverage and the fastest 4G download speeds in the UK and there’s a huge gap between them and the networks. EE has an average download speed of 36Mbps, and their upload speeds are around 10Mbps. Read our EE Review to discover more or check out our Three vs EE comparison to see which network suits your needs.

5G Coverage

In terms of 5G coverage and 5G download speeds, Three is the best operator in the UK in 2021. Their 5G is available in 193 UK cities and towns, and Three’s average 5G download speeds are around 201Mbps. Three also has the most usable 5G spectrum (140MHz).

Remember that 5G is still not available countrywide, but all four main networks are working hard to improve their coverage. You’ll need a 5G ready device and you’ll also have to be in an area with 5G to enjoy superfast download speeds.

Voice Call Quality

Objective testing bodies such as Open Signal, OOKLA, umlaut all rate Three at the bottom of the list in terms of voice call quality. The network scored ‘sufficient’, but it is stated that Three’s call setup times take considerably longer than their competitors. Three probably suffers from not having a fall back option as well, given how they don’t provide any 2G coverage.

4G Super Voice & Wi-Fi Calling

The carrier compensates where it comes short by offering both 4G Calling (dubbed as 4G Super Voice, but it’s the same feature) & Wi-Fi Calling at no extra cost. These two voice call quality improving features are available to all Three customers, even if you’re only using the network’s traditional pay as you go service.

When you’re using 4G Calling you can continue to use apps & browse the web at 4G speeds while on a call. Plus, calls made over 4G are clearer. The feature offers improved quality and less background noise. The feature also eliminates many indoor blackspots and your calls will connect quicker.

With Wi-Fi Calling you can make voice calls & send texts using an available Wi-Fi connection from your mobile device when you don’t get any signal from your carrier.

Keep in mind that your mobile phone must be compatible with 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling, or else these features won’t work.


You can freely tether to other compatible devices with your unlimited data plan. Three won’t limit the number of devices you can tether to, however, commercial usage isn’t allowed and it’s punishable. Luckily, the network also offers business SIM only plans and you can even get a tailored deal for your business.

Three is one of the best networks if you’re planning to tether on a regular basis, as their unlimited data plans don’t have any data caps or speed restrictions.

International Roaming

The network offers one of the best base roaming deals in the UK. All their SIMs come with Three Go Roam, allowing you to roam freely as if you’re at home in 71 countries across the world.

Three’s roaming rates are also not that bad, at least compared to most other UK mobile operators. They still stand out as one of the cheaper carriers. Having said that, Vodafone’s Unlimited Max plan offers free roaming in 81 destinations. On top of that you even have access to 5G in 193 locations across Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland. Vodafone is the only UK mobile network that allows free roaming in Turkey, but we still rate Three Go Roam higher as it comes at no extra cost. You can read our extensive Vodafone Review or check out our Three vs Vodafone piece to see which network is the better choice overall.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

Three offers truly unlimited data plans which are bundled with unlimited UK minutes & texts, 5G at no extra cost, Three Go Roam, 4G Super Voice, Wi-Fi Calling and more. They also offer some of the cheapest unlimited data plans in the UK. Without a doubt, their unlimited data plans offer the best value. If their coverage is decent in your area and you’re set on getting an unlimited data plan, look no further.


Is Three the fastest 5G network in the UK?

Yes, Three is the fastest UK network at the moment. Their average 5G download speeds are around 200Mbps, which is way faster than what O2, Vodafone and EE offer.

Is 5G available on Three PAYG?

Yes, Three’s 5G is available to all their customers at no extra cost. This includes traditional pay as you go customers as well.

Do I have to undergo a credit check to get an unlimited data plan?

No, you can purchase a supercharged unlimited data pack from Three. Having said that, you have to pass a credit check in order to sign up for a pay monthly unlimited data plan.

Is Three’s unlimited data really unlimited?

Yes, there are no speed caps or data caps on Three’s unlimited data plans. You’ll get the fastest download speeds available.

How much does unlimited data cost on Three?

The cost of your unlimited data plan depends on the length of your contract and the type of your deal.