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To The Moon Mobile Review: Great Value Plans with No Credit Checks and EE Coverage

The latest mobile virtual network operator in the UK aims for the moon! To The Moon mobile comes with unlimited UK minutes, texts, great features and UK leading EE Coverage.


Latest Offer: 4GB for Just £6!

SMARTY is offering a 4GB data plan with unlimited UK texts & minutes + Wi-Fi Calling for just £6/month. This is the most amount of data you can get for just £6 a month!

To The Moon Mobile is a brand new mobile virtual network operator powered by EE. The network only recently launched and they’re looking like a strong offering within the market. To the Moon mobile has 4G Calling (VoLTE) with their 30-day rolling plans, which is rare among the MVNOs in the UK.

TTM Mobile is an online based mobile provider operating in the UK, and currently the network is only selling 30-day SIM Only plans, which all come with unlimited UK calls and texts.

The carrier uses EE’s network to offer the widest and fastest 4G Coverage, but there has been nothing announced in regards to 5G coverage.


  • Money off your bill for any unused data on ‘data discount plans’.
  • No credit checks, 1 month plans, you may cancel anytime.
  • All plans include Unlimited Texts & Minutes.
  • Cheapest 1 month Unlimited Plan in the UK.
  • Now has Wi-Fi Calling.


  • No 5G.
  • No 4G Calling.
  • No handset plan options.

Plans & Pricing

TTM Mobile doesn’t have a wide selection of price plans at the moment, it looks like they’re sticking to simple and straightforward offers with great features. The carrier offers only three SIM Only deals, with tariffs starting from £7.5/month for 2GB data, unlimited UK calls and texts. You can also get a 10GB plan for £12 or 20GB plan for £20, both of which also come with unlimited minutes and texts.

The network’s customers have access to 2G, 3G and 4G coverage from EE. 4G Calling (also known as VoLTE) is available on To The Moon Mobile, provided you have a mobile phone which supports these two voice call quality improving features.

All the TTM Mobile SIM Only deals are one-month rolling contracts, this means no credit checks are required to sign up for a TTM Mobile deal. You can also get a new bundle at any time if you run out of data.

To The Moon Mobile Plans
Minutes & TextsDataPrice
Unlimited2GB£7.5 per month
Unlimited10GB£12.00 per month
Unlimited20GB£20.00 per month

If you’re not a heavy data user then TTM Mobile’s entry level plan is a great choice. £7.50 for unlimited minutes, texts & 2GB of data with the best network coverage & fastest data speeds in the UK on a 30 day no-commitment plan is a very competitive proposition.

If you’re looking for more data on your plans we’d recommend checking out SMARTY or VOXI. Read our SMARTY Review and/or VOXI Review to discover more about these two great MVNOs.

Pay As You Go

TTM Mobile doesn’t currently offer a pay as you go service, but their deals work on a prepaid basis with customers paying up front for price plans.

Alternatively, you can check out giffgaff, powered by O2 the network offers PAYG bundles & a traditional PAYG service. We’d also suggest checking out Tesco Mobile’s PAYG deals. The MVNO is also running on O2’s network, plus Tesco Mobile offers plans with 5G Coverage.

If you want to learn more about these networks, you can read our giffgaff Review and Tesco Mobile Review.

Pay Monthly Phones

There aren’t any phone deals on TTM, at least not at the moment. To The Moon Mobile is a brand new network, so it’s not clear if they’ll be selling any handsets soon.

If you’re after a handset it might be worth checking out O2, the network offers a wide range of devices, including refurbs & let’s you split the handset & airtime bill so you have the ability to upgrade your handset at any time. Our O2 Review goes into more detail.

Network Coverage & Speeds

The youngest mobile operator in the UK is running on EE’s reliable network. TTM Mobile offers 99% population and 90% landmass coverage of the UK using EE’s 2G/3G/4G network. Plus, the host network aims to reach 95% UK geographical coverage before this year ends, so their coverage will only get better and better.

According to Opensignal’s April 2021 4G test results, EE offers the fastest average download and upload speeds in the UK and the other networks aren’t even close. Their customers get an average download speed of 39Mbps, and an average upload speed of 9.1Mbps. While TTM Mobile itself wasn’t tested, since they’re using EE’s network their test results are likely to be identical. Don’t forget to check the network’s coverage map to make sure your frequently visited areas are covered.

5G Coverage

Although TTM Mobile’s host network EE has the widest 5G Coverage in the UK, TTM Mobile isn’t currently offering it. This is common, with very few MVNO’s currently offering 5G coverage & the four major networks still having limited coverage nationwide.

If you want to experience the amazing data speeds that come with 5G, Half Cooked recommends checking out Three. The network is building a great infrastructure, plus all Three plans (including PAYG) come with 5G at no extra cost. When we examine the speed test results published by Opensignal in April 2021, we can see EE scoring the highest average 5G download speeds at 140Mbps.

5G is still only available in a few major cities, so if 5G is important to you, make sure you’re covered before committing to a plan.

Voice Call Quality

We don’t have the means to perform voice call quality tests across the country, but we know independent, objective and reliable testing bodies such as Open Signal, OOKLA and umlaut do. We prefer to trust their extensive tests rather than our personal experiences, as the latter can differ greatly from person to person, and across different locations in the UK.

Open Signal only tests the four major MNO’s & latest voice call tests show that EE is still ranked at the top of the list, with Vodafone following behind. The host network scored ‘Very Good’ and if TTM Mobile were to be tested, we’d expect the results to be identical.

Keep in mind though, performance testing doesn’t always tell the whole story, but Opensignal is generally a reliable source.

Wi-Fi Calling & 4G Calling

4G Calling (also known as VoLTE) improves your overall voice call quality significantly by allowing you to make & receive calls over a 4G network. Calls with 4G Calling are clearer than the ones made over 2G and 3G. This feature also eliminates many indoor blackspots.

Wi-Fi Calling goes hand in hand with 4G Calling. Your smartphone uses an available Wi-Fi connection to make and receive phone calls. With Wi-Fi Calling you can stay connected, even if you don’t get any regular phone signal.

These two features are game changers, but they’re also a bit costly. Almost all the MVNOs in the UK pass over them to offer more competitive prices. However, To The Moon Mobile offers 4G Calling at no extra cost, but Wi-Fi Calling isn’t available.

The only MVNO offering 4G & Wi-Fi calling on 30 day rolling plans is iD Mobile, learn more about the MVNO powered by Three by reading our iD Mobile Review.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

A Wi-Fi hotspot allows you to connect to the internet and save on your mobile data. You can find thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK available to everyone thanks to O2 Wi-Fi and Sky Mobile’s The Cloud. Having said that, there are no specific free Wi-Fi hotspots for To The Moon Mobile customers.

We don’t see this as an important perk as many restaurants, cafes & shopping centres now offer free Wi-Fi access. However, if this is important to you, both BT Mobile and Virgin Mobile offer this perk.These networks utilise their existing fixed line broadband networks to offer additional Wi-Fi hotspots to their customers. Check out our BT Mobile Review and Virgin Mobile Review if you want to learn more.


Tethering means turning your smartphone into a mini Wi-Fi hotspot and sharing your mobile data with other compatible devices. The more devices tethering from your mobile, the faster you burn through your data allowance.

To The Moon Mobile lets you tether freely, but with a maximum data plan of 20GB, we’d recommend limiting your tethering to ensure you have enough data to last the month.

Superdrug’s unlimited data plan is a great option if you expect to do a lot of tethering, we go into more detail about unlimited data plans in our Superdrug Mobile Review.

International Roaming

To The Moon Mobile allows you to roam like at home in the EU zone. You can spend your UK minutes, texts and data freely, but that’s as far as they go for the moment. Outside the EU additional roaming fees apply.

If you want the best international roaming deals in the UK, we suggest having a look at Vodafone’s deals. You can also read our extensive Vodafone Review to learn more about the network.


TMM Mobile currently offers three different plans and they all have unlimited UK minutes and texts. These plans offer great value, but the best part is you don’t have to go through a credit check. There are no contracts, no credit checks on To The Moon Mobile.

2nd Bundle Free

This is more of a special offer than a feature, but it’s definitely worth mentioning. When you buy your first TMM Mobile bundle, the carrier matches your data bundle and doubles it up. It’s not like you’re committing to a long term contract either, it’s just a second bundle for free!

TMM Mobile App

Initially this wouldn’t seem like a great feature but surprisingly most of the UK virtual network operators don’t have a mobile app. To The Moon Mobile on the other hand have a simple & easy to use app which lets you order your SIM, pay for any future bundles, check your allowances and contact support if you have any issues.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

  • Network Coverage and Speeds – TTM Mobile uses EE’s network, so they’re offering a market leading 99% population and 90% landmass coverage in the UK. Their customers also enjoy the fastest 4G data speeds.
  • Voice Call Quality – Reliable testing bodies like Open Signal and umlaut rank EE as the best network in terms of voice call quality. As testing isn’t for MVNOs, TTM wasn’t tested, but the results would be likely identical.
  • Tethering – You can tether freely on TTM Mobile, but since the network offers 20GB of data per month at best, you should be extra careful and check your allowance regularly.
  • Wi-Fi Calling & 4G Calling – To The Moon Mobile offers 4G Calling. This makes them unique among the other MVNOs. Sadly, Wi-Fi Calling isn’t available.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots – TTM Mobile doesn’t have any free Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • International Roaming – TTM Mobile offers the basic EU free roaming deal. It’s good enough, but there are better offers on the market.
  • No Credit Checks – You can simply order a free SIM, prepay for a bundle and you’re good to go.
  • 2nd Bundle Free – When you purchase your very first bundle, TTM Mobile gives you the second one for free. This is a one-time only offer.
  • TTM Mobile App – A lot of MVNOs still don’t offer an app, but TMM does. It’s simple, well designed & effective.


What network does To The Moon Mobile use?

To The Moon Mobile uses EE’s network. Thanks to EE, they offer the best network 4G coverage in the UK and fastest 4G download speeds.

Do I need to go through a credit check to join TMM Mobile

No, TMM Mobile’s plans are all contract free, meaning you don’t have to undergo a credit check. Just pay for the bundle you want and you’re good to go.

Does To The Moon Mobile have 5G?

No, not at the time of writing at least. However, this is common amongst MVNOs at the moment with 5G rollout being limited.

Does To The Moon Mobile have Wi-Fi Calling?

No, unfortunately To The Moon Mobile doesn’t currently offer Wi-Fi Calling.

Does To The Moon Mobile have 4G Calling?

Yes, TMM Mobile offers 4G Calling to all their customers, provided their phones support the feature.

Does TMM Mobile offer any free Wi-Fi?

No, but you can always use O2’s and The Cloud’s free Wi-Fi.

Does To The Moon Mobile have data rollover?

Unfortunately, no. TMM Mobile doesn’t offer any type of data rollover at the moment.