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Compare cheap SIM only contracts for the leading networks. BT, Virgin Media, Vodafone, EE, O2, Three & many more. Use our comparison to check prices, minutes, texts & data.

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Why Choose a Virgin Mobile SIM Only Deal?

Virgin Mobile Review 2022

Virgin Mobile is a great option if you’re happy with your current handset, and don’t mind being locked into a long-term SIM contract. However, if you’re already a Virgin Media customer, we strongly recommend checking O2’s SIM only plans, as you can get extra benefits thanks to supercharged Volt plans.

All Virgin Mobile SIM only plans come with 5G at no extra cost, data rollover, data-free messaging on WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook, plus unlimited texts and minutes.

The network doesn’t offer any prepaid plans, this means no matter which deal you choose you must undergo a credit check first. You might want to read our extensive guide on how mobile credit checks work to prepare yourself for a credit check.

Virgin Mobile 12-Month Contracts

If you’re happy with the phone or tablet you’ve got, and just need a SIM, Virgin Mobile’s got you covered with their 12 to 24-month SIM only deals. While Virgin Mobile locks you in for an extended period, their plans are flexible, meaning you can change your plan up or down every month.

Virgin Mobile 24-Month Contracts

There’s little difference between the network’s 12-month contracts and 24-month contracts. Besides the contract length, you have different options of data allowances to choose from, and longer contracts usually come with better value pricing. However, they will prove costlier in the long run.

As always, we recommend you to make sure before signing up for a long-term deal as cancelling a mobile contract can be problematic, and in most cases, you’ll end up having to pay a cancellation fee.

Virgin Mobile Phone Contracts

If you want to upgrade your current mobile device, Virgin Mobile gives you a couple of good options, plus the network splits your phone bill and airtime bill.

You can either choose a 24-month or a 36-month deal. The carrier offers devices from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and more. The network offers pretty much all the flagship handsets on their site.

Alternatively, you can check out our UK mobile phone retailers article and purchase a phone outright and get a SIM only deal from Virgin. You can also find cheap refurbished phone deals. Some of these handsets can be in decent condition.

Virgin Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

What network does Virgin Mobile use?

Currently, Virgin Mobile is using EE’s network, however, we expect this to change in late 2021 or early 2022. Virgin will be powered by Vodafone afterwards.

What will happen when O2 and Virgin Media merge?

The merger already happened, and now their joint venture is called Virgin Media O2. However, Virgin Media already had a deal with Vodafone prior to this, therefore the network will be powered by Vodafone for some time.

Does Virgin Mobile have 4G Calling?

Yes, as of early 2021 Virgin Mobile is offering 4G Calling at no extra cost.

Does Virgin Mobile have WiFi Calling?

Yes, Virgin Mobile offers WiFi Calling at no extra cost.

Does Virgin Mobile have 5G?

Yes, however, there’s a unique situation at hand. Virgin Mobile is currently powered by EE until the end of this year, meanwhile, their 5G service is powered by Vodafone.

Does Virgin Mobile offer PAYG?

Sadly, not anymore. Virgin Mobile used to offer multiple pay as you go deals and bundles, but the network shut down its PAYG service in July 2020.