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Vodafone Big Value Bundles Review: 4G PAYG Bundles From £10/Month & 5G PAYG Plans

Vodafone’s high value pay as you go deals start from £10/month, with some even offering 5G coverage in the UK as well as Europe, plus data rollover!


Latest Offer: 160GB for £20 a month!

Vodafone is offering customers the opportunity to get 160GB of data for just £20 a month! This offer comes with great perks such as access to VeryMe rewards which includes discounts and freebies weekly, as well as 5G at no extra cost & flexible upgrades!

Vodafone lets you use its network as a traditional pay as you go service, however, you’re better off exchanging your PAYG credit for a 30-day PAYG bundle. The network calls these offers Big Value Bundles, and they indeed offer big value. Vodafone’s cheapest pay as you go bundle starts from £10 a month which comes with 3GB data and 250 UK minutes and unlimited texts, and you can even get your hands on an unlimited PAYG deal with 5G coverage for £50/month. The network’s other PAYG Big Value Bundles include a £15/month bundle with 6GB data and 250 minutes, a £20/month deal that comes with 10GB data with 1000 minutes and a £30/month bundle which includes 3000 minutes as well as 5G coverage in 57 locations in the UK and 193 locations in Italy, Spain, Germany and Ireland. All Vodafone Big Value Bundles come with unlimited UK texts, as well as a data rollover scheme, VeryMe Rewards and roaming in 51 European destinations.

You can also grab a solid discount or a data boost offer if you’re lucky. For example, currently all Big Value Bundles come with 5x more data, meaning each deal offers even greater value, except the unlimited data deal which stays the same.

Big Value Bundles & Pricing

The network’s pay as you go bundles are a great choice for all customers, especially compared to the network’s traditional PAYG service as it offers greater value for money.

You can easily purchase a Vodafone Big Value bundle by turning your PAYG credit into a 30-day PAYG bundle. In the UK, Vodafone offers five different Big Value bundles to choose from with a price range of £10 to £50 a month. Once your 30-days are up your bundle will expire, but if you have enough credit in your account, the network will automatically renew the same bundle. But, this isn’t fixed as you do have the option to cancel this feature. On top of that, your unused data allowance will roll over to your next bundle.

Vodafone PAYG Bundles

Unlimited50GB + 5G£30.00
UnlimitedUnlimited + 5G£40.00
All PAYG tariffs come with unlimited texts.
£30 and £50 Unlimited Bundles are 5G Ready.

All Vodafone Big Value bundles come with unlimited UK texts, a data rollover scheme (dubbed as Total Rollover), inclusive roaming in 51 destinations and you’ll benefit from Vodafone VeryMe Rewards.

If you wish to change the Big Value Bundle you’re currently using, you can text one of the codes below to 49501:

    • BVB10
    • BVB15
    • BVB20
    • BVB30

Keep in mind though, you’ll need to have enough credit in your account to successfully switch to a new bundle. When changing to a new Big Value Bundle, Vodafone will charge you for the new amount every 30 calendar days, unless you change again or opt out. If you change to a new bundle before your existing bundle expires your new allowances will replace the old, and you won’t get to benefit from the Total Rollover feature. With Black Friday sales being around the corner we expect to see some juicy Black Friday SIM Only deals from Vodafone, including some major discounts for Big Value Bundles, so you might want to keep an eye out when the time comes!

Vodafone Pay As You Go

Alternatively, you can use Vodafone as a traditional pay as you go service, but in a different manner so to speak. On Vodafone Pay As You Go1, the network will charge you £1 a day when you use your phone for any chargeable activity such as making a phone call, sending a text or using data. On the bright side you get unlimited minutes & texts and up to 500MB of data for the whole day (until midnight).

The carrier will also let you go full on old school pay as you go, but the rates are a bit pricey at 20p per minute, 20p per text and 20p per 5MB of data, so we don’t really recommend it.

You can read our Vodafone Review to learn more about this offer and see all the other Vodafone deals.

Vodafone PAYG Phones

You don’t necessarily have to get a new phone to benefit from Vodafone’s PAYG offers, but if you’re looking for a new device the network has got you covered.

Vodafone offers a wide range of phones from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, Huawei, Oppo and many others. Some devices even come with free headphones and other types of rewards. Vodafone’s PAYG deals require you to top-up for at least £10, so keep that in mind.

Big Value Bundles Features

All Vodafone PAYG bundles come with a data rollover feature dubbed as Total Rollover, however, to benefit from this perk you must set your bundle to recur monthly. Total Rollover basically carries any unused allowances you have from your old bundle to your new one. There’s no limit to how many UK minutes, texts or data you can carry over, but rolled over allowances will only be available for the following month & you’ll spend rolled over allowances first. If you upgrade or downgrade to a new bundle before your current bundle expires, your allowances will reset, meaning you won’t be saving any of your allowances from your old bundle. You also can’t leave a gap between two bundles or your rolled over data will be lost.

VeryMe Rewards

This is Vodafone’s loyalty/reward programme and VeryMe Rewards definitely increase the value of your monthly bundles by a large margin. You can unlock VeryMe Rewards when you top-up at least £10 every 6 weeks. Vodafone makes sure you get unique offers to match your interests as you use the reward programme. You also get reward points for some other actions such as being granted 100 reward points every time you top-up at least £10, and 50 additional points if you purchase a Big Value Bundle.

You can exchange the reward points you collect for Amazon Gift Cards, headphones, accessories and more. Vodafone’s reward options are updated fairly regularly.

International Roaming

You can use your Vodafone Big Value Bundle allowances in 51 European destinations as you would at home, at no extra cost. Just keep in mind that roaming charges will still apply in other destinations which are not covered by the Big Value Bundles’ inclusive roaming zone.

If you have the £30 Big Value Bundle or the £50 Unlimited Big Value Bundle, you enjoy 5G data speeds and coverage in certain locations in Germany, Italy, Spain and Ireland. The unlimited Big Value Bundle has a 25GB data roaming cap.

Network Coverage & Speeds

Vodafone is the oldest mobile network provider in the UK and the carrier offers over 99% population coverage. However, where the provider shines in terms of network coverage is their UK landmass coverage where they’re only second to EE. Also, there’s a considerable gap between Vodafone and the other two major network operators; Three and O2 when it comes to 4G network coverage.

As for data speeds, according to Open Signal’s latest speed test results Vodafone’s average download speeds in the UK are around 23Mbps, and the upload speeds are averaging around 8 to 9Mbps. This makes Vodafone the second fastest network in the UK, right behind EE. You may want to learn more about why EE ranks at the top, so we strongly recommend checking out our EE Review.

Make sure to use Vodafone’s network coverage map before you sign up for a SIM deal though. The network may offer decent coverage, but your frequent areas might not be covered well enough for you to get top notch service.

5G Coverage

If you purchased the £30 or £50 Big Value Bundle, and also have a 5G ready handset you can enjoy 5G data speeds and 5G coverage wherever available. At the moment, Vodafone offers 5G in 57 cities and towns in the UK, and 193 more locations across Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland.

5G is still being rolled out so it’s hard to give an average download speed at the moment as there hasn’t been any independent testing, but Vodafone claims their 5G download speeds usually average around 150Mbps.


Tethering means turning your smartphone into a mobile personal hotspot, so that other compatible devices can share your mobile data. Vodafone allows their Big Value Bundle customers to tether freely, but as always we want to warn you that tethering burns through your data at a much faster rate. Unless you have an unlimited data plan, we suggest you keep tethering to a minimum. Also make sure to turn the feature off when you’re not using it and always keep an eye on your data allowance.

4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling

4G Calling is a free of charge, voice call quality improving service, which lets you make calls over a 4G network. 4G has greater bandwidth available to carry more data than 3G, so it can eliminate many indoor blackspots and offer higher voice call quality.

Wi-Fi Calling will keep your handset connected by utilising available Wi-Fi connections, this means you can make voice calls via your SIM, even if you don’t get any regular phone signal in your area.

Sadly, neither 4G Calling nor Wi-Fi Calling are available to Vodafone Big Value Bundle customers. If you wish to benefit from these features you’ll have to sign up for a contract deal with Vodafone. Alternatively, you can check Three’s SIM deals. The carrier offers both 4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling to all its customers for free, all you need is a compatible device. You can read our Three Review to learn more!

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Vodafone Big Value Bundle customers don’t get to benefit from any exclusive free Wi-Fi hotspots. They can access O2’s free WiFi services or Sky Mobile’s The Cloud, as well as Vodafone WiFi on the London Underground (provided by Virgin Media). However, you should know that the first two services are free for all UK mobile customers, and the London Underground offer is available to all four major mobile networks.

You might want to check out our BT Mobile Review or Virgin Mobile Review, if free Wi-Fi across the UK is a must have for you.


How do I buy a Big Value Bundle?

If you’re an existing Vodafone PAYG customer, you must first add credit to your account. If you already have enough credit to purchase the bundle you desire you can do it via logging in to My Vodafone, by calling 4354 free from your Vodafone SIM, or texting BIGVALUE10, BIGVALUE15, BIGVALUE20, BIGVALUE30 or BVBUNLIM to 2345.

How does data rollover work for Big Value Bundles?

Vodafone Big Value Bundle rollover feature requires you to purchase your next bundle straight away. Purchasing a new bundle early on means you’ll lose all your allowances from your old bundle. Your allowances roll into the next month on a monthly basis. Your leftover data won’t add up.

Do I need to undergo a credit check to get a Big Value Bundle?

No, Vodafone doesn’t ask for a credit check for the Big Value offers. Big Value Bundles work on a prepaid basis, you just add credit to your account and purchase the bundle you want.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes you can. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming from another network or making a switch between Vodafone’s pay monthly plans and pay as you go plans. Just get your PAC code from your current network and pass it on to Vodafone and you’re good to go. The whole process should take less than a day.

How long does it take for my new, free Vodafone SIM to be delivered?

Your new Vodafone Pay as you go SIM should arrive in two to four working days.

Can I use my pay as you go allowances when I’m abroad?

Yes, Vodafone allows you to use your UK allowances in 51 European destinations at no extra cost. However, extra charges apply in other destinations.