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Vodafone Pro Broadband Review – Seamlessly Switch Between Fixed Line and 4G

Vodafone UK have launched a new fixed broadband service called Pro Broadband and also a Wi-Fi service delivering super Wi-Fi speeds into every room of the house.


Latest Offer: 160GB for £20 a month!

Vodafone is offering customers the opportunity to get 160GB of data for just £20 a month! This offer comes with great perks such as access to VeryMe rewards which includes discounts and freebies weekly, as well as 5G at no extra cost & flexible upgrades!

Vodafone Pro deals are based around reliability. The network ensures you’ll get fast data speeds in every room of your house and if you don’t, they’ll let you leave your contract for free. If your fixed line broadband goes down due to an error or technical issue on Vodafone’s side, your router will seamlessly connect to Vodafone’s award winning 4G network and keep you connected to the internet.

The service also provides an expert team for fixing any broadband issues you may face. Vodafone’s home broadband service team is dubbed as WiFi Xperts, and they’re always available over the phone between 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday; and 8am to 8pm Saturday & Sunday (incl. public holidays). Vodafone’s experts will try to resolve any technical issues you may experience with your broadband remotely. However, if your issue can’t be solved remotely they can arrange for an engineer to visit your home.

In this article we’ll have a look at Vodafone’s new Pro Broadband plans, as well as what features and download & upload speeds you get if you sign up for a Pro Superfast deal.

Plans and Pricing

At the time of writing there are four different Vodafone Pro Broadband deals to choose from. There are two regular Pro Superfast plans and their pricing is based on their download & upload speeds. You can also opt for a Pro Superfast Xtra plan, in which case you’ll be paying an extra £8 a month for Apple TV 4K + 1 year Apple TV subscription, unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines & mobiles, and no price rises while in contract with Vodafone.

If you choose a regular Pro Superfast plan -non Xtra-, each April your monthly plan charge will increase by an amount equal to the Consumer Price Index rate published by the Office for National Statistics in January (CPI rate) plus an additional 3.9% on top of the CPI rate.

Download & Upload SpeedsPrice
Pro Superfast 135Mpbs/9Mbps£35
Pro Superfast 263Mbps/18Mbps£37
Pro Superfast Xtra 135Mpbs/9Mbps£43
Pro Superfast Xtra 263Mbps/18Mbps£45

All Vodafone broadband plans come with unlimited data, intelligent WiFi (automatically optimises your signal to give all your devices fast and reliable connection) & all plans are 24-month contracts.

Pro Superfast 1

Vodafone’s Pro Superfast 1 plan offers 35Mbps download speeds on average and up to 9Mbps upload speeds. This deal comes with a Vodafone WiFi Hub, Super WiFi guarantee, 4G broadband backup and free WiFi Xpert service. You also get 12 months of free Norton 360 Premium subscription at no additional cost.

Pro Superfast 2

The average download speeds are around 63Mbps for Vodafone’s Pro Superfast 2 plans and the upload speeds go as high as 18Mbps. This deal also includes a Vodafone WiFi Hub, Super WiFi guarantee, 4G broadband backup and free WiFi Xpert service. You also get 12 months of free Norton 360 Premium subscription at no extra cost.

Basically, the only difference between the Pro Superfast 1 and Pro Superfast 2 is; this plan gets you faster data speeds, that’s all.

Pro Superfast 1 Xtra

Vodafone Pro Superfast 1 Xtra offers identical download & upload speeds with Pro Superfast 1: 35Mbps average download speeds and up to 9Mbps upload speeds. You also get all the perks included with Pro Superfast 1. On top of that, Vodafone gives you an Apple TV 4K, 1 year Apple TV+ subscription and unlimited calls to UK landlines & mobiles. You’re also protected from any price rises while in contract with the network.

Pro Superfast 2 Xtra

Vodafone Pro Superfast 2 Xtra gets you the same download & upload speeds as the regular Pro Superfast 2 plan, which are 63Mbps average download speeds and up to 18Mbps download speeds. The network gives you the same perks and features on top of an Apple TV 4K, 1 year Apple TV+ subscription and unlimited calls to UK landlines & mobiles. There won’t be any price rises while in contract with the network.

Pro Broadband Features

Vodafone Pro Broadband plans mainly stand out with their extra features compared to the network’s regular Superfast Broadband deals. The list below explains all the benefits you get when you choose a Vodafone Pro Superfast plan.

Broadband Back-up

If your fixed broadband ever goes down, you’ll automatically and seamlessly switch to Vodafone’s 4G network, thanks to the new hybrid hub technology. Don’t worry, Vodafone provides this new hub at no additional cost.

Your download speed and coverage may vary due to a number of factors. The 4G WiFi Dongle must be plugged into the router in order to benefit from this feature. Broadband back-up can only be used when your fixed line is down. This feature comes with 50GB data included. WiFi Xperts can and may add extra data as needed at no extra cost.

Super Wi-Fi + Guarantee

Vodafone promises to deliver high quality Wi-Fi signals into every room of your house. The network uses WiFi boosters to reach areas where the Wi-Fi signal may be poor. If you’re not satisfied with your home Wi-Fi coverage, Vodafone offers the opportunity to leave your contract fee-free with no penalties. This is pretty much the same as BT’s WiFi Guarantee deal, and it’s nice to see more networks providing similar guarantees.

Vodafone Mobile Discount

If you’re an existing Vodafone customer with a pay monthly plan you will be entitled to a Vodafone Together discount worth up to £3 a month.

Wi-Fi Xperts

Vodafone has a dedicated team of broadband and Wi-Fi engineers, who continuously monitor your signals and fix any issues that you may experience. The team stays in touch with customers within the first 10 days and they make sure the service works as intended. This team almost always works remotely, but if you experience problems that can’t be fixed remotely, they’ll send an engineer to your house.

Faster Fibre Guarantee

If you get a Pro Broadband plan Vodafone will upgrade your connection for free to full Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) broadband as soon as the service rolls out in your street. If you already have Vodafone fiber in your location you can get average speeds of up to 900Mbps.

Free Norton Anti-Virus Protection

Vodafone is partnered with Norton Anti-Virus to give all their Pro Broadband customers virus protection. The software also comes with parental controls. Norton 360 will be free for the first 12 months, then at half price for the next year.

Pro Xtra Features

If you choose a Vodafone Pro Xtra plan, on top of all the features listed above you’re entitled to Apple TV 4K on Vodafone with 1 year Apple TV+ subscription, and unlimited UK calls to UK landline & mobile. Plus you won’t be impacted by any price rises while in contract.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

Vodafone’s new Pro Broadband deals offer great value, especially if you pick one of the more expensive Pro Superfast 2 deals. Super WiFi Guarantee is something we quite like, it’s almost an identical copy of BT Complete WiFi, and there’s nothing wrong with consumer-friendly deals.

Seamless transition between a fixed line and 4G broadband is also a pretty good deal, but it may cause issues in case you don’t realise your fixed broadband is down while you’re downloading a heavy file, or a video game. Vodafone only gives you 50GB of mobile data as a back-up, and that’s not much compared to the average file size of a modern video game. The network says they’ll add more data if their Xperts think it’s necessary, but the lines aren’t clearly drawn.

Overall, we like these new deals. Especially, if you’re already an existing Vodafone pay monthly customer, since you can get up to £3 off of your bill.


Can I combine Vodafone Pro Broadband with Vodafone mobile?

Yes, you can. Vodafone customers can combine a Pro Broadband deal with a Vodafone mobile deal to create a fully integrated connectivity & entertainment package.

How fast is Vodafone’s 4G?

Vodafone offers the second fastest 4G download speeds in the UK, they’re tailing behind EE and almost on par with Three in this area. However, their 4G coverage is much wider than Three and almost on par with EE. Vodafone’s average 4G download speeds are around 24Mbps and their upload speeds are around 8 to 9Mbps.

Is there a limit to how much mobile data I can use with broadband back-up?

Yes, Vodafone gives you a 50GB data allowance, but their experts may increase the amount of data you get if needed.

Can I upgrade to Vodafone fiber from Pro?

Yes, in fact, Vodafone customers will be upgraded for free to full FTTP broadband (Fibre To The Premises ) as soon as it rolls out in a customer’s street.