Vodafone vs EE: Free Coffee’s every week or access to the BT Sport App?

Two of the largest networks in UK are Vodafone and EE. In this article, we go into detail comparing the two networks over several areas. Read on to learn more.

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Vodafone overview

Vodafone provides 99% population coverage all across the UK with average 4G speeds of 20 MB/s. Another plus point of using Vodafone is its new VeryMe Rewards customer offer which offers discounts and freebies with popular high-street brands. Also, on certain plans customers have a choice of an inclusive premium subscription such as Amazon Prime Video or NOW TV. Some other perks include 77 roaming destinations on premium plans, tethering and over 250 Wi-Fi hotspots on the London Underground.


  • Enjoy premium subscriptions on certain plans.
  • VeryMe rewards offers great freebies.
  • 77 roaming destinations on premium plans.


  • Comparatively costlier plans.
  • Most perks on premium plans.

EE overview

EE is the largest mobile network in the UK.  It is committed to constantly improving its network and covers 99% of the UK’s population. As well as being the largest network in the market – it is also boasts the fastest data speeds. However, with the best coverage and fastest speeds comes a higher price point. With EE, you can enjoy various advanced features including Wi-Fi calling, free access to Apple Music & BT Sport, unlimited tethering, and excellent customer service.


  • Excellent coverage & fastest data speeds
  • Free access to BT Sport & Apple Music Apps
  • Data gifting & family plans


  • Generally more expensive plans
  • Limited loyalty perks
  • Data rollover limited to PAYG deals

Network Coverage & Speeds

vodafone vs ee network coverage & data speedsVodafone is one of the four leading UK networks, together with EE, Three and O2. Vodafone gets right the essentials as they offer 2G, 3G, and 4G network to customers and has around 99% population coverage. You should pretty much get signal anywhere in the UK. Also looking at Open Signals tests for 2018, Vodafone got a rating of ‘Good’ with 4G download speeds of 20 MB/s. EE has been leading the way in terms of network coverage and speeds for a number of years now. With  99% 4G coverage by population and the commitment to cover 95% of the region’s geographical area by 2020, EE is constantly striving to provide the best network experience to customers. In terms of network speeds, with EE you get on average 4G download speeds of 30 MB/s, well ahead of any other UK network. On top of this, in certain major UK cities, customers can get access to speeds of 150 MB/s + with 4G++.
Half Cooked’s Winner:
Network coverage is broadly similar for both networks. Vodafone’s speeds are good but EE’s monster download speeds mean it wins this section.

vodafone vs ee voice call qualityGoing by P3 Comms most recent test results, Vodafone performs well when it comes to voice call quality, as they offer 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity. The feedback was good in major cities. However, there were a few glitches with drop rates in smaller towns and on the road.

Half Cooked’s Winner:

With their consistency on 4G calling, customers can be confident on getting the best call quality on the EE network. The automatic switching to and from 4G calling and Wi-Fi calling means improved voice clarity and fast connection times – putting them ahead of the pack. You won’t have a problem making a call with Vodafone, but EE tops this section. A great 4G calling scheme & seamless switching between 4G & Wi-Fi calling means EE is leading the way in voice call quality as well.

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vodafone vs ee tetheringTethering is a service most of the networks now offer. This service allows you to turn your mobile phone into a modem. In this case, you can use your mobile data allowance on other phones, tablets or laptops by turning your mobile into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Some network limit the amount of data you can tether as it could lead to massive data consumption. Vodafone allows tethering and imposes no restrictions whatsoever. As a Vodafone network subscriber, you can tether your mobile data with no limitations. But we recommend that you check your data usage from time to time as there is much likelihood you can burn huge amounts of data within a short period.

Half Cooked’s Winner:

EE’s resolution to remain one of the best networks doesn’t end with network speeds and voice call quality. They offer unlimited tethering on both pay monthly and PAYG plans. As long as you have a Wi-fi enabled device, you can connect to the internet with your mobile data. However, you need to watch how you use your data, as going out of plan could incur extra charges.

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International Roaming

vodafone vs ee international roamingFor Vodafone customers, inclusive roaming is available in 48 destinations within the EU, without extra charges. But if you need to roam further afield, you will need to subscribe to a Vodafone Red Entertainment Plan, which will allow you to extend your roaming up to 77 destinations including the US and Canada. Vodafone Red Entertainment Plan is a premium plan that costs £20 per month. Alternatively, customers can pay £6 per day on a home plan, to roam in 104 worldwide destinations. This, however, can get very expensive. Just like Vodafone, EE offers inclusive roaming in 48 destinations free of charge. EE also offers great value by adding 5 international destinations (USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand). But here’s the catch: you have to be on their premium plans (a.k.a. 4GEE Max Plans) to enjoy this service.

Half Cooked’s Winner:

Vodafone offers more comprehensive roaming options as compared to EE, and therefore comes out 1st in international roaming.

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Wi-Fi Calling & Wi-Fi Hotspots

Wi-Fi calling is available to Vodafone customers, but you have to be a pay monthly subscriber to their Red Entertainment or Red Extra plans. You should note that wi-fi calling is not compatible on all devices. You should visit the Vodafone website to check for the list of compatible devices for wi-fi calling. Some plans on the Vodafone network provide customers with access to wi-fi hotspots owned by BT (which offers over 5 million hotspots). If you’re a Vodafone customer on a pay monthly and pay as you go plans, you will get access to 250 wi-fi hotspots on the London Underground. To access wi-fi calling on the EE network, you will need to be a pay monthly plan customer who’s equipped with a compatible device. As at the time of writing this post, this benefit is not offered to customers on PAYG plans. Despite BT now being the owners of EE, its customers do not have access to the 5 million+ wi-fi hotspots their owners now offer. EE utilizes the 250 London Underground wi-fi hotspots of Virgin.

Half Cooked’s Winner:

Though Vodafone’s Wi-fi calling and Wi-fi hotspots are not the best in the UK, they offer better value than EE, and therefore they come out on top.

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Data Rollover

vodafone vs ee data rolloverMany networks now offer their customers the opportunity to rollover their unused data from the previous month, adding it into their current data allowance. If you’re a Vodafone customer, you only get to enjoy this service on a PAYG package, and on Vodafone Total Rollover plans. This service is offered to Big Value bundle customers. And you also get to use the remainder of your minutes and texts from the previous month. EE has offerings similar to Vodafone in data rollover plans. And there is a 30-day access to unused data rolled over. This means that you only have access to the data for a month after it should have expired originally. Vodafone and EE offer virtually the same data rollover plans. They have a tie in this category.

Multi Buy Discounts/ Family Plans

vodafone vs ee multi buy discountsJust for being loyal to the Vodafone network, customers get a whopping 15% discount, and 15% discount more on each phone added, tablet plans and SIM only deals. And for each friend you refer, there is a £25 Amazon voucher reward. If you’re on the EE network and want to purchase additional plans, you will get a discount of 10% on phone contracts, SIMs or broadband. If you have more than one plan on a single account, you can gift data for family and friends. If you sign up for a mobile broadband plan, you will get an extra 5 GB data.

Half Cooked’s Winner:

Vodafone does better when it comes to family plans and customer rewards. They come out on top in this category.

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Customer Rewards

vodafone vs ee customer rewardsSome networks offer customers a perk in the form of a reward app that provides offers and discounts to help keep or attract customers.

Vodafone has a fairly new app called VeryMe rewards, similar to those currently offered by O2 with priority & Three’s Wuntu app. VeryMe rewards is available to all pay monthly & PAYG customers (PAYG customers must however top up at least £10 in a 6 week period).

With VeryMe customers get access to weekly discounts and freebies that are tailored to their interests. Examples of regular offers are free weekly coffees & discount dinners. VeryMe offers great value and an opportunity to save some cash every week.

Half Cooked’s Winner:

EE on the other hand don’t have a reward app to offer their customers and as a result Vodafone comes out as a clear winner in this section.

We rate O2 priority as the best reward scheme in the UK for mobile customers. It’s been around for a while and with great savings every week, as well as early access to tickets to see your favourite artists, you can’t go wrong.

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Other Perks

vodafone vs ee other perksOther perks for Vodafone customers include free data and comprehensive entertainment schemes, which are offered as long as you are on a Red Entertainment Plan. The free premium subscription includes access to any of Sky Sports Mobile, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium or NOW TV. Being on Vodafone’s premium subscriptions also offers a 3-month trial period on anti-virus, which is then charged at £1 per month subsequently. And this is for the whole length of the contract.

Half Cooked’s Winner:

EE performs great by giving their pay monthly customers access to the Apple Music and BT Sport apps, helping them cut back their bills on two premium subscription packages. As an EE customer, you also get unlimited free streaming on Apple Music. However, these perks are not covered for the whole length of the contract. Apple Music and BT Sport apps are available for 6 months and 3 months respectively. After that, you’ll have to start paying to access the services. Vodafone have more comprehensive entertainment schemes that run for the entire length of the contract. They are slightly better than EE when it comes to other customer perks; although Three still remains the best as free data usage is extended to applications like Snapchat and Netflix.

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Half Cooked’s Overall Winner

There’s no all pro and no con network, as policies and customer needs are diverse. This is a Vodafone vs EE review, and we’ve seen how quite they compare across the different categories. However, we rank Vodafone slightly better than EE, and therefore it comes out on top.vodafone vs ee comparison

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