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Vodafone vs EE 2022: Which one is faster and has better 4G & 5G network coverage?

In this article, we go into detail and compare two of the largest network operators in the UK. Read on to see who has the better network coverage, data speeds and extras.


Latest Offer: 160GB of data for just £20 a month!

EE’s best selling plan is a 5G ready 160GB data plan with unlimited texts & minutes for just £20. It’s a 24-month basic plan. It may not contain any extras, but you’ll be getting the most 4G and 5G coverage, as well as the fastest 4G data speeds in the UK!

This deal comes with 6 months of free Apple Music, and 3 months of BT Sport.

Who is Vodafone

Launched back in 1984, Vodafone is the oldest mobile network in the UK and the carrier has a presence in 25 countries. Vodafone makes use of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G spectrums to provide top-notch network coverage to its customers. The network also offers the widest range of SIM and device plans out of the operators in the UK.

Vodafone customers get many unique benefits and extras, the network also proposes features comparable with other network providers such as 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling. With Vodafone’s premium plans you can get the most inclusive roaming destinations in the UK, even more than Three’s ‘Go Roam’. Having said that, all these features and great network coverage make Vodafone a costlier option. Vodafone deals may come with a high price point, but one thing for sure is that they deliver value.


  • Great rewards with VeryMe
  • Entertainment subscriptions bundled with premium plans
  • Great roaming perks
  • A wide variety of SIM deals to choose from
  • 5G coverage in the UK and the EU


  • Ranked as the worst 5G network by Opensignal and OOKLA in the UK
  • Generally, more expensive plans
  • Some almost-essential perks are only available on premium plans

Who is EE

EE is the UK’s largest mobile network operator and it provides the best network coverage and fastest data speeds for both 4G and 5G. The network was formed back in 2010 as a joint venture between T-Mobile & Orange and back then it was called Everything Everywhere. The carrier was also the very first network to establish a 4G service in the UK. The network was bought by BT in January 2016 and has been operating as a separate provider within the BT Group

EE’s 4G coverage reaches over 90% of the UK geography and 99% of the population. EE’s 5G coverage is live in 125 cities and towns and constantly increasing. Open Signal, umlaut, OOKLA and many other independent and reliable testing bodies consider EE as the best overall network in the country. However, as you can guess all these advantages make EE a costlier option than most other networks in the UK.


  • Best 4G coverage & competitive 5G coverage in the UK
  • Fastest 4G and 5G data speeds
  • Wide range of SIM only deals
  • Wide range of phone deals
  • Decent rewards and long trials for valuable add-ons


  • Significantly costlier than competitors
  • Not the best for international roaming or calling
  • No 5G coverage on contract-free plans

Plans & Pricing

In the UK, Vodafone offers the largest variety of SIM only plans. While this sounds great at first glance, it may become confusing to choose the correct plan for your needs, but don’t worry because that’s where we come in to help. At the moment Vodafone proposes three types of SIM Only tariffs, which are called Basics, Vodafone RED and Vodafone Unlimited. Whichever deal you decide to go with, you’ll get unlimited minutes & texts.

Vodafone Basics are the most affordable SIM Only price plans Vodafone has to offer. They start at £6/month with 2GB available data allowance, but you only get 4G coverage. Vodafone Basics plans don’t have features like 4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling. Entertainment options are also excluded with Basics. All Basics plans are 12 month contracts

Basics (Black Friday Deal)3GB£6.00
All Vodafone Basics plans come with unlimited minutes and texts and are 12 month contracts.

Vodafone Red Plans (also known as Gigabyte Plans) have more added extras such as Wi-Fi Calling & 4G Calling. You can choose to be on a 30 day contract, or alternatively sign up for 12 to 24 month commitments. As you can guess the longer contracts propose cheaper monthly payments. Vodafone Red plans offer limitless 4G and 5G download speeds, which means Vodafone will provide you the fastest available data speeds supported by your phone and coverage. You can also add an entertainment package to your deal for an extra £7/month.

At the moment, EE offers two types of pay monthly SIM only deals. Lower-cost alternatives are called ‘Essential Plans’. EE Essential Plans don’t have 5G coverage, but you still get the UK’s best 4G network coverage and download speeds up to 60Mbps. You’ll still benefit from voice call quality improving features like 4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling. At first glance essential plans may seem a bit pricey, but you certainly get good value with them.

If you’re interested in larger data allowances, better features and extras combined with the UK’s best 5G, EE proposes Smart Plans. At the time of writing, there are four EE Smart deals including EE’s only unlimited data plan. Smart plans include everything Essential plans do, plus you get even faster 4G download speeds. EE will also let you pick a ‘Swappable Benefit’ for free and you can switch between these benefits every month. All EE Smart Plans will require you to sign up for an 18 month contract.

EE’s SIM Only plans don’t really offer great flexibility as both tariff types will lock you into a long term commitment with the carrier. You may want to check out our detailed comparison between EE Essential vs EE Smart to find out more about each plan type.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Both Vodafone’s and EE’s plans are generally on the pricier side, but Vodafone has a wider range of tariffs, slightly more affordable prices and arguably better extras. We think it’s a close race and you can’t go wrong with either network, but Vodafone is just slightly better.

Pay As You Go

Vodafone offers a great PAYG service. You can either purchase a Vodafone PAYG Bundle with your credit or use the network as a traditional PAYG carrier. The network’s PAYG Bundles give you a monthly allowance of minutes and data. Texting is unlimited on all bundles. There’s even an unlimited data bundle with 5G coverage, however it’s quite pricey.

EE’s range for mobile devices is much wider than Vodafone’s. There are devices from the top tier manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Sony but also from budget friendly options such as Alcatel & Doro.

You can join EE’s network on a PAYG basis by either purchasing a 30-day EE Pack, a Flex Plan or in a traditional sense at 35/p minute and 15p/text. The latter option won’t let you use any data though, which means you won’t have access to the internet.

To use EE’s network and access the internet you’ll need a ‘Pack’ or a Flex Plan. Both alternatives last for 30 days and they give you data allowances. All ‘EE Packs’ except the 4GB one come with unlimited minutes & texts.

Both ‘Packs’ and ‘Flex’ plans are similarly priced, but Flex deals offer a limited amount of minutes. Neither option will allow you to use 4G Calling or Wi-Fi Calling, nor will you have access to 5G data speeds. However, EE’s PAYG deals reward you with extra data for your loyalty and the network offers a decent data rollover feature.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

This is yet another tight race, but we’ll give the win to Vodafone. EE’s low to mid-end packs actually offer better value, but you get 5G with unlimited data and more roaming destinations with Vodafone. The tie-breaker is Vodafone’s traditional PAYG as it is better than EE’s.

Pay Monthly Phones

Vodafone offers a decent range of handsets combined with price plans, however the best Vodafone phone deals lock you in to a 24 month contract. You are given the option to pick a smartphone without committing to a long-term SIM plan, but with this option things get even pricier.

EE’s range for mobile devices is much wider than Vodafone’s. There are devices from the top tier manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Sony but also from budget friendly options such as Alcatel & Doro.

You can also find PAYG phone deals on both networks, however between the two only EE offers refurbished phones. These devices come with EE’s ‘Service Pack’ feature that grants you a lifetime guarantee for your device at no extra cost. EE’s phone shop has nearly 300 handsets to pick from.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Wider range of mobile devices, variety of deals, refurbished phones, lifetime warranty for devices and some other little perks make EE the obvious winner of this comparison.

Network Coverage & Speeds

In terms of population coverage, all the UK networks boast that they have over 99% coverage, but this certainly doesn’t mean their geographical coverage is the same. EE’s landmass coverage is above 95% and the network is aiming to reach higher numbers still. In this regard Vodafone is behind EE and the race isn’t even close. EE is the undisputed leader when it comes to 4G and 5G network coverage & data speeds.

All EE tariffs (both pay monthly and PAYG) benefit from the fastest 4G data speeds in the UK. Their customers are able to get up to 60Mbps 4G data speeds on regular plans. And with EE Smart Plans they get even faster data speeds but this depends on their location. According to Opensignal’s April 2021 speed test results EE customers get an average of 39Mbps download speed, accompanied with 9.1Mbps upload speed. Vodafone ranks second with 21Mbps download speed and 8.1Mbps upload speed.

While EE seems to offer the best network coverage with the fastest download speeds, we’d like to remind you to use each network’s coverage checker to make sure your frequent areas are well covered.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

EE’s landmass coverage is superior to Vodafone and there is a significant difference between EE and Vodafone when it comes to 4G download speeds.

5G Coverage

Vodafone’s 5G coverage isn’t the best in the UK but it’s continuously improving. At the time of writing there are 100 cities and towns in the UK that have Vodafone 5G. With O2’s latest 5G coverage improvements (O2 offers 5G in 155 cities and towns now), Vodafone is now placed at the bottom of the list. However, Vodafone also offers 5G Coverage in 193 more places across Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland. To enjoy Vodafone’s 5G, you need to be on either a ‘RED’ plan, an ‘Unlimited’ plan, or a PAYG plan which offers 5G. You will also need a 5G-ready phone and be in an area with 5G coverage.

Vodafone’s average 5G download speeds are measured at 103Mbps by OOKLA. Meanwhile, EE’s average 5G download speeds are slower, at 140Mbps.

EE’s 5G is live in 160 cities and towns and the number of 5G available locations increases at a steady pace. On top of that EE’s coverage is wider per location. The only way to use EE’s 5G network is to get a Smart Plan though or an Essential plan with heavy data. Either way, prepare to sign up for a long-term contract if you want 5G from EE.

At the moment, we believe Three’s superfast 5G at no extra cost is the best offer on the market. The carrier’s 5G service is live in 194 locations. The provider also offers decently fast 5G download speeds with an average of 116Mbps per Opensignal’s April 2021 network results.

Don’t forget that when networks say that they offer 5G in a location, it probably means some specific areas. We recommend checking network coverage maps before you commit to a plan.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

EE’s 5G coverage is wider, but Vodafone’s 5G is overall faster. You also get wider coverage per location with EE, but Vodafone allows you to use 5G abroad.

Voice Call Quality

Voice call quality can change drastically from one location to another, therefore rather than relying on our personal experiences we prefer to reference test results published by independent bodies such as Open Signal, OOKLA & umlaut.

Most recent test results performed by Open Signal and umlaut show that EE is still in the lead with a score of ‘very good’, while Vodafone follows closely behind with a score of ‘good’. In fact in some towns Vodafone overtakes EE, but overall EE performed better.

According to umlaut, EE has the greatest audio quality & faster call setup times than all the UK mobile network providers. Considering how EE is advancing its infrastructure at a faster rate, we think it’s safe to assume they will hold the top spot for a while.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Voice call quality is where Vodafone is catching up to EE, and in fact some cities Vodafone performs better, but looking at the overall results EE is still the better network if you’re looking for the best voice call quality.

Wi-Fi Calling & 4G Calling

Wi-Fi Calling allows your mobile device to make voice calls by utilising an available Wi-Fi network, when you’re not getting any phone signal. Your phone will use the Wi-Fi connection rather than your carrier’s network and keep you connected.

4G Calling (also known as VoLTE) allows you to make HD audio calls and eliminates many blackspots where you normally can’t get any signal. EE let’s you use these two voice call quality improving features if you’re a pay monthly customer. It’s almost the same for Vodafone customers, with one exception. Vodafone Basics Plans don’t have 4G Calling or Wi-Fi Calling, even though they are pay monthly plans.

Regardless of your network choice, you’ll need a compatible device for either one of these features to work.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Since EE’s 4G coverage is better than Vodafone’s their customers get to make better use of 4G Calling. Also, not all pay monthly Vodafone deals support these features, while EE makes no distinction in this regard.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Vodafone and EE customers have Wi-Fi access on London Underground Stations, but this offer isn’t a unique offer as O2 & Three customers benefit from the very same service provided by Virgin Media.

EE customers with an eligible plan can benefit from some BT Wi-Fi hotspots as well, but there’s a 3GB data limit. Thankfully it resets monthly. Vodafone customers used to have the same access, but as of 30 April 2020 this offer doesn’t exist.

If you need free Wi-Fi access we strongly recommend checking out our O2 Review and BT Mobile Review, as these two networks offer the best free Wi-Fi across the country. If you want to explore more options you can also have a look at Half Cooked’s Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in the UK guide.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

While both networks don’t offer anything special, eligible EE customers get their hands on more free Wi-Fi hotspots. However, if Wi-Fi hotspots are essential for you, skip either of the two and join BT or O2.

International Roaming

All mobile network operators in the UK are legally obliged to offer free inclusive roaming in EU destinations.

Vodafone’s base tariffs will let you roam freely in 52 destinations. Having said that, if you have the ‘Unlimited Max’ plan Vodafone gives you the ‘Global Roaming Plus’ perk, which will allow you to roam like at home in 81 countries. This is by far the highest number offered by any mobile network in the UK in terms of roaming abroad. However, the network’s unlimited data plans are subject to a roaming cap of 25GB a month. Vodafone is also the only network proposing 5G coverage outside the UK.

Unfortunately Vodafone Basics Plans don’t offer any roaming at all. Basics SIMs won’t let customers use data, minutes or texts when abroad.

EE doesn’t offer anything special when it comes to roaming abroad. There’s a ‘Swappable Benefit’ called ‘Roam Further Pass’, which adds an additional 5 destinations. These countries are the USA, Australia, Mexico, Canada & New Zealand. If you have an EE Smart Plan, you may select it as your free Swappable Benefit for the month, however if you’re on an Essential Plan you’ll need to purchase it separately as an add-on. As for countries not included in the EU zone, you can use EE’s roaming costs tool to find out how much it will cost you to text, call and use your data.

To discover more about roaming abroad in the UK, make sure to read Half Cooked’s International Roaming guide!

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Vodafone offers multiple roaming alternatives and offers the most roaming destinations with their ‘Global Roaming Plus’ perk. Plus in some EU countries you still get 5G at no extra cost if your regular plan has 5G coverage. EE’s roaming abroad isn’t anything special.


This is Vodafone’s loyalty programme and ‘VeryMe Rewards’ are available to all customers. VeryMe Rewards offer great value rewards and they renew every week. The loyalty programme grants you cheap cinema tickets, free coffees, high street discounts and many more rewards. The more you use the VeryMe, the better the giveaways will match your interests.

Entertainment Packages

Vodafone’s entertainment packages are exclusive to Red 5GB (on 12 months contract), Red 20GB, Unlimited and Unlimited Max customers. However, being eligible doesn’t mean you get it for free as you’re required to pay an extra £7/month to include an entertainment option to your plan. Currently, customers can choose between Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, NOW TV and Sky Sports Mobile TV for the duration of their contracts (12 months or 24 months).

Unlimited Data Plans

Vodafone proposes three SIM Only unlimited data plans. There’s also an unlimited data option for pay as you go customer priced at £50, this deal also comes with 5G coverage. Vodafone’s unlimited data plans come with unlimited minutes & texts.

You may choose between Unlimited Lite, Unlimited and Unlimited Max. However, the first two options are subject to reduced download speeds, respectively at 2Mbps and 10Mpbs. Prices for each unlimited data plan will differ depending on the length of contract, longer being cheaper per month but obviously you’ll be paying more in the long run. Vodafone’s entertainment packages are only available to Unlimited or Unlimited Max customers with at least a year long contract. Vodafone Unlimited Lite customers can’t purchase the entertainment package. If you pick the ‘Unlimited Max’ tariff you’ll also get the ‘Global Roaming Plus’ perk which allows you to roam abroad like at home in 81 destinations.

Nowadays, almost all the UK networks offer an unlimited data plan, or some type of unlimited streaming perk. We rate Three’s unlimited data plan very highly and strongly recommend you to check out our Three Review to learn more about what the network offers.

Total Rollover

The data rollover feature is exclusive to Vodafone’s PAYG customers. If you don’t use up all your data, whatever’s left will be moved into the next month. Your rolled over data will expire in 30 calendar days, but at least you’ll be using the rolled over data first. This type of data rollover is pretty common among the providers. Sky Mobile’s data rollover is the one big exception. Using the O2 Network to provide 4G and 5G coverage, Sky Mobile allows customers to hold onto rolled over data for up to three years. You can read our Sky Mobile Review to learn more about the network’s unique features.

Loyalty Discount

Existing Vodafone customers get a straightforward 15% loyalty discount if they decide to purchase additional plans. The network allows you to get 9 more additional plans under one main account. There are discounts on SIM only tariffs, as well as device plans. Keep in mind that you’ll have to sign a contract for at least 12 months on SIM and 24 months on device plans.

We strongly recommend you to check out other great family plan alternatives on other mobile networks too.

EE’s Features

EE offers a ‘Swappable Benefit’ for free if you’re on a Smart Plan, but Essential Plan customers have to pay for each one separately.At the time of writing, EE offers five Swappable Benefits to choose from and you can swap between them once a month.

There are five more add-ons, but they aren’t free, not even for Smart Plan customers. The network also proposes 6 months free trials for Apple Music and MTV Play, and you’re allowed to cancel them any time. You can choose your Swappable Benefit via the ‘My EE’ app or by visiting ‘My EE’ online. You can only switch between them once per month though.

Swappable Benefits

Roam Further Pass: This feature allows customers to use their inclusive minutes, texts and data in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand with no extra charges.

Amazon Prime Video: With this perk you can use Amazon Prime Video on your phone or tablet. If you are on EE Smart Unlimited or have Video Data Pass too, you won’t go through any data.

BT Sport App: You can watch BT Sport on your phone or your tablet. If you are on EE Smart Unlimited or have a Video Data Pass, you won’t go through any data.

BritBox: You can stream the biggest box of British boxsets on your mobile device and if you have the necessary tech, on your TV as well.

Apple Music: You can listen to more than 60 million songs without ads. You can also listen to your favourite tracks and even play them offline.

Apple TV+: You can watch series, dramas, documentaries as well as Apple Originals with this Smart Benefit.

Apple Arcade: You get unlimited access to 100+ games, no ands, no in-app purchases. You may even download them and play offline.


Music Data Pass: You won’t burn through your data listening to music on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and more. You should still check if your preferred music app is covered by EE.

Video Data Pass: This benefit lets you watch as many videos and streams as you wish without draining your data. Works with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, BT Sport, MTV Play amongst others.

Gamer’s Data Pass: This perk covers all the data you use playing Pokémon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, FIFA Mobile & Star Wars: Galaxy. Most importantly it works with Twitch, the world’s number one video game streaming platform.

MTV Play: You can use MTV Play on up to 4 devices. The add-on comes with exclusives like Geordie Shore, Just Tattoo of Us and Ex on the Beach. You can cancel your subscription any time.

Unlimited Data Plans

Unlike Vodafone, EE only offers one unlimited data tariff and it’s a Smart Plan, which means you get a free benefit and 5G coverage alongside it. EE’s unlimited data plan is an 18 month contract. There used to be a 4G only unlimited data plan too, but EE stopped offering it in June 2020.

EE Smart Unlimited Data PlanUnlimited
Minutes & Texts
Unlimited Data with 5G Data Speeds£35/month 18 Months

EE’s unlimited data plan actually comes with a fair usage limit of 1000GB & the carrier also limits tethering to 12 devices. Going over either limitations will put you on EE’s radar. The network’s website says “If you regularly tether 12 or more devices, we will consider this non-personal use and have the right to move you to a more suitable plan.”

Data Rollover

EE’s data rollover is exclusive to PAYG packs & Flex plans. It works pretty much the same way with other networks’ data rollover. If you have any leftover data from the previous month, it will be added to the following month’s data allowance. You’ll be using your saved data first.

You should make sure to start your next pack or Flex plan within seven days or else your leftover data will expire.

Have a look at Half Cooked’s extensive Data Rollover in the UK guide to find out more about the feature & see which network’s data rollover feature works the best for you.

At Halfcooked, we rate SMARTY and Sky Mobile very highly when it comes to data rollover, for both networks come with a unique approach. SMARTY proposes a discount on your next bill for your leftover data and Sky Mobile saves unused data for up to three years!

Free Data Boost

EE’s free data boost feature is also only available to PAYG packs & Flex Plans. You get extra 500MB of data allowance for every three months you use the same pack (£10 or above) or Flex plan. Continue purchasing the same pack for three months straight and EE will reward you with another 500MB data. Let’s say your data allowance is 10GB, after three months you’ll have 10.5GB and in six months your data allowance will increase to 11GB.

Share EE, Share £20

Refer a friend to a £10 or above PAYG pack or a Flex Plan and you both get a £10 Amazon.co.uk Gift Card. This reward/referral programme is only available to existing customers with an EE PAYG or a Flex plan with a £10 or above tariff though.

First you must sign up for the scheme and then EE will give you a unique referral link. You can share this link with your friends, and once your friend joins EE via this referral link by buying a 30-day PAYG pack both parties get their Amazon Gift Cards within the first seven days.

Family Account – Data Gifting

At Half Cooked, we rate EE’s family plan option quite highly. Each additional plan added to your account will get you a 10% discount and an extra 1GB data. The main account is given full control over additional plans and the owner of the account can move or gift any spare data they have.

To start your EE Family Account you’ll need at least two or more eligible plans under the same bill payer’s name.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

We like what EE offers, especially with their Swappable Benefits, but it’s not enough compared to Vodafone’s extras and special features. We think VeryMe Rewards are awesome and they get better the more you use them!

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

EE has the best network coverage for both 4G and 5G, the network also offers the fastest data speeds. When it comes to technical quality EE is second to none. Vodafone’s offers are more flexible and the network certainly provides variety for their SIM only plans, while offering great rewards. However, we think network coverage and download speeds are more important and EE has the edge.


Does Vodafone have VoLTE or 4G Calling?

Yes, Vodafone customers get to benefit from 4G Calling (also known as VoLTE), however, Vodafone Basics and PAYG customers with base bundles can’t use 4G Calling. You’ll need a RED plan at the very least to benefit from 4G Calling.

Does Vodafone have Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, Vodafone customers enjoy Wi-Fi Calling if they are on a Vodafone Red plan or above. Unfortunately, Vodafone Basics plans and base PAYG bundles don’t have Wi-Fi calling.

Does Vodafone have unlimited data plans?

Yes, and there are actually three SIM only unlimited data options on Vodafone: Unlimited Lite, Unlimited and Unlimited Max. Having said that, only Unlimited Max proposes unrestricted download speed. Vodafone Unlimited Lite and regular Unlimited plans are subject to speed restrictions, respectively at 2Mbps and 10Mbps.

How good is Vodafone’s roaming abroad?

The number of countries you can freely roam depends on which Vodafone plan you are using. The network’s base roaming scheme is called ‘Global Roaming’ and it includes 52 destinations. Unlimited Max plan comes with ‘Global Roaming Plus’ allowing you to roam like at home in 81 countries. If you’re travelling to a destination without inclusive roaming, make sure to check Vodafone’s roaming charges on their website. Overall, we think Vodafone’s roaming is pretty good.

Will my Vodafone SIM work abroad?

Yes, your phone and your Vodafone SIM will work abroad, but you should still check if the country you are travelling to is supported by Vodafone’s infrastructure.

Does Vodafone have pay as you go tariffs?

Yes, Vodafone has five PAYG tariffs, plus you can use it as a traditional PAYG network too. These tariffs are called ‘Big Value Bundles’ and the budget friendly SIM option called Pay As You Go 1. If you choose the latter option, you pay £1/day and only on days you use your device.

Does Vodafone have 5G?

Yes, currently Vodafone’s 5G coverage is live in 100 towns and cities in the UK and also in 193 other locations across Germany, Spain, Italy and Ireland. In total, Vodafone’s 5G service is active in 293 places and it will continue to increase.

Is 5G safe? Is 5G dangerous?

It’s completely safe to use 5G and being around a 5G network tower won’t hurt you. Both Vodafone and EE set up their 5G networks according to government legislation and international guidelines. Major health organizations like WHO also performed lots of tests and found 5G to be harmless.

When will Vodafone offer 5G in my area?

We don’t know and honestly nobody but Vodafone knows. The carrier regularly makes announcements when they’re increasing their 5G coverage and where the next extensions will happen. You may check Vodafone’s Network Status Map to see if the provider already offers 5G in your area.

Does EE have 5G? Is it really the fastest?

Yes EE’s 5G is live in 125 cities and towns and constantly increasing. EE is the first network in the UK to offer 5G coverage, but they don’t have the fastest 5G in the UK. In fact, according to OOKLA, they offer the slowest average 5G data speeds at the moment.

Does EE use 2G?

Yes, EE still uses 2G for calls and texts and also as a fallback option. 2G is still a reliable spectrum when staying connected in rural locations.

Does EE offer 4G Calling?

Yes, EE pay monthly customers can enjoy 4G Calling if they have a compatible device. Given how EE has the best 4G network in the UK, you’ll make the best use of 4G Calling.

Does EE offer Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, EE also offers Wi-Fi Calling to its pay monthly customers. This feature complements 4G Calling and keeps you connected even when there’s no phone signal.

Is EE really the fastest mobile network operator?

Yes,EE not only provides the fastest data speeds but also offers the best network coverage. EE’s 4G data speeds are proven to be fastest by multiple independent testing bodies and arguably EE also has the fastest 5G internet speeds too.

Can I use my EE SIM in the USA?

Yes, EE’s coverage extends to the USA, but the country is not included in base inclusive roaming. If you want to use your UK data allowances in the US, you’ll need to purchase a ‘Further Roaming Pass’ add-on.

Does EE have an app?

Yes, the network has an app and it’s called ‘My EE’. It definitely improves your EE experience.

Can I gift data to others on EE?

Yes, but only to additional plans under the main account. With EE’s Unlimited data tariff you can gift data upto a 100GB/month.

Where can I use my inclusive roaming allowance on EE?

You may use your EE inclusive roaming in Austria, Azores, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Canary Islands, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Mayotte, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion Islands, Romania, San Marino, Saint Martin (French), Saint Barthelemy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Vatican City (Italy). If you have ‘Further Roaming Pass’ all of the above plus Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and USA.