VOXI Endless Video Explained – Unlimited Data on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime & More

VOXI’s offers unlimited video streaming on popular video apps like Youtube, Netflix & more at no extra cost on their £15 and up plans. Plus, you get 5G coverage!


VOXI Black Friday 2020 Offer

Black Friday Offer: 12GB Data + 5G+ Endless Video + Endless Social Media & up to £20 in Amazon Vouchers for only £12

VOXI’s Black Friday SIM Only deals are live! Grab 12GB of data with Endless Video & Endless Social Media for just £12 a month. The deal also comes with 5G at no extra cost for a limited time only.

No credit checks, no contracts, just commitment-free SIM Only plans. Join VOXI now and you can get up to £20 in Amazon Vouchers! Hurry up, these deals will be gone at the end of November 2020.

VOXI’s video pass is now available on 15GB and 45GB data plans at no extra cost and on top of that these two deals also have 5G coverage. Endless Video allows you to stream online videos on Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, TVPlayer, UKTV Play and TVPlayer without burning through your regular data allowance. Basically you get unlimited data to use on these apps/websites.

However, VOXI’s current cheapest data plan priced at £10/month doesn’t have the Endless Video feature, nor does it offer 5G coverage.

In this guide, we’ll explain how VOXI’s Endless Video works, and how much data you can save by opting for a tariff with this perk. We’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about VOXI and their deals.

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VOXI Endless Video

voxi-endless-video-passVOXI’s Endless Video used to be called ‘Endless Video Pass’ and it was an add-on that customers had to pay for. You can actually still get the pass, if you’re willing to pay £7 a month for it, but the cheapest VOXI tariff is priced at £10, meaning you’d have to pay £17 in total and you’d get less value for your money. On the other hand, Endless Video plans start at £15 a month, plus they offer more data and you gain access to VOXI’s 5G service.

What is VOXI Endless Video?

VOXI launched ‘Endless Video’ plans on 11th of September. VOXI Endless Video gives customers unlimited data to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, My5, TVPlayer and UKTV Play. All VOXI plans are flexible and contract-free, so you can start, pause or end your plan anytime you want. All VOXI Endless Video plans also include Endless Social Media (unlimited data for Facebook & Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter) and 5G at no extra cost.

VOXI customers currently on a 15GB or 45GB plan will be automatically upgraded to a new Endless Video plan with 5G at no extra cost, when their plan refreshes. Subscriptions to video services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are not included. If you join VOXI now you can get up to £20 in Amazon Vouchers.

Keep in mind that VOXI’s starter 4G plan is the only one that doesn’t offer Endless Video or 5G at no extra cost.

VOXI 5G Plans & Pricing

As stated above, VOXI offers five different price plans to choose from and three of them come with 5G at no extra cost and two with the Endless Video pass. Online video streaming is by far the most data hungry activity and VOXI offers the fastest download speeds without eating into your general data allowance, as long as you have some data left in your plan.

Endless Video plans start from £15 a month for 15GB of data with Endless Social Media and Endless Video, and if you’re willing to pay a bit more you can get 45GB of data with the same perks for £20 a month. VOXI’s unlimited data plan offers all of the above plus more for £35 a month. These three price plans also come with free roaming in 47 destinations in the EU, unlimited UK minutes & text, and 5G at no extra cost.

Every VOXI plan is flexible and commitment-free, so you don’t have to pass a credit check to join their network.

VOXI 5G Plans with Endles Video
UK Minutes & TextsPrice
Unlimited DataUnlimited£35

If you don’t know which plan you should go for, you can always check out our How much data do I need? guide to help you out. Just don’t forget that you’ll be able to stream online videos on YouTube, or stream content on Netflix or Amazon Prime without burning through your data with VOXI.

With Black Friday being just around the corner, we’d say keep a close eye on VOXI’s Black Friday SIM Only deals. The network usually offers double data on their popular SIM only plans.

VOXI’s 4G Plans

If you’re a light data user who doesn’t need 5G coverage or perhaps is looking for a cheaper VOXI deal, you can always opt for the 6Gb or 12GB data plans. These deals come with great 4G network coverage, unlimited UK minutes & texts and also includes the endless social media perk, however the endless video feature isn’t available.

The £10 plan comes with 6GB of data and for £12 a month you can get 12GB. You can also get up to £10 in Amazon gift cards if you join VOXI now via the link below & refer a friend.

5G Network Coverage & Data Speeds

VOXI uses its parent network Vodafone to provide 5G coverage in the UK and in Europe. VOXI’s 5G is available in 57 cities and towns in the UK, and you can also get 5G coverage in Germany, Spain, Italy & Ireland in a total of 193 locations.

5G is quite new and therefore it’s not a comprehensive technology yet. This means the bulk of the 5G coverage is usually found in the busy parts of towns and cities. We strongly suggest using VOXI’s online coverage checker to find out if the network offers 5G in your area. It’s a handy tool and quite easy to use. You can also use the coverage checker to see if your area gets good 4G, 3G and/or 2G coverage.

To enjoy VOXI’s 5G you need a 5G plan and a 5G handset and you have to be in an area that has 5G coverage from Vodafone/VOXI.

VOXI claims their 5G download speeds are around 10 times faster than their 4G network. There’s truth behind this claim, but we should underline that your 5G download speeds can vary and depend on multiple factors like how far away you are from a mast or which spectrum is being used. Your download speeds may also get slower if there are a lot of people around you using 5G, but even then 5G will beat the best 4G can offer in terms of data speeds.

VOXI’s average 5G download speeds are around 152Mbps on average, but peak download speeds can reach as high as 1Gbps. However, this is the best case scenario and in 5G’s current state in the UK, it would be unique to hit 1Gbps.

VOXI’s Other Features

Endless Music Pass

voxi-endless-music-passYou can add Endless Music Pass to your VOXI plan for £5 a month and enjoy unlimited online music streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, SoundCloud and Napster.

We’d like to remind you that VOXI doesn’t offer free subscriptions to these services.

Endless Social Media

VOXI Endless Social Media Review: Is It Really Unlimited?VOXI offers unlimited data on some of the most popular social media apps/websites: Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook Messenger. This means you can enjoy these social apps without burning through your regular data allowance.

You can keep your Endless Social Media as long as you have some general data left.

Voice & video calls through these apps are not included in the Endless Social Media feature.

You can learn more about VOXI’s Endless Social Media by reading our in-depth guide!

No Credit Checks

Every VOXI plan is super-flexible and commitment-free. There are no credit checks, so you can join VOXI right away. On top of that, the network allows you to start, pause or end your plan at any time. If you’re unhappy with your VOXI SIM, you can even switch to a new mobile network without having to cancel your mobile contract.

You can read Half Cooked’s extensive VOXI’s No Credit Check SIMs guide and find out all about VOXI’s SIM Only plans.

Friends with Benefits

If you join VOXI now, you can get up to £20 in Amazon Vouchers. On top of that you can invite as many friends as you want to join VOXI via your unique referral link and get even more Amazon Vouchers. Plus your friends will get the same reward you do. The larger your friends’ data plans, the larger the vouchers get!

If you wish to learn more about the carrier’s network coverage, data speeds, price plans and more, make sure to read our in-depth VOXI Review too.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in VOXI Endless Video?

VOXI Endless Video plans allow you to stream videos on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, My5, TVPlayer and UKTV Play without eating through your regular data allowance. VOXI Endless Video is included in the 15GB data plan and the 45GB data plan.

What’s included in VOXI Endless Music?

VOXI Endless Music pass gives you unlimited streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, SoundCloud and Napster.

Do I also get a free subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime with Endless Video?

No, VOXI doesn’t offer any free subscription to services listed above. You get unlimited data on these services as long as you have some data left in your allowance.

What's the connection between VOXI and Vodafone? Are they the same?

VOXI is powered by Vodafone. It’s a low-cost mobile virtual network that belongs to and run by Vodafone and the carrier uses Vodafone's network to provide 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G coverage.

Can I tether with my Endless Video?

Yes, you can. You are allowed to tether to other smartphones, laptops and tablets with Endless Video. However, smart TVs, video game consoles, Chromecast etc. are not supported by Endless Video. You can still tether to these devices, but you’ll eat through your regular data.

How fast is VOXI’s 5G?

VOXI’s average 5G download speeds are around 150Mbps to 200Mbps. In ideal scenarios your 5G download speed can reach as high as 1Gbps, but in 5G’s current state that would be a rare occasion.

Does VOXI do credit checks?

No, VOXI only offers prepaid plans. This means you don’t have to pass a credit check to purchase a VOXI SIM only plan. You can cancel your VOXI deal any time.

Does VOXI support 4G Calling?

Sadly, no. VOXI doesn’t offer 4G Calling (also known as VoLTE). You might want to check out Vodafone’s Red plans if you believe VoLTE is a must have for you.

Does VOXI support Wi-Fi Calling?

No, unfortunately VOXI doesn’t offer Wi-Fi Calling.