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Does VOXI Allow Tethering? Can I Tether With My VOXI Plan Freely?

Read on to find out if VOXI lets you turn your mobile device into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot to share your data with other devices.


VOXI is one of the most popular MVNOs (mobile virtual network operator) in the UK. The carrier belongs to Vodafone, so VOXI is using Vodafone’s award winning network to provide 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G coverage to their customers. VOXI lets you tether another phone, tablet, laptop as well as other compatible devices to your phone.

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On top of being able to tether freely with a VOXI SIM, the Endless Social Media and Endless Video perks will still apply when using supported apps and their websites on devices you’re tethering to. The same goes for the apps and websites included in the Endless Music pass.

VOXI’s Endless Social Media pass gets you unlimited use on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook Messenger. Unfortunately, voice & video calls are not included, which are heavy data activities.

VOXI Endless Video pass works the same way. You can stream your favorite content on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, My5, TVPlayer and UKTV Play without burning through your data.

VOXI Endless Music gives you unlimited data on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, SoundCloud and Napster.

To keep your Endless Social Media, Endless Video and Endless Music passes active, you must have some data left in your allowance. If you completely run out of data, you can also purchase a data add-on. Subscriptions to services listed above are not included in any of VOXIs plans.

Tethering or turning your mobile phone into a hotspot is a great feature to have, however, you’ll be using a lot more data when you’re tethering to other devices. We strongly recommend a heavy data plan, and if you can afford it an unlimited data plan for tethering purposes. Also, don’t forget that you can’t use your plan for commercial purposes. If that’s the case, make sure to apply for a business SIM plan, as VOXI has the rights to terminate your plan, if you use their services against their terms.

VOXI SIM only deals work on a prepaid basis, this means VOXI will never ask you to pass a credit check, unless you also want to buy a handset from them which means tying yourself down to a 30 month contract. Thankfully, VOXI lets you pay in larger chunks so you can cut your contract length down.

All VOXI plans come with unlimited UK minutes and texts. You also gain free access to VOXI 5G, if you choose a tariff with 15GB data or above. To enjoy superfast 5G download speeds, you’ll need a 5G phone, and also be in an area with 5G coverage. 5G is about 10 times faster than 4G, but your download and upload speeds will vary depending on many factors.

You get many great extra perks when you join VOXI, including two key features that improve your voice call quality. VOXI offers 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling at no extra cost.

If you want to learn more about VOXI and their SIM only plans, as well as the network’s 5G and 4G coverage; you can have a look at Half Cooked’s detailed VOXI Review.