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VOXI Endless Social Media Review: Is It Really Unlimited?

One of VOXI’s best features is its unique offer of Endless Social Media. In this article we’ll explain how VOXI’s endless social media works and why we think it’s great!


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These days, most of the time we spend on our mobile devices involves social media. Whether it’s WhatsApping friends & family, scrolling through Instagram or retweeting a funny post on Twitter, social media has become a massive part of everyone’s day to day lives. Spending time on social media also means burning through your mobile data allowance and a lot of these social media applications use a lot more data than you’d think!

If you’re fairly active on social media then you’ll love VOXI’s Endless Social Media feature. VOXI is the only mobile network in the UK that gives you unlimited use of social apps without burning through your data. There are no catches, no small print, as long as you have some of your mobile data allowance remaining you can benefit from unlimited use of your social media apps!

What’s Included in Endless Social Media?

VOXI’s Endless Social Media perk gives you unlimited use of Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat & Pinterest, without eating into your data.

On top of that you don’t even have to use the mobile apps to benefit from unlimited social media usage, you can just use your web browser as the websites are covered too!

Minutes & TextDataPrice
Unlimited20GB (5G Ready)£15.00
Unlimited45GB (5G Ready)£20.00
Unlimited Unlimited (5G Ready)£35.00

You can also tether to other mobile phones, laptops or tablets and the Endless Social Media will still apply. You are also free to use either the apps or websites on these specific devices. You can find the list of devices not supported by this feature below.

What’s Not Included in Endless Social Media?

Regular web browsing, checking your emails, using map applications, playing online games etc. will come out of your general data allowance.

Streaming videos and music on sites or apps such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix etc. are not covered and will also come out of your general data. However you can always purchase a Video Pass or a Music Pass.

Also be careful when you’re following a link that’s taking you out of an app or to a new web page when you’re on a browser. This will result in using your plan’s general data, unless your destination is another app/website covered by Endless Social Media.

Endless Social Media won’t work with VPN services, so if you’re actively using a VPN, make sure to turn it off when you want to enjoy unlimited social media usage.

Making and/or receiving voice and video calls on Facebook Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp is not included in your endless social media.

Endless Social Media also won’t apply when tethering to video game consoles such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One (and also their next generation versions PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X), TVs, or other smart devices such as Chromecast, Roku or Fire TV Stick.

VOXI Data Passes

Endless Social Media may not cover everything, but thankfully there are options to add music and video services to your VOXI plan.

VOXI Endless Video Pass

You can easily add an Endless Video Pass to your VOXI plan. Just sign in to your VOXI account and add a pass to your plan. VOXI’s Endless Video Pass gives you unlimited streaming on Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, My5, tvP and UKTV Play for a whole month. You won’t be eating your data while using these apps or their websites. Subscriptions to these services are not included. Endless Video Pass is priced at £7 a month.

VOXI’s Endless Video Pass is included in 15GB and 45GB data plans. Since the unlimited data plan already provides everything Endless Video can offer and then some more, the only plans missing the feature are the network’s 6GB and 12GB data plans that come with 4G coverage.

VOXI Endless Music Pass

Just like the video pass you can add an Endless Music Pass to your VOXI plan. The music pass will give you unlimited usage on Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Deezer, Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, SoundCloud and Napster.Subscriptions to these services are not included. Endless Music Pass is priced at £5 a month.

VOXI Endless Music Pass

If you ever run out of data, or you’re too close to eating up all your data allowances, you can always add 1GB extra for £3 to your VOXI plan.


Who owns VOXI? What coverage does VOXI offer?

VOXI is owned and powered by Vodafone. VOXI uses Vodafone’s network and it offers the same network coverage as its parent company. VOXI’s UK population coverage is over 99% and the network comes in second place in terms of UK geographical coverage. You can read our extensive VOXI Review to learn everything you need to know about the carrier. You can also have a look at our Vodafone Review, if you want to discover what the host network offers. We also have a Vodafone vs VOXI comparison guide.

Is VOXI slower than Vodafone?

No, VOXI isn’t slower than Vodafone. In fact some of Vodafone’s price plans come with speed restrictions and due to that VOXI’s average download speed looks faster than Vodafone’s. However, when there are no restrictions both networks offer identical download speeds.

Does VOXI have 5G?

Yes, VOXI has 5G, having said that it’s only available to network’s ‘Endless Data Plan’ customers. Meaning you have to buy VOXI’s unlimited data plan to enjoy 5G speeds. You’ll also need a compatible phone and of course you have to be in range of Vodafone’s 5G Coverage.

Can I switch from Vodafone to VOXI?

Yes, and you can even keep your phone number while doing it. Just make sure you don’t have to pay any contract termination charges.

Is there an age limit to join VOXI?

No, not anymore. When VOXI launched back in September 2017, it was initially exclusive to customers who were aged 25 or under. VOXI eventually increased the age limit to 30, but then got rid of it completely. Now anyone can get a VOXI SIM for free.

Does VOXI do credit checks?

VOXI’s SIM Only plans work on a prepaid basis, so there are no credit checks for them. Anyone can get a free VOXI SIM and purchase a plan or add credits to their account and use it as a traditional pay as you go service (but without access to the internet). However, their phone deals require credit checks.

Does VOXI have 4G Calling and Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, VOXI offers WiFi Calling, 4G Calling and Visual Voicemail as standard when you purchase a VOXI plan.

Does VOXI have data rollover?

No, VOXI doesn’t offer a data rollover feature, but the network gives you full flexibility so you can switch your plans on a monthly basis and find the best deal for you!

Can I use my VOXI plan abroad?

Yes, you can use your VOXI plan in the EU, just like at home. VOXI even provides you access to 5G when roaming abroad, provided you’re in their EU 5G zone.