VOXI vs giffgaff 2020: Unlimited Social Media or Super Flexibility?

Voxi or giffgaff? Which network offers the best coverage, speeds and deals? In this review Half Cooked dives deep and explains which network may suit your needs the best!

Latest Offer: Extra data on selected VOXI plans with unlimited use of Social Media apps!

VOXI is currently offering customers unlimited use of social apps without consuming your data, no contract, unlimited minutes and texts and endless roaming. VOXI’s latest, most attractive offer at the moment is extra data on its 6GB (2GB extra, now 8GB) and 15 GB (5GB extra, now 20GB) plans. This is only a promotional offer, and will end on 25th of June.


VOXI overview

voxi mobileVOXI is one of the many MVNO’s (meaning they don’t have their own network but use another provider’s) operating in the UK and initially it aimed at the under 30’s, but as they’ve become more popular, seeing their SIM plans appeal to a wider audience they decided to welcome aboard all ages.

VOXI’s most striking feature is their unlimited social media use, covering the eight main social media apps such as Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram. It also offers flexible 30-day rolling plans, unlimited calls and texts & no extra cost when roaming in 48 European countries. VOXI uses Vodafone’s infrastructure,so their customers get the same coverage and speeds, also sharing some of the perks Vodafone is offering but not all.

While it has plenty of good going for it, VOXI has some downsides too. There’s only a handful of plans to choose from, it doesn’t support Wi-Fi calling and its customer support is limited to online.


  • Unlimited Social Media usage.
  • Flexible 30-day rolling plans all completely priced deals.
  • Unrestricted tethering.
  • Amazon gift cards from £10 to £20.


    • No data rollover.
    • No Wi-Fi calling.
    • Limited plan options and online customer support.

giffgaff overview

giffgaff logogiffgaff -like its competitor in this review- is also an MVNO, using O2’s UK network. giffgaff won uSwitch’s Network of the Year award in 2019, has a trusted name, comes with many different plans including a 500MB data plan to unlimited ones. It’s super flexible and really easy to switch between SIM only plans. It also offers a PAYG (pay as you go) option, you can check their rates here. Not having to go through credit checks makes things even easier.

giffgaff’s pricing is a bit of a mix and it’s really hard to call it either expensive or cheap. Pricing tends to stay at the cheaper end of the table though.There’s plenty more to like about giffgaff, but of course it has some shortcomings as well. Speed tests by Ookla show O2 (giffgaff’s provider) has the slowest download and upload speeds. giffggaff itself wasn’t tested, but results should be similar to O2’s if not the same.


  • Many plans to choose from.
  • One of the most flexible network operators out there.
  • Unlimited data plans.
  • Short-term contracts with no credit checks.


  • Not the best 4G coverage.
  • 4G data speeds capped after 40GB.
  • Online-only customer support.
  • Limited roaming compared to VOXI.

Table of Contents

Network Coverage & Speed

Network CoverageVodafone launched VOXI in 2017 and shares its network with it. Given Vodafone’s 99% 4G population coverage VOXI users should enjoy the same level of reach and as for 4G & 5G speeds the experience shouldn’t be any different. However, a few Vodafone users reported that in some areas while they get 5G just fine, their friends or family members, who are on VOXI can only access 4G speeds. Fortunately VOXI has an easy to use coverage checker, so you’ll know in advance if your area is supported or not. VOXI’s average speed is second only to EE averaging around 25Mbps, which is more than enough to watch full HD streams or videos.

giffgaff is running on O2’s network, which also has 99% 4G population coverage. There’s no clear winner for which network may offer the best coverage, but you can use giffgaff’s coverage checker and compare the results with VOXI’s to see if either one is offering a better service in your area. When it comes to 4G download speeds giffgaff tracks behind VOXI with 16Mbps average. You won’t have any problems browsing the internet, but watching videos in HD or downloading large files you may experience some minor issues here and there.

One major downside for giffgaff in this comparison is 5G. Although O2’s 5G is live in areas of 60 towns and cities, there’s no news on when giffgaff will start providing 5G coverage.

As the graphic shows EE puts up the fastest speeds and it’s got the best network coverage. You may want to read Half Cooked’s EE Review before you make your final decision.


With both networks providing nearly the same level of 4G coverage, VOXI wins with faster 4G download speeds and a 5G plan choice.

Voice Call Quality

Voice Call QualityWith Vodafone’s network power behind it, VOXI does well in larger cities in terms of voice call quality and drop rates. On the other hand smaller towns and rural areas may be a bit problematic as the network’s performance falls short in these parts.

Piggybacking off O2’s network giffgaff isn’t any different. The network provides steady performance in larger cities, but while on the move or in rather smaller towns you may experience some minor performance issues.

Looking at the voice call quality tests published by independent bodies, VOXI’s provider Vodafone is the second best network just behind EE. giffgaff’s provider O2 sits in the last place out of the four major network providers in the UK. If voice call quality is a top priority for you we recommend you to check Half Cooked’s EE vs Vodafone and EE vs Three reviews. VOXI is slightly ahead of giffgaff here, but there isn’t a major difference between the two, while EE leads the way by a long shot.


Test results show VOXI is performing a bit better than giffgaff, but at the end of the day both networks offer similar voice call quality.


VOXI vs giffgaff tetheringYou may be asking what is tethering and do I need it? Well, both yes and no. Tethering means turning your mobile phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot for personal use. By turning this feature on you allow other Wi-Fi compatible devices to access the internet through your phone. This can lead to a bottleneck situation for networks especially at prime usage times, therefore some networks either don’t allow tethering or limit it.

VOXI accepts this challenge and allows tethering to the fullest. Users can turn their mobile devices into Wi-Fi hotspots and share their data with others. In fact VOXI takes it to the next level by letting connected devices enjoy the Endless Social Data and video & music streaming as long as you use their applications.

giffgaff isn’t shying away from competition either. Customers can use all their available data to tether as all the ‘goodybags’ (plans) support it. Unfortunately there’s a catch. If you’re using the unlimited plan, your data speeds will be capped at 40GB.

Tethering may eat up your data real fast, so you might want to check which networks offer the best unlimited data plans before you make your final decision.


This is yet another close victory for VOXI. Both networks offer great tethering but giffgaff’s speed cap and VOXI’s Endless Social Data are two major tie-breakers.

International Roaming

VOXI vs giffgaff international roamingDue to EU roaming regulation changes in 2017, all the mobile network providers based in the UK must offer free access to all EU roaming destinations inclusive of customer plans.

VOXI’s Europe Zone roaming is available in 48 countries. Compared to giffgaff’s 37 destinations this is quite a big difference. VOXI’s inclusive roaming covers Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey, while giffgaff users are charged at preferential rates. VOXI’s European Zone also includes countries like Switzerland and Turkey.

To use VOXI outside of their Europe Zone, you’d have to sign into your VOXI account and add some credit. You’ll then be charged their standard rates for calls, texts and data usage. Click here to view VOXI’s outside of Europe Zone rates.

Just like VOXI, to use giffgaff when visiting any of the countries that fall outside of its EU Zone, you’ll need to have some credit in your account. No matter which ‘goodybag’ you go with having credits is a must in this case.

Both networks offer different rates for each country falling outside their EU Zone. You can check VOXI’s rates by clicking here and giffgaff’s by clicking here. While on it, you can discover all the other network options for Roaming Abroad 2020.


VOXI’s EU Zone includes more crucial destinations than giffgaff’s. Pricing outside EU changes from country to country for each network.

Wi-Fi Calling & Wi-Fi Hotspots

VOXI vs giffgaff wi-fi callingWi-Fi calling is basically using Wi-Fi networks to place calls and send texts instead of using your provider’s network. It’s quite useful, especially if you are using your mobile device in areas with bad reception but have access to Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately low-cost MVNO’s tend to not support this feature and both VOXI and giffgaff are missing out on Wi-Fi calling. Make sure to have a look at VOXI’s and giffgaff’s coverage checkers to ensure you get good coverage at home, at work or wherever you’re going to be using your phone the most often. More bad news follows as neither network offers Wi-Fi Hotspots to their customers.

If Wi-Fi calling is a must have for you, check out Half Cooked’s The Best UK Networks for Wi-Fi Calling article.


There’s no competition here since neither Wi-Fi Calling nor Wi-Fi hotspots are offered by VOXI or giffgaff.

Data Rollover

VOXI vs giffgaff data rolloverSimply put, networks with data rollover option allow you to take any unused data from one month and use it the next month. Let’s say you have a 2GB plan and only use 1GB of it, following month you’ll get 3GB data in total, because the unused data from the month before, well… would be rolling over.

Sadly Voxi doesn’t offer any data rollover to its members and any data you don’t use before your month expires is gone forever. giffgaff follows the same model -kind of- as there is no data rollover option for it either. However, its super flexibility comes into play. You can switch to any ‘goodybag’ you want once the month is over or if you finished up your plan before the 30 day period. There are many ‘goodybags’ to pick from, so even if you made the wrong call initially you can still switch to a whole new plan which suits you better.

If you don’t want to lose out on your unused data though, you should check Half Cooked’s Best UK Networks for Data Rollover comparison. The article covers every major player offering data rollover.


This could easily be a draw as neither network offers data rollover, but amazingly flexible ‘goodybag’ options give the edge to giffgaff.

Family Plans

VOXI vs giffgaff family plasThere are no family plans available on VOXI or giffgaff, but both networks are generally on the cheaper side and their pricing is around the same range. That said, there are other rewards to both VOXI and giffgaff. Providing you and your referral remain an active VOXI customer (fortwo months), both of you will get £10 Amazon.co.uk Gift Cards.

giffgaff’s ‘Payback Time’ works in a different way. They ask you to bring your friends and family on board, give helpful advice on their forums, or suggest ideas to make the network better. These actions will all earn you Payback points. Twice a year you can convert your points to cash, credit or a donation to charity. giffgaff pays these out twice a year, in June and December.

If you want to browse through to see which networks offer family plans, Half Cooked’s got you covered! Check our Discounted Family Plans comparison before you come to a decision!


They may not offer any family plans but you still benefit from bringing friends and family members to these networks.Which offer is the best? We guess it depends on the person.

Other Perks

VOXI vs giffgaff other perksIf you decide to pick VOXI don’t expect any other perks to benefit from. There are no free subscriptions available, only a handful plans to choose from and customer support is limited only to online presence. We can perhaps include ‘Endless Social Media’ to the perks list, but it’s actually the key selling point for the network.

While giffgaff is also missing on free content, it’s got a plan -well a ‘goodybag’- for prettymuch every occasion. They dominate the market when it comes to flexibility between plans. On top of that even though they also offer online-only customer support, they have built a great  community over the years. This is mainly thanks to their ‘Payback Time’ program, where users get rewarded ‘Payback Points’ for being helpful community members on the official giffgaff forums. They can convert these points to cash, credit or donation to charity.

Of course, if you are looking for more there’s always other networks, which offer free subscriptions and content such as Vodafone and BT Mobile.


While VOXI is plain and simple in this category, giffgaff shines with its unique community, flexible plans and ‘Payback Points’.

voxi vs giffgaff review


It’s a close race between the two networks, as VOXI narrowly beats giffgaff in most of the categories. Though, if flexibility is more crucial to you than endless social media & better download speeds, giffgaff is clearly the better choice.

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