VOXI vs iD Mobile 2020: Unlimited Social Media vs Low Cost SIM only deals

Half Cooked helps you decide if either of VOXI or iD Mobile are the right networks for you. Read on below for the full comparison.

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Who is VOXI

voxi logoVOXI is a low cost MVNO, which means it doesn’t own its own network. VOXI is owned by Vodafone and runs on Vodafone’s network. This allows VOXI to offer its customers the same great coverage received by every Vodafone customer. All of VOXI’s plans are no credit check SIM only deals which means they’re available to everyone with your credit rating not restricting you from purchasing.

All VOXI’s plans come with unlimited minutes & texts as well as VOXI’s unique “Endless Social Media” offering – effectively unlimited data usage on a number of popular social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat. The data usage on all of these apps is free rated which means that it doesn’t eat into your monthly data allowance.


  • Unlimited Social Data
  • Low rate Data Bundles
  • High-Quality coverage and speed


  • No Wi-Fi calling
  • Online customer service only
  • No customer perks other than referrals
  • No data rollover

Who is iD Mobile

ID Mobile logoJust like VOXI, iD Mobile is also a low cost MVNO that piggybacks off another network, in iD Mobile’s case it’s Three. Three has excellent coverage in the UK – with their 4G coverage at 99.8% and 3G at 98.3%. With iD mobile, you can expect the same network experience as any other Three customer.

Our Three review goes into more detail about the network that iD Mobile operates on. iD Mobile brings you a variety of handsets with phone contracts ranging from low end devices to Apple & Samsung flagships. They also offer great value SIM only pricing, with some of the lowest price SIM only contracts available in the market.

Not only does iD Mobile offer low prices, it also brings extras like data rollover and Wi-Fi calling, making it great value for money.

This is one reason why we recommend iD Mobile for individuals looking for great value at a low cost such as students, we rank iD Mobile as one of our best student SIM only deals.


  • Data rollover
  • Account management app
  • Wi-Fi calling


  • No customer rewards
  • 3G-only roaming
  • No customer perks

Table of Contents

1. Network Coverage & Speed

2. Voice Calling

3. Tethering

4. International Roaming

5. Wi-Fi Calling & Wi-Fi Hotspots

6. Data Rollover

7. Family Plans

8. Other Perks

Network Coverage & Speed

voxi vs id mobile network coverage and speedsiD Mobile does not have a mobile network of its own. It is a virtual operator running on Three’s network. This means that all users with iD Mobile can expect the same 3G and 4G coverage as enjoyed by other customers on Three’s network. Three’s 3G and 4G coverage cover over 99% of the UK population.

VOXI also does not own it mobile network but has the advantage of using its parent network – Vodafone. Vodafone covers 99% of UK population with its 2G, 3G and 4G signals. You can also enjoy Vodafone’s 5G network in some UK cities.

You can read more about the UK’s oldest network in the Half Cooked Vodafone review.

When it comes to data speeds, Vodafone edges Three with average download speeds of 25.1 MB/s vs 21.6 MB/s on Three. This is according to the most recent testing done by Open Signal. Also, Vodafone has lower latency on their 4G network compared to Three. So, if you are into heavy duty high definition streaming, you would prefer VOXI over iD Mobile.

To learn more about the networks used by VOXI and iD Mobile compare, read our in-depth comparison of Vodafone vs Three.

Half Cooked Verdict

winner-voxiVOXI wins when it comes to network speed and coverage, as you get similar coverage with faster network speeds according to the most recent testing.

Want to know more about the best UK 4G networks? Read our best network coverage guide.

Voice Calling

voxi vs id mobile voice callSince VOXI uses Vodafone’s network to deliver voice calling, we’ve looked at recent voice calling results for Vodafone. We found that Vodafone came second in recent testing, just behind EE. Its 2G/3G signals also do an excellent job by providing coverage in black spots when you are inside thick-walled buildings.

Check out our EE review to know more about the UK’s best network for voice quality.

iD Mobile struggles with voice quality when you are away from the big cities. Also, though Three’s network covers 99.8% of the UK population, its lack of support for 2G and 3G which means that iD Mobile customers sometimes have to deal with poor voice quality in indoor black spots.

Half Cooked Verdict

winner-voxiVOXI wins when it comes to voice call quality, as its 2G/3G signals keep you covered in places iD Mobile doesn’t.


voxi vs id mobile tetheringTethering means using your mobile device as a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet. This could be other phones, tablets or laptops.

Neither VOXI nor iD Mobile place any constraints on how you can use your data when you enable tethering on your mobile.

With VOXI, all your tethered devices get to enjoy the same endless social media perks as your mobile phone – this also applies to all the websites and apps covered by your endless music and video passes.

iD mobile also allows you to tether your data however you want. This gets even better with their unlimited data plan, with no restrictions placed on tethering on your unlimited data plan.

If you are a high data user you may be interested in our article which looks at the best unlimited data plans.

Half Cooked Verdict

Though none of these networks place any restrictions on tethering, iD Mobile wins as it offers unlimited 4G data – which means you can tether without worrying about burning through your data allowance.

International Roaming

voxi vs id mobile international roamingRoaming abroad in the EU while using either iD Mobile or VOXI doesn’t incur any additional charges. This is in line with the EU roaming regulations that came into effect a few years back. This means you can use your monthly bundle of minutes, texts & data just as you would in the UK.

VOXI also offers customers endless social media when they are roaming abroad. As for other data use, they do have a cap of 25GB when you are not in your home zone.

iD Mobile also has a fair use policy (FUP) but it is far more restrictive compared to VOXI. If you’re on 20GB plan with iD Mobile for e.g., you can only use 5.12GB of data when traveling in the EU and you’ll be subject to the below rates if you exceed this:

  • 2p per minute
  • 1p per text
  • 0.59p per MB

Beyond the EU, there are no additional international roaming destinations that are included. We recommend checking out the pricing on VOXI & iD Mobile’s site for anywhere you are looking to visit as these vary from destination to destination.

Half Cooked Verdict

winner-voxiFewer restrictions when roaming in the EU gives VOXI the win.

Read our article looking at the best networks for roaming which covers VOXI roaming and how that compares to some of the better deals offered by the larger network operators.

Wi-Fi Calling & Wi-Fi Hotspots

voxi vs id wifi callingWi-Fi calling is a technology that allows your phone to send and receive phone calls & texts when mobile signal isn’t available but a nearby Wi-Fi signal is.

This is really handy when you are in a blackspot where mobile signal isn’t available, for example, when you are underground or inside a building with thick walls.

iD Mobile has the distinction of being the only low-cost provider in the UK to offer Wi-Fi calling. VOXI customers, like most other low-cost providers, don’t currently offer customers Wi-Fi calling.

Wi-Fi hotspots help you save mobile data when you are in a free Wi-Fi Zone. VOXI offer hotspots to their customers with VOXI underground WIFI giving customers access to Wi-Fi at over 250 underground stations in London.

iD Mobile doesn’t offer any Wi-Fi hotspots but many public places such as coffee shops, libraries and airports now offer free Wi-Fi, so we don’t see this as a particularly important perk.

Also, this is something not offered by most low-cost operators.

Half Cooked Verdict

iD Mobile wins here with its Wi-Fi calling feature. If you want to know which networks offer WiFi calling check out our article.

Data Rollover

voxi vs id mobile data rolloverData rollover means you can roll your unused data from one month to the next. For e.g. if you have a 2GB plan and only use 1GB the following month you will have 3GB as the extra 1GB would be rolled over.

With VOXI, you lose your unused data at the end of the month – there is no data rollover scheme to help you make use of your unused data.

With iD Mobile, you can keep your remaining monthly data and use it in the next month. However, note that the rolled over data must be used in the following month, it does not get applied to any subsequent months.

Half Cooked Verdict

iD Mobile wins with its 1-month data rollover offer. We rank the best UK networks for data rollover – check it out.

Family Plans

voxi vs id mobile family plansMost UK networks now offer family plans these days and it only makes sense. With everyone carrying a mobile phone nowadays, discounted family plans help these networks incentivise customers to add their family and friends to the network.

Surprisingly, neither VOXI nor iD Mobile have any family mobile plans available.

Half Cooked Verdict

This is a tie as none of the two networks offer any family plans.

Other Perks

voxi vs id mobile other perksA lot of networks provide additional perks to their customers as part of their plans. For example, apps that offer freebies or discounts, free streaming apps to keep your mobile data consumption low or free subscriptions to premium services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

iD Mobile does provide any additional offers to their customers. Primarily this is because iD Mobile aim to offer some of the most competitive pricing on the market and do this by keeping their costs low. This is similar to other low cost virtual operators such as SMARTY or giffgaff.

VOXI offers unlimited social media access without impacting your monthly data allowance. This means you can use popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest without using any data.

VOXI also offers a referral scheme to its customers.

For every new customer you bring to VOXI, you and the new user get a £10 Amazon voucher. It can go up to 20 pounds if the new user purchases an Endless Data plan or a £20 45GB plan.

Half Cooked Verdict

winner-voxiVOXI wins this one with its unique endless social media offer & referral scheme.

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