VOXI vs Sky Mobile: Limitless Data Rollover vs 3-year Data Rollover

With great value at a low price point, there are lots of reason to choose VOXI or Sky Mobile. Read on below Half Cooked's full breakdown.

Latest Offer: Extra data on selected VOXI plans with unlimited use of Social Media apps!

VOXI is currently offering customers unlimited use of social apps without consuming your data, no contract, unlimited minutes and texts and endless roaming. VOXI’s latest, most attractive offer at the moment is extra data on its 6GB (2GB extra, now 8GB) and 15 GB (5GB extra, now 20GB) plans. This is only a promotional offer, and will end on 25th of June.

VOXI overview

voxi logoVOXI is a low -cost MVNO, running on its parent network – Vodafone. This means VOXI offers its customers the same great coverage as enjoyed by any Vodafone customer. VOXI’s no credit check SIM deals allow anyone to join their network without worrying about their credit rating.

All of VOXI’s plans feature unlimited minutes and texts along with “Endless Social Media” – this allows unlimited data usage on approved social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. The data usage on all these apps is free rated which means your monthly data allowance is not affected, irrespective of how much time you spend on these apps.


  • Unlimited Social Data
  • Low rate Data Bundles
  • High-Quality coverage and speed


  • No Wi-Fi calling
  • Online customer service only
  • No data rollover

Sky Mobile overview

SKY mobile logoJust like VOXI, Sky Mobile is also a low cost MVNO that piggybacks off another network – in Sky Mobile’s case it is O2. O2 tracks behind the other operators in term of network speeds, but still offers great coverage.
Sky Mobile’s unlimited streaming benefit that you get on all their SIM only plans and phone contracts is a favourite amongst customers that have a Sky TV package.
You can watch Sky channels on your mobile device without consuming any of your mobile data.
But what really sets Sky Mobile apart is their generous data rollover scheme, allowing customers to keep their unused data for up to 3 years.


  • Excellent coverage in the UK
  • Unlimited Sky TV app streaming
  • 3 years data rollover


  • Slower 4G speed
  • Patchy Wi-Fi calling


Table of Contents

1. Network Coverage & Speed

2. Voice Calling

3. Tethering

4. International Roaming

5. Wi-Fi Calling & Wi-Fi Hotspots

6. Data Rollover

7. Family Plans

8. Other Perks

Network Coverage & Speed

voxi vs sky mobile network coverage and speedVOXI does not own it mobile network but instead runs on its parent network – Vodafone. Vodafone covers 99% of the UK population with its 2G, 3G and 4G signals. You can also enjoy Vodafone’s 5G network in some UK cities.
Customers with O2 report problems and signal reception for calls and texts, more so in smaller towns and villages; some independent network tests suggest railways and roads account for most of O2’s problems.
When it comes to data speeds, Vodafone beats O2 with average download speeds of 25.1 MB/s vs 16.9 MB/s, so you can expect faster downloads with Vodafone but we encountered no issues when it came to surfing the web and streaming HD videos on either network.
To know more about the networks used by Sky Mobile and VOXI, follow our in-depth comparison of O2 vs Vodafone.

Half Cooked Verdict

VOXI wins when it comes to network speed and coverage, with faster download speed and better coverage in smaller towns and villages.
If you want to know more about the best 4G UK networks check out our guide to find out which networks have the fastest 4G speeds & best network coverage.

Voice Calling

voxi vs sky mobile voice callingSince VOXI uses Vodafone’s network to deliver voice calling, we looked at latest voice calling results for Vodafone. We found that Vodafone’s voice call quality is second only to EE. Its 2G/3G signals also do an excellent job by providing coverage in black spots when you are inside thick-walled buildings.
Check out our EE review to learn more about the UK’s best network for voice quality.
Sky Mobile does a great job when it comes to indoor reception, with their network frequencies better at getting into buildings and you’ll get generally good reception for calls & texts. With 4G data coverage being available 85% of the time, with only EE topping that.
Sky’s only downside was independent testing suggest coverage on railways and roads was poorer.

Half Cooked Verdict

Sky Mobile comes on top in voice call quality with its indoor coverage getting them the edge.


voxi vs sky mobile tetheringTethering means using your mobile phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot and connecting other Wi-Fi enabled devices like phones, tablets or laptops to the internet using your mobile data.
Neither VOXI nor Sky Mobile place any constraints on the use of tethering,
With VOXI, all your tethered devices get to enjoy the same endless social media perks as your mobile phone – this also applies to all the websites and apps covered by your endless music and video passes.
Sky Mobile also allows you to tether your data however you want, even when you are abroad. If you are a high data user, you may be interested in Half Cooked’s  article which looks at the best unlimited data plans.

Half Cooked Verdict

This is a tie– both VOXI and Sky Mobile allow you to tether all your data allowance with no restrictions.

International Roaming

voxi vs sky mobile international roamingRoaming abroad in the EU while using either VOXI or Sky Mobile doesn’t incur any additional charges. This means you can use your monthly allowance of minutes, texts & data just as you would in the UK. This is in line with the EU roaming regulations that came into effect a few years back.
VOXI also offers customers endless social media when they are roaming abroad. As for other data use, they do have a cap of 25GB when you are not in the UK. Sky Mobile also allows you unlimited streaming on their Sky App when traveling and there are no fair use policy restrictions.
Where Sky Mobile goes one step further than other providers is by offering 10 other countries outside the EU where you can use the data from your regular plan by paying a fixed daily fee.

Half Cooked Verdict

Sky Mobile wins here with no FUP restrictions when traveling abroad and the ability to use your data in 10 additional countries for a fixed fee.
Read our report on roaming abroad, which compares VOXI roaming restrictions to other networks.

Wi-Fi Calling & Wi-Fi Hotspots

voxi vs sky mobile wi-fi callingWi-Fi calling allows your phone to send and receive phone calls & texts using an available Wi-Fi network in the absence of a mobile signal.
This is really useful when you are stuck in a blackspot where mobile signal can’t reach, for example, when you are working underground or in a thick walled building.
Sky does offer Wi-Fi calling as a standard perk. We found that it works fine with Apple devices but we encountered some issues with some Android devices. Sky also offers an app which should help resolve some of these issues. VOXI, like most other low-cost providers, does not offer Wi-Fi calling.
Wi-Fi hotspots help you save mobile data when you are in a free Wi-Fi Zone. VOXI offer hotspots to their customers with VOXI underground WIFI giving customers access to Wi-Fi at over 250 underground stations in London.
Sky Mobile also offers free Wi-Fi hotspots but it should be noted, this isn’t an exclusive Sky customer benefit. You can sign up for a free cloud account and get access to Sky’s free Wi-Fi network even if you are not a Sky Mobile customer.

Half Cooked Verdict

VOXI wins here with its superior Wi-Fi calling feature. Find out which networks offer WiFi calling.

Data Rollover

voxi vs sky mobile data rolloverData rollover means you can roll your unused data from one month to the next. For e.g. if you have a 3GB plan and only use 1GB, the following month you will have 5GB as the extra 2GB would be rolled over.
With VOXI, you lose your unused data at the end of the month – there is no data rollover scheme to maximise your monthly data allowance.
Sky Mobile boasts one of the best data rollover perks in the industry with a 3 year data rollover with most schemes only giving customers 1 month at which point the rolled over data expires.

Half Cooked Verdict

Sky Mobile wins with its “best in the industry” data rollover offer. Check out our ranking of the best UK networks for data rollover to find out if a data rollover sim only deal is right for you.

Family Plans

voxi vs sky mobile family plansWith all members of the family having a mobile device these days a lot of the UK networks now offer discounted family plans to incentivise customers to consolidate their contracts with one network.
Sky mobile allows you to manage up to 5 plans using one account, so you can manage payments and deals for these plans in one place. It gets even better as Sky Mobile allows you to share unused data between these accounts.
VOXI misses out here by not offering any data plans.
Check out our article to find out about the best family phone deals offered by the UK mobile networks.

Half Cooked Verdict

Sky mobile wins by a huge margin here – not only do they have a family plan to simplify managing the whole families contracts but they even allow sharing unused data.

Other Perks

voxi vs sky mobile perksA lot of networks provide additional perks to their customers as part of their plans. For example, apps that offer freebies or discounts, free streaming apps to keep your mobile data consumption low or free subscriptions to premium services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
VOXI offers unlimited social media access without cutting into your monthly data allowance. This means you can use popular apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest without using any data from your plan.
Sky Mobile allows you to stream unlimited content on its TV apps without using your data allowance.
VOXI also offers a referral scheme to its customers. For every new customer you bring to VOXI, you and the new user get a £10 Amazon voucher. It can go up to £20 if the new user purchases an Endless Data plan or a £20 45GB plan.
Sky TV customers that purchase a deal with Sky Mobile also get an upgrade on Sky Go to Sky Go Extra. It’s an excellent way to get more out of your mobile and TV package. Commuters and people travelling with children have a great way to stay entertained with endless streaming without worrying about their data allowance.

Half Cooked Verdict

VOXI wins this one as Sky limits its perks to Sky TV subscribers whereas all VOXI customers enjoy the perks offered by the network.