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VOXI vs Sky Mobile: Unlimited social media VS free Sky TV Apps and 3-Year data rollover

In this article, we compare VOXI’s and Sky Mobile’s network coverage, data speeds, special features and more!

voxi vs skymobile review

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Who is VOXI

If you’re looking for a low-cost SIM only deal with great value and no credit checks, VOXI is one of the best networks out there for you. VOXI is owned by Vodafone and the carrier uses Vodafone’s network to provide 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G coverage to their customers. It’s one of the younger MVNOs in the UK having launched back in September 2017. The network’s services were limited to under 25, and then under 30, but as of April 2019 VOXI is available to all in the country.

VOXI’s most outstanding feature is their ‘endless social media service’, which allows their customers to use Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Facebook Messenger without eating through their regular data allowance.

Currently, the network has five different SIM only plans to choose from, as well as some phone deals. Three out of five tariffs also come with the Endless Video perk, which allows you to stream videos on YouTube, Netflix and some other platforms without eating through your regular data. They also come with 5G.


  • Endless social media and endless video usage on selected apps
  • Flexible 30-day rolling plans.
  • No credit checks, no contracts
  • WiFi Calling & 4G Calling
  • 5G at no extra cost


  • Limited plan selection
  • Not the best 5G option
  • No data rollover

Who is Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile uses coverage from O2 and provides 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G services in the UK, however 5G coverage is only available to Sky VIP members. Currently, Sky Mobile has 5 different price plans to choose from, however the network doesn’t offer any large/unlimited data plan.

Their customers benefit from a number of unique features such as unlimited streaming through Sky TV apps or a data rollover feature that’s valid for up to three years. With rollover, you can use the data you save anytime you want, but you can also exchange it to pay for a new device or exclusive online content. The carrier also offers a feature called Swap, which gives you some flexibility to upgrade your device. You also benefit from Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling.

Unfortunately, Sky Mobile doesn’t offer any 30-day deals, you have to sign a 12 month contract to join the mobile network.


  • Allows you to keep your unused data for up to three years
  • You can switch between available plans
  • Unlimited Sky TV apps streaming, if you’re a Sky TV customer
  • 5G at no extra cost
  • WiFi Calling and 4G Calling


  • No unlimited data plans, or big data plans
  • Only 12-month contracts

Plans & Pricing

VOXI has five different 4G price plans to choose from, and three of them come with 5G coverage wherever available. The carrier offers competitive prices combined with unlimited UK calls & texts, as well as ‘endless social media’. You can also use your VOXI plans in Europe at no extra cost. The Endless Video feature is available to 15GB, 45GB and Endless Data plan customers.

VOXI’s SIM only deals are quite flexible as you can switch between these five price plans on a monthly basis, or take a break from their bundles and use the network as a traditional PAYG service. All VOXI SIM only deals are on a prepaid basis, so no credit checks are required! You can simply purchase a tariff and start using your SIM.

To get a Sky Mobile SIM only plan, you must sign a 12-month contract, there’s no other way around it. The network doesn’t offer any shorter contracts. This also means you have to undergo a credit check. Sky Mobile’s SIM only deals come with free Sky TV app streaming, free Wi-Fi Hotspots (though they’re available to all mobile users in the UK), and you can roll over your unused data for up to three years. While the network doesn’t offer an unlimited data plan, their prices are usually a tiny bit cheaper than VOXI’s, and if you are a Sky VIP member you get 5G for free. However, cheaper prices should be expected as the network locks you in for a whole year.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

It’s like comparing apples to oranges. VOXI only offers monthly rolling commitment-free plans, while Sky Mobile only has 12-month long contracts. Both networks have solid offers,  you can’t go wrong with either.

Pay As You Go

VOXI’s SIM only deals are prepaid so you could say they’re pay as you go bundles, however since we already covered them as SIM only deals, we’ll focus on the network’s traditional pay as you go service. VOXI’s PAYG rates are 30p for calls and 14p for texts. There are no PAYG data charges on VOXI plans, because the carrier simply won’t allow you to connect to their internet service.

Sky Mobile doesn’t have any PAYG deals at the moment. You can’t use the network as a traditional pay as you go service, and there are no 30-day bundles to purchase. However both the host network O2 and their low-cost MVNO giffgaff have flexible PAYG deals. You can read our giffgaff Review to discover more about the network and their amazingly flexible PAYG offers.

Alternatively you can also read out Best PAYG deals in the UK guide to find the most suitable network for you.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

This time we have a clear winner in VOXI. Having said that, it’s because Sky Mobile doesn’t offer any method of PAYG, not even pay monthly bundles.

Pay Monthly Phones

Both VOXI and Sky Mobile have competitively priced phone deals. While Sky Mobile offers a wider range of smartphones to choose from, VOXI’s phone deals are significantly cheaper. This is mainly because you don’t have to continue using your VOXI plan provided with your phone. However, Sky Mobile wins when it comes to flexibility thanks to their ‘Swap’ feature. Regardless of your phone choice VOXI locks you in for 30 months, having said that you can pay larger chunks to cut your contract to a shorter length.

When it comes to extras and gifts, Sky Mobile takes the lead again. The O2 powered MVNO offers double data on some deals, great discounts on others as well as extras such as wireless earphones.

If you purchase an iPhone from VOXI, you’ll get an Apple TV+ subscription for a whole year.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

It’s another tie in our eyes. VOXI’s phone deals come out cheaper in the long run, and they’re more flexible, plus you can switch your network if you wish to. However Sky Mobile offers great gifts and extras, as well as the ability to change your phone mid contract depending on which Swap deal you picked.

Network Coverage & Speeds

VOXI operates on Vodafone’s network. The carrier offers over 99% population coverage in the UK, on top of that Vodafone comes in second place when it comes to UK geographical coverage, which is arguably more important since all the UK mobile networks provide over 99% population coverage. The latest speed test results published by Opensignal’s April 2021 report that Vodafone’s average download speed is at around 21Mbps, while the upload speed is at around 8.1Mbps.

Sky Mobile uses O2’s network to provide network coverage. As stated above, they also have over 99% population coverage, however when it comes to landmass coverage they take the last place among the four major mobile network providers in the UK. The network’s average download speed is around 17.3Mbps and upload speed is at 6.7Mbps.

As always, we’d like to remind you to check each network’s coverage map before you make your final decision. Alternatively you can check out EE’s offers. EE is the largest mobile network in the UK and they also offer the fastest data speeds combined with the best network coverage. You can read our extensive EE Review to learn more about them.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Vodafone’s network coverage is objectively better, plus the network offers faster download speeds compared to O2. Hence VOXI is the clear winner in terms of 4G coverage and download speeds.

5G Coverage

VOXI uses Vodafone’s 5G service. The carrier’s 15GB, 45GB & Endless Data plans come with 5G coverage at the moment. You can get 5G coverage with VOXI in Spain, Germany and Italy as well, provided you’re in Vodafone’s 5G zones. Currently, VOXI offers 5G in 100 cities and towns in the UK, and another 193 cities and towns across the EU. The carrier is selling 5G ready smartphones too, but their options are limited at the moment.

Sky Mobile customers benefit from O2’s 5G, which is live in 155 cities and towns in the UK. Sky VIP members benefit from 5G at no extra cost, but if you’re a regular customer you’ll have to pay extra £5 per month to use Sky’s 5G. Sky Mobile’s online phone store has 5G ready devices, but just like VOXI, your choices are quite limited. The network also doesn’t support 5G-ready devices bought from any other store but Sky Mobile.

VOXI’s 5G download speeds are around 103Mbps, meanwhile Sky Mobile 5G data speeds average around 129Mbps, per Opensignal’s April 2021 network test results.

Make sure to read about the best 5G Networks in the UK before you make your final decision! We especially recommend checking Three’s 5G coverage, as the network offers this service for free to all their customers, including PAYG. Have a look at our Three Review to learn all about their 5G related offers.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

While Sky Mobile’s 5G coverage is wider in the UK, VOXI’s plans are easier to get since there are no credit checks. Plus they come at no extra cost. We think this is a tie. It comes down to availability versus network coverage and data speeds.

Voice Call Quality

To measure voice call quality we’d have to perform countrywide tests with multiple handsets, and different price plans. Unfortunately we don’t have the means to perform such tests, but thankfully independent testing bodies like Open Signal, OOKLA and umlaut do. These are some of the most renowned testing companies known for their objectivity and reliability.

According to their test results Vodafone offers much better voice call quality across the UK, even catching up or passing EE in a couple towns. O2 offers decent coverage too, just not as good as Vodafone. While neither VOXI nor Sky Mobile were tested, their parent networks were and they offer identical coverage with their hosts. VOXI is rated significantly better because the network simply offers better voice call quality and shorter call setup times.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Vodafone provides superior network coverage than O2 in the UK. Hence VOXI’s voice call quality is objectively better than Sky Mobile’s.

Wi-Fi Calling & 4G Calling

4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling are two key features that increase your overall voice call quality and network coverage. In order to benefit from these perks you’ll need a compatible handset and a price plan that includes them. Depending on your device and network you might have to turn them on manually.

4G Calling eliminates many indoor blackspots, and your calls become much clearer thanks to larger data transfer capabilities of 4G. Wi-Fi Calling keeps you connected by utilising an available Wi-Fi connection, even if you don’t get any phone signal.

Luckily, both VOXI and Sky Mobile have 4G Calling & Wi-Fi Calling.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Both VOXI and Sky Mobile offers 4G Calling (aka VoLTE) and WiFi Calling at no extra cost. Therefore we can’t pick a winner.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

VOXI customers don’t get any exclusive free Wi-Fi hotspots, however, they can use O2’s free Wi-Fi hotspots or Sky Mobile’s The Cloud for free wherever possible. While The Cloud belongs to Sky, the service is available to all mobile customers in the UK for free. All you need is a Sky WiFi account, which you can create for free.

While free Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t the first thing most customers look at in a mobile network, we still want to recommend some other alternatives. Both BT Mobile and Virgin Mobile have millions of free Wi-Fi locations in the UK. You can read our BT Mobile Review and Virgin Mobile Review to learn everything you need to know about their exclusive free Wi-Fi services.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Technically speaking you get to access the same amount of free Wi-Fi hotspots on both VOXI and Sky Mobile. Having said that, since The Cloud belongs to Sky Mobile, we think they deserve the crown here.


Tethering refers to linking a mobile phone with other compatible devices (other smartphones, laptops, video game consoles, tablets etc.) so they can use the phone’s mobile internet. This is also known as turning your mobile device into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

You can tether freely on both VOXI and Sky Mobile, but we’d like to remind you that tethering can use up a lot of data at a faster rate. VOXI’s endless data plan is the most suitable option for regular tethering, but as long as you’re extra careful you should be fine. Plus you can use VOXI’s endless social media on other smartphones, laptops and tablets too.

If you’re planning to tether very often, we strongly suggest choosing a large data plan, or an unlimited data plan. Your cheapest options with great value and flexibility would be SMARTY’s and Superdrug’s unlimited data plans in this case. Make sure to read our SMARTY Review and Superdrug Review if you wish to learn more.

If you need 5G and you’re in their 5G Coverage zone, VOXI will still be a great choice.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Both networks will allow you to tether freely, but VOXI is definitely ahead of Sky Mobile here. You can even share your endless social media perk with others, and the carrier also has an unlimited data plan.

International Roaming

Due to the EU roaming regulation changes that happened in 2017 all the mobile networks based in the UK must offer inclusive roaming in the EU.

VOXI’s roam like at home zone covers 47 destinations including Switzerland, meanwhile Sky Mobile’s inclusive roaming is available in 48 destinations in the EU and EEA. You can also purchase Sky’s ‘Roaming Passport Plus’ add-on for £6/day and use your UK allowances in 12 more popular destinations including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Qatar, Switzerland, Thailand, Hong Kong, Turkey and Northern Cyprus, Christmas Islands and Cocos Islands.

VOXI’s fair usage policy limits your monthly spending to a maximum of 25GB. Sky Mobile doesn’t set a limit, but it’s because the network doesn’t offer any large data plans or an unlimited data plan.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

Both networks offer similar inclusive roaming deals, but Sky Mobile is our winner here. While you have to pay an extra £6 a day, you still get to use your UK allowances in the USA and many other popular destinations across the world.


The Endless Social Media perk is what makes VOXI unique. The scheme offers unlimited social media usage on Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. The only catch is you must have some regular data left in your plan, if not VOXI will charge you for any extra data you use, but you can purchase a data pass if things come to that.

Make sure to check out our unlimited social media networks guide to find similar offers, but you won’t find a better one than VOXIs for sure!

Endless Data Plan

VOXI’s unlimited data plan comes with 5G coverage in 44 cities and towns across the UK. The Endless Data Plan has no fair usage limitations or speed restrictions so you have nothing to worry about.

Endless Calls & Texts

VOXI’s price plans come with unlimited UK calls and texts. You can also send unlimited MMS (picture messages).

No Credit Checks – Endless Flexibility

VOXI welcomes everyone, all five SIM only plans are on a prepaid basis. You simply purchase your SIM plan and start using it right away. No credit checks required. You’re commitment-free.

Friends with Benefits

By inviting a friend to join VOXI, you can earn an Amazon gift card worth up to £20. VOXI says the more the merrier, you can invite as many friends as you want. The larger the invited person’s data plan is, the bigger both your rewards will be.

iD Mobile’s Features

We think Roll is Sky Mobile’s best feature by a long shot. Your unused data will roll over at the end of each month and will be added to your Sky Piggybank. The Piggybank can store your leftover data for up to three years and you can withdraw data any time you want. The unused data can be withdrawn from your Sky Piggybank in 1GB increments or alternatively you can cash it for rewards such as money off for a new device or Sky Go Extra, as well as Sky Store vouchers which you can use to stream movies and TV shows.

If you also have a family account with Sky Mobile, or simply have other SIMs under your main account all the unused data will be pooled together. This means you’ll be able to move data between accounts easily.


If you’re a Sky TV customer with a Sky Mobile SIM, you can watch Sky TV and use all the Sky Apps without using your regular data allowance. You also gain free access to Sky Go Extra, so you can download Sky’s on demand programmes to watch any time you want.

And if you don’t have a Sky TV subscription, you can watch content from Sky apps that don’t require a subscription without having to burn through your data allowance.


Sky Mobile’s SIM only deals last 12 months, while phone contracts last even longer, but at least you’re not locked into a single plan. Sky Mobile customers can change their price plan on a monthly basis and their leftover data won’t reset. The rolled over data stays safe in the Piggybank.

You can upgrade your plan at any given time, but if you wish to downgrade you’ll have to wait till the next billing time.

The Cloud

Sky’s countrywide free Wi-Fi hotspot service is dubbed as The Cloud. Sky’s free Wi-Fi service is also operated by the Cloud, but at this point they’re basically the same. The Cloud provides thousands of free Wi-Fi hotspots for mobile customers across the country and it’s free.


If you’re looking to upgrade your current handset that you bought from Sky, you can simply choose a new device from their store, send your old phone one to the carrier and get your new device! You can either choose Swap 12 or Swap 24 to do this.

Swap 12: You can swap your current device for a new one after the 12th month if it’s in good condition. If the phone is in full working order with no physical damage, the value of your phone will be used to pay off the remainder of your 24-month contract.

Swap 24: It’s essentially the same deal but instead of on the 12th month, you’ll be able to change your device after the 24th month and obviously the value of your old phone will be used to pay off the remainder of your 36-month contract.

Half Cooked’s Verdict

We fancy what both networks offer. Sky Mobile’s features include one of the best data rollover schemes in the UK, while VOXI’s endless social media is great for heavy social media users in more ways than one. It’s yet another tie between the two providers, and comes down to your personal preferences.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

We think Sky Mobile offers some amazing deals, but overall we’d say VOXI is the better choice here. Flexible commitment-free price plans with great value beats having to sign a long-term contract. Plus, VOXI’s network coverage and data speeds are objectively better.


Does Sky Mobile own The Cloud?

The Cloud belongs to Sky, so technically yes, we can say that The Cloud is owned and operated by Sky.

Do I have to pay any fees to use The Cloud?

No, The Cloud is free to use, but you’ll have to create an account to benefit from this service.

Is VOXI better than Vodafone?

VOXI is Vodafone’s low-cost mobile virtual network operator. VOXI offers more competitive prices at the expense of reward programmes and some of the extra features. At the end of the day, both networks have their pros and cons, so we say read our Vodafone Review and VOXI Review, or alternatively jump straight to our Vodafone vs VOXI Review to find out more.

Is VOXI cheaper than Vodafone?

Yes, VOXI’s price plans and phone deals are cheaper than Vodafone’s deals. At the end of the day VOXI is a low-cost option to Vodafone, launched by Vodafone.

Does Sky Mobile have 4G Calling, VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling?

Yes, Sky Mobile deals come with 4G Calling (also known as VoLTE) and Wi-Fi Calling. However, you’ll need a compatible device to enjoy these two perks.

Does VOXI have 4G Calling, VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling?

VOXI provides Wi-Fi Calling and 4G Calling at no additional cost when you purchase any one of the VOXI plans.

Can I keep my phone number if I switch to VOXI or Sky Mobile?

Yes, you can easily keep your number when switching between two UK mobile network providers. You just need to get your PAC code from your current operator and pass it on to your new one. They’ll do the rest. The whole process shouldn’t take any longer than two days. If you need more information, you can always read our how to switch mobile networks and keep the same number guide.

Can other devices benefit from Endless Social Media when I’m tethering?

Yes, VOXI’s endless social media perk will work just fine when you tether to other mobile devices. However, they should also use the apps and not the browser versions.