VOXI vs SMARTY Review 2020: Endless Social Media or Money back for unused data?

Half Cooked presents you this unbiased VOXI vs SMARTY review to help you choose between the two. Read on below for the full breakdown.

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VOXI overview

voxi logoVOXI is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) owned by and running on Vodafone’s network. Learn more about the UK’s oldest network by reading Half cooked’s Vodafone network review. This means you will enjoy the same network coverage as any other Vodafone Network customer.

VOXI offers 3 different plans with 6GB, 15GB & 45GB data allowances. It bundles unlimited minutes, texts and “Endless Social Media” with all its data plans. VOXI’s Endless Social Media offer allows you to use approved social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Viber without any fear of data consumption. So, if you are frequent user of these popular social media apps, VOXI could help you save significantly on your monthly data usage.

VOXI also provides Endless Video pass and Endless Music Pass for only 5 and 7 pounds extra respectively, so you can enjoy unlimited music and videos on selected apps.

VOXI now sells SIM-only Plans and Phones on Contract users of all ages – it was previously restricted to customers over 30. Phones bought from VOXI are locked to Vodafone and you need to use a VOXI SIM for at least 30 days to unlock your handset.




  • Unlimited Social Data
  • High quality coverage and speed
  • Low rate Data Bundles




  • No Wi-Fi calling
  • No customer perks other than referrals
  • Online customer service only
  • No data rollover

SMARTY overview

Smarty-LogoSMARTY is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) which uses Three’s network to connect its customers to 3G & 4G services. It offers great pricing on its SIM-only one-month plans. SMARTY also offers customers an unlimited data plan to its users that enables its customers to use unlimited data, calls and texts without any restrictions.

SMARTY also offers a unique data rollover scheme to its customer, which pays them back for unused data at the end of the month. SMARTY gives a 14-day money back guarantee if the coverage is not up to the user expectation. SMARTY’s  Rolling SIM no credit check policy makes it easy for anyone to join its network.




  • Unlimited data plan
  • Unlimited text and minutes from only £25/month
  • No credit check needed to join
  • Money-back on unused data




  • Patchy coverage in remote areas
  • No Wi-Fi or 4G calling
  • Online customer service only

Table of Contents

Network Coverage & Speed

voxi vs smarty network coverage and speedSMARTY is a virtual operator which means it operates on another network, so the first question usually asked by consumers is which network does SMARTY use? SMARTY uses Three’s network which means its users will get same great 3G and 4G speeds as other Three Network users.

Although Three is the smallest network among all the networks being operated in the U.K, it’s 3G and 4G networks have over 99% population coverage as is detailed in our Three network review.
VOXI uses Vodafone’s network which is the oldest running network of the United Kingdom. If you have used the Vodafone network before, you will find no difference between the coverage offered by VOXI and Vodafone. Vodafone provides 2G, 3G, and 4G to almost 99% population of the UK. The users in a few UK cities can also benefit from Vodafone’s latest 5G network.
In terms of download speed, VOXI (Vodafone network) has an edge over SMARTY (Three’s network) with 25.1 Mbps download speed compared to SMARTY’s 21.6Mpbs. We also observed that there is lower 4G latency on VOXIs network compared to SMARTY, which is good for online gaming.

If you want to learn more about the underlying networks that VOXI & SMARTY are running on, we’ve compared them in depth in our Vodafone vs Three article.

Half Cooked Verdict

VOXI is the winner here as it offers users faster download speeds and lower latency.

Want to know which UK networks offer the best coverage and fastest speeds?  Read Half Cooked’ report to find out who has the fastest 4G network.

Voice Calling

voxi vs smarty voice callingAs VOXI uses Vodafone network, we look at the results of recent voice calling tests on Vodafone network and the results claim that Vodafone only lags behind EE in voice calling – in most of the UK’s big cities, it was a close second. Also, its 2G/3G networks allow better voice quality in indoor black spots.

SMARTY has the issue of voice calling in remote areas. Also, Three’s network gives the 4G users a wider coverage range of 99.8% but doesn’t offer 2G or 3G compatibility. This means that that you will have problems with voice quality on SMARTY in thick-walled buildings.

Half Cooked Verdict

VOXI is the winner here as its 2G/3G signals allow you to overcome the blackspots that you may face when working inside buildings with thick walls.


voxi vs smarty tetheringWhat is tethering?

Tethering means turning on the personal hotspot on your mobile and allowing other Wi-Fi enabled devices to access the internet using your mobile data.

While some networks place restrictions on tethering, VOXI gives users complete control with no restrictions. Not only can you share your VOXI data allowance when tethering, the other devices you connect can also take advantage of endless social data – the same also goes for the apps and websites included in your endless video and music passes.

SMARTY also allows open-ended tethering to its users. This is even the case on their unlimited plan which has no restrictions and allows unlimited tethering.

Half Cooked Verdict

Despite both networks having no restrictions on tethering, SMARTY is the winner here, you can’t beat unlimited data plan tethering!

If you’re a student, an unlimited tethering plan is perfect to get all your devices connected paying just one bill. We know student’s are always looking out for the best deal so we have compiled a list of the best student SIM only deals available.

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Find out whether you can tether with your SMARTY plan

International Roaming

voxi vs smarty international roamingRoaming on both SMARTY VOXI networks costs no extra money in EU countries, which means that you can enjoy you’re the minutes, texts and data included in your plan just as you do at home.

One restriction in SMARTY’s unlimited bundle is that you can only use 20GB of data and you will have to spend extra money if you go beyond that. Also if you travel countries other than the EU zone, you will need to top up the cash balance in your account. If you don’t use all your cash balance, you can put that money towards the next month or you can use it the next time you need it. The best part is, you still be paying for what you use and not a penny more.

VOXI also offers customers endless social media when they are roaming abroad. And beyond EU destinations, it works fairly similar to SMARTY in that you have to top up your account to use your mobile.

Half Cooked Verdict

SMARTY wins this time, just by a small margin though. Although both SMARTY and VOXI provide very decent international roaming offers, SMARTY’s money- back scheme ensures that any additional cash topped up doesn’t go to waste.

Wi-Fi Calling & Wi-Fi Hotspots

voxi vs smarty wifi callingWhat is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling enables to take or make calls, send or receive messages by using your mobile’s Wi-Fi signal when the signal of your mobile is unreachable.
Some of the larger networks are now offering free Wi-Fi hotspots to customers to help them save on their usage when out in public. However, most hotels, airports, coffee shops and other public places have accessible Wi-Fi hotspots so we don’t see this perk as a massive benefit.

Both SMARTY and VOXI do not provide Wi-Fi calling or Wi-Fi hotspots. If you

Half Cooked Verdict

It’s a draw as none of these networks provides either Wi-Fi calling or Wi-Fi hotspots. Now, you cannot expect a lot of fancy features at their bargain prices!

Data Rollover

voxi vs smarty data rolloverWhat is data Rollover?

It means you can make use of unused data that is left at the end of the month.
VOXI does not provide any sort of data rollover perks to its customers. So, you lose what you don’t use.

SMARTY offers money back for any unused data left at the end of the month. So if you are on a Data Discount Plan and have 2GB left at the end of the month, you will get £2.50 off your next bill!

Half Cooked Verdict

It’s a win for SMARTY – nothing beats getting money back for unused data.

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Family Plans

voxi vs smarty family plansWith every member of the family these days having a mobile device networks have started to offer unique discounted family plans to attract family and friends of existing users.

Surprisingly, VOXI does not provide any free or low costs packages for a family. VOXI only offers individual deals.

However, SMARTY gives a 10% discount on adding a friend or family member to a family plan group. This group can have up to eight members, meaning eight SIMs. So, everybody in this group enjoys an additional 10 percent discount regardless of the package they are on.

Half Cooked Verdict

SMARTY wins in the Family Plans department with its 10% discount to each member added to the family plan group.

Which UK networks offer family plans? We’ve looked at all the UK networks and summarised which ones offer the best family mobile plans.

Customer Rewards

voxi vs smarty customer rewardsMost UK mobile networks offer their users some extra rewards like free streaming apps which do not affect your data plan usage or free apps that give discounts to customers.

For every friend you refer to VOXI, it gives you and your friend a 10-pound voucher code for Amazon. It can go as high as 20 pounds if your friend chooses a £20 45GB plan or Endless Data plan.

SMARTY provides one month free for you and your friend for all referrals. There is no limit on the number of friends invited or the number of free months you can accumulate.

Half Cooked Verdict

This one is a draw, not much to choose between the two – none of them offers anything other than a referral scheme.

So here is our VOXI vs SMARTY review! Use this clear and impartial guide by Half Cooked to help you choose between the two networks.