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Which Network Does Sky Mobile Use in 2021?

Sky Mobile is a decent virtual network, which provides 5G, 4G, 3G and 2G, but which network do they get their coverage from?

Sky Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that uses the O2 network. This means Sky Mobile offers identical network coverage and data speeds as O2, everywhere in the UK.

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The network is offering pay monthly SIM only deals and pay monthly phone contracts. Sky Mobile’s SIM only plans come with unlimited UK minutes and texts, 4G Calling, WiFi Calling, free WiFi hotspots across the UK, free streaming on Sky Apps and more.

At Half Cooked, we believe Sky Mobile has the best data rollover scheme in the UK. Any unused data you have at the end of every month will automatically be stored in your Sky Piggybank. The rolled over data stays in your Sky Piggybank for up to three years and you can cash it in anytime you like for a wide range of rewards, including discounts when getting a new handset, tablet or mobile accessories from the Sky Store. The mobile network operator allows you to top up in whole GB values, meaning you’ll need at least 1GB saved in your piggybank.

This feature works great with Sky Mobile’s family mobile plans, as all additional lines use the same Sky Piggybank. All the unused data will be stored in the same place, and the main account holder can add data to other plans whenever they like. You can also control other tariffs as you see fit.

Sky Mobile doesn’t have a PAYG service and all their deals require you to sign a contract. This means no matter which type of tariff you choose Sky Mobile will ask you to pass a credit check first. The minimum length for a Sky Mobile SIM only contract is 12 months, however, the network lets you move between their available plans once per month. This offers decent flexibility and allows you to adjust your plan according to your data spending.

Sky Mobile’s 4G landmass coverage is over 90% in the UK, but their 4G download speeds are the slowest. According to Opensignal’s April 2021 mobile network experience report, O2’s average 4G download speeds are around 17.3Mbps and their upload speeds are around 6.7Mbps.

Sky Mobile 5G is only available if you become a Sky VIP member. It’s a free to sign up loyalty programme, but the network won’t allow you to leave for the duration of your contract once you’re a member. Alternatively, you can pay £5 a month for the Sky Mobile 5G add-on. Sky Mobile’s 5G service is live and available in 193 UK cities and towns. Sky Mobile’s 5G download speeds average around 129Mbps, and their 5G upload speeds are around 10Mbps, per Opensignal.

WiFi Calling and 4G Calling come as standard when you purchase a Sky Mobile tariff. The same also applies for The Cloud, which is also known as Sky Wi-Fi. This free of charge service allows you to connect to a stable, reliable WiFi connection on the go across the UK. You can also benefit from O2 WiFi at no extra cost.

You can tether freely with your Sky Mobile plan, but the network doesn’t offer any unlimited data plans. We always recommend a heavy data plan for tethering on a regular basis to be on the safe side.

The mobile network provider also allows you to roam freely abroad, in over 30 European destinations at no additional cost. When you’re roaming outside of Europe, in 12 destinations you can access your UK data, calls and texts for £6 per 24 hours. In other destinations roaming charges will apply.

There are also some rewards and discounts for existing Sky TV and Broadband customers. You can read our Sky Broadband Review to see their available plans and data speeds. Sky TV customers with a Sky Mobile SIM plan can watch Sky TV and use all Sky apps without using any data.

You can have a look at our extensive Sky Mobile Review to learn more about the network, its coverage and SIM only deals and more.