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YouFibre Review 2021 – Superfast and Competitively Priced Internet Speeds

YouFibre is a full fibre broadband ISP that offers download speeds of up to 1Gbps with their own infrastructure, combined with symmetrical upload speeds.


In the UK, YouFibre is a very young broadband service that offers gigabit download speeds, unlimited data with no restriction and great customer service. The broadband has flexible monthly rolling packages that require little commitment and 12-month contracts. YouFibre also has business broadband plans specifically tailored for professional uses.

YouFibre was founded back in 2019, and the broadband provider is bringing the full fibre experience to your home or office with competitive prices. Plus they are offering truly unlimited data with no speed restrictions.

Latest Offer: Unlimited Data for £11 p/m for first 6 months!

Unlimited Data for only £11 a month for the first 6 months, the cheapest unlimited data deal in the market! This 24 month contract gives you access to 5G speeds & access to Three’s reward app Three+, which includes discounts on Uber Eats and at selected restaurants.

You can also get YouFibre’s phone service and keep your phone number. This will allow you to use your internet for your phone (Voice over IP) and get you a more reliable connection than most old landlines.

In this review, we will examine the broadband plans offered by the company, what kind of internet speeds they provide and what other features you can get from YouFibre.


  • Has the most 5G coverage in the UK
  • Competitively priced SIM deals
  • WiFi Calling & 4G Calling
  • Free-roaming in 71 destinations
  • Truly unlimited data plans


  • No 2G coverage
  • 3G and 4G are weaker than their competitors

What is YouFibre Broadband?

YouFibre aims to bring superfast internet speeds to homes and businesses across the UK for super competitive prices. YouFibre launched back in 2019 and initially started to provide superfast fibre in areas with poor or no reliable internet connection in the UK.

The broadband provider offers 50Mbps, 150Mbps and 900Mbps plans that come with unlimited data. Having said that, mentioned data speeds are what 50% of their users achieve on average across the UK.

Their fibre broadband offers also come with two special add-ons that add great value to your plan, however, they’re not free. The VoIP phone service dubbed as YouPhone can be added for an extra £3 (alternatively pay £8 a month extra to get YouPhone Plus and get unlimited UK landline calls seven days a week), and a WiFi mesh system for an extra £7 a month. The mesh system is provided by eero.

If you need to cancel your contract early, you may be subject to a cancellation fee. You’ll need to give 30 days’ written notice in order to cancel your contract with YouFibre. If you don’t cancel your subscription after your term finishes, your service will continue on a monthly rolling basis.

There’s no installation charges and you won’t be paying for the equipment at all, but if you plan to leave the service you’ll have to return what was provided to you by YouFibre.

YouFibre Broadband Plans & Pricing

As mentioned earlier YouFibre aims to be highly competitive on price and they objectively have some of the best broadband plans on the market, provided they cover your area.

You have three different broadband packages to choose from: YouFibre 50, YouFibre 150 and YouFibre 1000. Each option comes with a monthly rolling option and a 12-month contract. For businesses there’s a 36-month contract option with a major discount.

All YouFibre Broadband Packages come with optional add-ons: YouPhone and YouMesh.

YouPhone comes in two variations as well: YouPhone for £3 a month and YouPhone Plus for £8 a month. YouPhone uses your internet for your phone (Voice over IP or VOIP) to provide a stable and reliable connection. Regular YouPhone add-on gets you free unlimited evening & weekend UK landline calls. YouPhone Plus gets you free unlimited UK landline calls for the duration of your service.

If you pick the YouMesh add-on, YouFibre experts will setup extra eeros (YouFibre’s home wifi system) in your home or office for complete WiFi coverage. Plus, you can see how each eero is performing via YouFibre’s mobile app. YouFibre guarantees at least 10Mbps WiFi in every room, or you can get your money back. Pretty much like Vodafone Pro Broadband and BT Mobile Broadband offers, which also come with a guarantee of WiFi in every room.

PackageDownload & UploadMonthly Price
Monthly Rolling Packages
YouFibre 5050Mbps£27
YouFibre 150150Mbps£35
YouFibre 1000900Mbps£55
12-Month Contracts
YouFibre 5050Mbps£20
YouFibre 150150Mbps£25
YouFibre 1000900Mbps£30

YouFibre 50

This broadband package offers 50Mbps of symmetrical download and upload speeds and you get unlimited data with it.

YouFibre 150

This broadband package offers 150Mbps of symmetrical download and upload speeds and you get unlimited data with it.

YouFibre 1000

This broadband package offers 900Mbps of symmetrical download and upload speeds and you get unlimited data with it.

YouFibre claims at least 50% of their clients can achieve an average of 900 Mbps on a 1Gbps connection, 150Mbps on a 150Mbps connection and 50Mbps on a 50Mbps connection. 900Mbps speed is only achievable with a wired connection. Your download speeds will vary depending on the time of the day, your connection type and where you’re located.

YouFibre Features

YouFibre offers up to 1Gbps internet speeds, both download and upload straight to your home or office. There are many factors that can affect your overall internet speed, but YouFibre claims you’ll get what you’ve signed up for in most cases. Since they’re not charging you for installation or the WiFi system, you can just test the network first, then leave if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Unlimited Data

All YouFibre broadband packages come with true unlimited data and the provider doesn’t enforce any speed throttling or secret fair usage limits. You get true unlimited data at the fastest speeds available in your location. You won’t have to worry about a quota or any other complications.


Simply put, YouPhone is a service that uses your YouFibre internet connection for your phone. It is a Voice over IP service, and in almost all cases your phone calls should be clearer and in higher definition than a regular phone service. Switching to YouPhone is quite simple and you can keep your existing phone number. You won’t have to pay separate bills, the extra charges will be added to your bill, if you choose to get this addon.


YouFibre guarantees at least 10Mbps of symmetrical download and upload speeds in every corner of your home, or you can get your money back. If you get the YouMesh add-on, YouFibre experts will make sure every single room in your house gets a reliable connection. They will use extra eeros for complete WiFi coverage throughout your home.

24/7 Online Support

YouFibre is a small provider, therefore they can only offer online customer support for the time being. However, their online support is live 24/7. You can get help from YouFibre experts whenever you need it by email or phone as well. In our tests, their representatives responded in a timely manner, even at the middle of the night.

Since everything is done over the phone or online with YouFibre (including contract extension and purchasing add-ons etc.) we expect them to keep their customer support quality at a high level.

Quality Guarantee

YouFibre says they stand by their products 100%. We didn’t put this one out to test yet, but we did a little research of our own and found out that the company is true to their words according to multiple online customers. We’ll update this section once we test the service ourselves as well.

No Price Rises Within Contract

One of the best parts about YouFibre’s 12-month and 36-month business contracts, there will be no price rises as long as your contract hasn’t ended. While nowadays this is the case with almost all contract deals, there are still some big players on the market, which hike up their prices mid year.

Compare YouFibre Broadband Deals

When we compare YouFibre’s broadband offers to the broadband deals offered by other providers, we can see that YouFiber matches up better against their rivals. However, this is purely based on data speeds you get from YouFibre, if you’re interested in entertainment packages and other types of extras you might prefer Sky Broadband dealsBT Broadband offers and you might even want to check out Vodafone Pro Broadband deals.

YouFibre 50 vs Others

PackageDownload & UploadMonthly Price
Contract Packages
YouFibre 50550Mbps£20
Sky Superfast59Mbps£28
BT Broadband 50Mbps£29
Vodafone Pro Superfast135Mbps£35

YouFibre 150 vs Others

PackageDownload & UploadMonthly Price
Contract Packages
YouFibre 150150Mbps£25
Sky Ultrafast145Mbps£35
BT Broadband 58-73Mbps£33
Vodafone Pro Superfast263Mbps£37

YouFibre 1000 vs Others

PackageDownload & UploadMonthly Price
Contract Packages
YouFibre 1000900Mbps£30
Sky Ultrafast145Mbps£35
BT Broadband 58-73Mbps£33
Vodafone Pro Superfast Xtra 2*63Mbps£45

* You can opt for a Pro Superfast Xtra plan, in which case you’ll be paying an extra £8 a month for Apple TV 4K + 1 year Apple TV subscription, unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines & mobiles, and no price rises while in contract with Vodafone.

Not only are YouFiber’s deals more flexible, you also get symmetrical data speeds, meaning your upload speeds will match your download speeds.

Half Cooked’s Overall Breakdown

Overall, we love what YouFibre brings to the competition. They are offering some great plans with extremely competitive prices, and there are no catches or hidden fair usage limitations. You get exactly what YouFibre claims: superfast, symmetrical internet speeds and unlimited data. If you’re not looking for some fancy features such as Sky TV or other types of entertainment options YouFibre may be the ideal choice for you.

At Half Cooked, the only thing we see as a major issue is YouFibre not being active in a lot of locations. Since they’re a very young ISP this is understandable. It is thanks to this, that they’re offering a high quality service and fast customer support. If YouFibre is in your area, make sure to check them out.


How fast is YouFibre?

Since they’re a young and small ISP, independent testing bodies such as OOKLA and Opensignal don’t really test their broadband service yet. However, YouFiber claims at least 50% of their customers get what they’re promised on average and the rest get either above that or almost at that level. They currently offer 50Mbps, 150Mbps and 900Mbps plans.

How fast is YouFibre upload speeds?

YouFibre offers symmetrical internet speeds, meaning their customers get identical download and upload speeds. On average you should get 50Mbps, 150Mbps or up to 900Mbps upload speeds, depending on the broadband package you choose.

Is YouFibre trustable?

Yes, YouFibre is trustable. They are an actual internet service provider, not a fake company aiming to scam and run people.

Is YouFibre Broadband cheaper than other ISPs?

Yes, or at least in most cases yes. YouFibre’s broadband packages always offer significantly faster download and upload speeds compared to others such as Sky Broadband, BT Broadband, Vodafone Pro Broadband, Three Broadband and so on.

Do I have to pay an installation fee for YouFibre Broadband?

No, YouFibre doesn’t ask for any installation fee.

Can I get a phone line from YouFiber and keep my existing phone number?

Yes and yes. You can get YouFiber’s YouPhone add-on and also keep your existing phone number. Your phone calls will be made over VoIP.

Can I cancel my YouFiber contract early?

Yes, you can. However, you may have to pay a cancellation fee. Make sure to contact YouFibre’s customer support and learn more about it. They may offer you a newer and better deal or even cancel it without much of a hussle. It all depends on the situation.